Los Cabos is the perfect dumbbell

Some people believe that taking one of the flights to Los Cabos is just visiting one more tourist city; however, it is much more than that, since to start, Los Cabos arises from the merger of two cities with their own essence, which make the perfect dumbbell. These cities are San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, so when you visit this destination you are ensuring a trip with great diversity, where we are sure you will fall in love with its details. A place cherished by two seas and a desert of infinite calm live in the blessed land of Los Cabos, also called by many as an oasis lost in time that makes the Californian city the promised paradise that you must visit and explore calmly to enjoy each of its unique spaces.

Solmar Beach

This is the farthest beach from the vacationing crowds; Solmar beach is completely isolated by rock formations and faces the Pacific Ocean. The perfect place to forget everything and just contemplate the beauty of the surroundings that the place offers us.


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Todos Santos

This is a Magical Town of Baja California Sur and home to the famous Hotel California, its colonial charm lives in its streets and spectacular buildings. Taking a walk through this town will make you feel that you have traveled in time to an era where life was calmer and simpler.

Cabo Pulmo

Also known as the aquarium of the world, Cabo Pulmo is definitely a must see in Los Cabos, its immense biological wealth makes it the ideal place to practice diving, snorkeling and other activities. Visit Cabo Pulmo and take out that adventurous side that you have inside to be amazed by the natural wealth of this place.

Marina San Lucas

Whether day or night, a walk through Cabo San Lucas Marina will be an almost perfect activity if you are looking to relax or enjoy the scenery. In addition, the Marina also has some of the best restaurants in the city and a vibrant nightlife that could make you celebrate until dawn.


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Desert of Santiago

Through warm tours and challenging terrain, you will put your adventurous spirit to the test on board a buggy in the deserts of Santiago, and if you are a lover of gliding over the dunes, then this is the place you must go to practice all those skills on the sand, since there is no better place than this desert to do hundreds of pirouettes in the air.

El Arco

This is the largest icon of the last city of Baja California Sur, the Arco is a rock formation located at the point where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet, one of the best places in Los Cabos where you should definitely take the photo to be able to tell everybody that you have been in Los Cabos.

This destination has beautiful beaches, where are the most prestigious resorts that cover any preference or taste, awaken your senses and listen to the call of this place, take any of the flights to Los Cabos, a place that will give you much to do and so much to remember.

Guadalajara, a perfect city to walk around

Guadalajara is the capital of the state where tequila and mariachi originated; it is the second largest city in Mexico and one of the favorite places for many travelers to walk through its streets, because this extraordinary metropolis has everything, good weather, delicious food, friendly people, remarkable architecture and multiple cultural events. For this and more, is that flights to Guadalajara  are increasingly sought after by those who want to take a few days in a traditional city of Mexico.

The best thing is that it is close to other incredible destinations such as Chapala Lake, the magical town of Tequila and even the paradisiacal beaches of Jalisco, Nayarit and Colima. Undoubtedly, it is worth visiting this metropolis, which thanks to this and more is known as the Tapatía Pearl.

Historical Center of Guadalajara

The historic center of Guadalajara is a very quiet and beautiful area to walk; you can start at the spectacular Hospicio Cabañas museum, which besides being the largest neoclassical building in Latin America, is considered a cultural heritage of humanity. Continue through the Degollado Theater, one of the most ornate theaters in all of Mexico, then visit the Cathedral that is the icon par excellence of this incredible city and dates from the colonial era, just in front you will see the Government Palace and on one side you will find the Rotunda of the Jaliscienses Illustrious, dedicated to those who founded this city. For later we recommend you to visit Chapultepec avenue and its surroundings, this area is very attractive because of the variety of restaurants, cafes and bars that it offers, it is very safe and quite active both day and night, especially on Saturdays when you can find shows and performances all over the street.


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Only 20 minutes from the historic center is Tlaquepaque, a charming town that is known for its colorful streets, the traditional Mariachi de Jalisco, a myriad of art galleries of renowned artists, as well as multiple craft shops, especially glass and ceramics. Another peculiarity is the famous “Parian”, supposedly the largest canteen in the world, since it is a grouping of bars, canteens and restaurants that cover a complete block. In the center, there is a beautiful kiosk and at any time of the day you can find mariachi putting good atmosphere and delighting with their music. Tlaquepaque is always full of life and is very pleasant to walk, it is also the ideal place to buy some crafts and souvenirs, and here you will find everything at a great price. Don´t leave without tasting a delicious carafe ice cream from “Chapalita”, the eggnog from “Nuestros Dulces” and a good toast of cueritos.


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You can take any of the flights to Guadalajara on any day of the year since the climate is regularly temperate; however, the city is especially beautiful during the spring, which is when the lush trees scattered throughout this metropolis flourish. Escape the routine and visit this magnificent city that will leave you wanting to know more about the great Mexican culture.

The beaches of Cancun, its best exponent in the world


With more than 26 kilometers in length, Cancun is the meeting point between the beauties of the turquoise sea and the warm sand of the Caribbean, which are the best faces of this Mexican port that has become the favorite destination of many travelers. Then, when cataloged as a dream destination, we want to give you the best selection of beaches you should know when you take one of the flights to Cancun

Ballenas Beach

It has a privileged location between Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc, it is a public beach of great tranquility with incredible views and where you can sunbathe with all the peace of the world, and is ideal for people who like to enjoy the calm of the Caribbean Sea. At some times of the year, they tend to have currents that can be a little dangerous, so take your precautions and enjoy it as it should.


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Chac Mool Beach

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the best cuisine in Cancun, Chac Mool beach is the best option, since this place has a wide variety of restaurants on hand for all types of visitors, as well as being an excellent sports area where you can practice boarding, water skiing and parasailing. It is located 10 kilometers from Punta Cancun and you can´t miss it.

Delfines Beach

This beach is an excellent option for lovers of water sports, as it has deceptive currents and a strong swell. There are some stone benches to rest, in addition to other facilities by the sea to enjoy better. It also has several specific points for sunbathing and has different areas for camping, so if you are a declared lover of nature travel, this beach is for you.


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Langosta Beach

It is an extensive beach located north of the hotel zone of Cancun in front of Bahia de Mujeres, the place has some of the best swimming sites, this thanks to its almost non-existent waves creating a large natural pool. It is the best option to go with very young children who are learning to swim, also has a pier with transfer service to Isla Mujeres and other tours.

Juventud Beach

This beach is just over 2 kilometers from the hotel zone, it is a small place with little waves, calm waters and parking area, it even has a public library where you can take a book and lie down on the sand to enjoy them with the best marine setting. The place also has a large number of attractions and games for children.


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Caracol Beach

The atmosphere of this beach is ideal for couples seeking tranquility; its crystal clear waters are well known on the coast of Quintana Roo for snorkeling and admire the marine fauna that inhabits this area. It is located nine kilometers from the hotel zone and is one of the best places to relax in the sand.

There are still many other beaches that you can discover on all flights to Cancun, so let yourself be surprised by each of them and enjoy the various services they have.

The city of Oaxaca, World Heritage Site

The magical city of Oaxaca, which was declared a World Heritage Site for being the most folkloric city and full of life that you can visit, is distinguished by its beautiful architecture, varied and exquisite cuisine, beautiful textiles, as well as its deeply rooted customs and traditions. However, when you take any of the flights to Oaxaca, there are places that you simply can´t miss.

Visit the Arquitos de Xochimilco

Oaxaca is distinguished by its beautiful and colorful colonial architecture, and in general, the entire historic center is a real gem that you can walk around very easily. From the most picturesque and where you can start, is for the Arquitos of Xochimilco, besides being pedestrian facades are a real rainbow.

Meet the former convent of Santo Domingo

The former convent of Santo Domingo is perhaps the most emblematic construction of the entire city, not for nothing UNESCO gave it the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is currently divided into 3 sections, the Temple of Santo Domingo, the Museum of Cultures and the Ethnobotanical Garden.


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Enter the Temple of Santo Domingo

Together with the San Diego temple in Morelia, it is the most impressive Mexican church in its interior, where you will literally remain with your mouth open as you see each of the details of its ornaments and figures. Here you are dazzled by an intense gold, because absolutely everything is laminated in gold of 23.5 carats, and when we say everything, we really talk about everything.

Tour the Museum of Cultures of Oaxaca

Most of the former convent of Santo Domingo is today the Museum of Cultures, as well as being a true architectural jewel. It has numerous rooms telling the history of the state, and among the most important rooms are the Treasures of Tomb 7 of Monte Albán, which were named the archaeological discovery of the century.

Take the tour through the Ethnobotanical Garden

It is the third part of the former convent that is also worth visiting, and during the tour they explain how Oaxacan plants are related to the different ethnic groups of this highly biodiverse state, in fact, the name of Oaxaca comes from the term “huaje”, which it is a tree. In addition, the garden has a perfect cactus area for a photo shoot.


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Visit three Markets

Going to Oaxaca and not visiting their markets is like not having gone. The most popular are three, and they are in the same area, 20 de Noviembre Market, which is ideal to taste the authentic Oaxacan food, the Benito Juarez Market, which is ideal for buy handicrafts or souvenirs, and the Handicraft Market, ideal for buying Oaxacan clothing and textiles. In any of the three you will find enough variety and at very accessible prices.

Taste more than one Mezcal

In Oaxaca they have an emblematic phrase, which is “for all bad mezcal and for everything good too”. When you are in the city, we recommend you taste more than one, but all with measure. One of the most traditional mezcalerías is the Hall of Fame, and the most common mezcal is the Agave Espadín.


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Museums you must visit in Mexico City

The capital of Mexico is one of the most beautiful metropolis in the world, so it is not a surprise why so many travelers take flights to Mexico City to marvel at its cultural offer. The city is a true jewel of humanity, as it is in fact one of the cities with the most museums in the world, since it has more than 180. That is why we want to present to you some of those that you can´t miss if you go to be visiting the place.

Chapultepec Castle

It is the only castle in the American continent, the construction was carried out between 1785 -1787 and its design served as a resting place by orders of the then viceroy Bernardo de Galvez. It also served as the headquarters of the Military College, scene of battles during the US intervention, imperial residence, home of various presidents, and today, you can marvel at its rooms and corridors that seem frozen in time. The National Museum of History is located in the Chapultepec Castle and has 20 rooms dedicated to telling the history of Mexico through its different periods, highlighting the three centuries of Spanish domination, the independent Mexico and the Mexican Revolution.


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Anthropology National Museum

The construction of the museum began in 1963, and just standing in front of its facade is enough to leave you with your mouth open. The museum has 80 thousand square meters of covered spaces, outdoor courtyards, service areas and 24 exhibition halls full of archaeological and ethnographic collections of Mexico. One of the rooms is always intended for temporary exhibitions and here you can see pieces that come from various museums in the world. On the ground floor, you will find the rooms devoted to the introduction to anthropology and the cultures of the Mexican territory. In the second level, you will learn about the culture of the indigenous peoples who have lived in Mexico from centuries ago to the present. The museum has the largest collection of pre-Columbian art on the planet, as well as archaeological samples and representations of temples or pyramids that exist in the country.



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National Museum of Cultures

The building dates from the eighteenth century and the museum was inaugurated in 1965, previously it was Mint, Guard Quarter of the Supreme Powers, Ministry of Finance, Supreme Court of Justice, National Mail, Department of Statistics, house and office of the Minister of Internal and External Relations and fire brigade, among others. In fact, in 1865 it was the first museum in Mexico, and today it is the National Museum of Cultures, the only one of its kind since you won´t find another like it in Latin America because it focuses on the past and present cultures of the world.


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Although the list is quite long, these are only 3 of the museums that you can´t miss, we invite you in any of the next flights to Mexico City you decide to explore the museums of the city, where in addition to learning, you will be amazed with its details and time will fly by as you travel each one.


A refreshing vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Famous for its colorful beaches, nightlife and water sports in its blue and warm waters, Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in the state of Jalisco, its geography is truly privileged as it has a bay and mountain, where the temperatures are more refreshing. That is why flights to Puerto Vallarta end up being a perfect vacation for those seasons where the sun doesn´t let up, plus it is an ideal destination to travel with children, as a couple, as a group of friends or for business, as practically It has everything, so be prepared and decide how to spend a refreshing vacation.

The first and foremost, is to swim in its famous beaches

You should know that Puerto Vallarta has 8 Blue Flag appointments, a globally known environmental label; it is a recognition that is granted when the site meets excellence in environmental education, water quality, environmental management and quality in security and services. Puerto Vallarta has the largest number of blue flag certified beaches in all of Mexico and these are beach Palmares, Camarones, Playa de Oro, Amapas, Conchas Chinas I, Conchas Chinas II, Garza Blanca and Sheraton.


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Snorkel or dive in the Los Arcos Marine Park

Named for the arches of rock formations, you can go under them by boat or snorkel and dive in the smallest. When you look into the depth of the water, you will find caves and reefs to explore. For the beauty that protects this park was named National Marine Park, and is very close to the coast of Vallarta, between the Twin Beaches and Mismaloya.

Walk through the Malecón

The Malecón is the backbone of Puerto Vallarta, in a mile you can find a variety of bars, restaurants and fashion stores, however, if there is something that distinguishes this pier from any other are its contemporary sculptures to admire and take very beautiful photos. One of the symbols of Puerto Vallarta is the sculpture of the Child on the Sea Horse, although few know that there are two of them.


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Visit The Eden, an ecotourism park

The Eden, as the name implies, is a small paradise in the Sierra of Vallarta, approximately 45 minutes from the boardwalk, it is highly recommended for those who travel with children as they can have fun in its natural pools, they can go hiking and throw from 8 zip lines, plus the food of the place is delicious.

Walk through the Marina

The Marina is located just a few steps from some housing complexes and a hotel zone, here there are also many options for restaurants of all types and for all budgets. You can walk around, see the yachts and various marine equipment, as well as find pelicans and a few iguanas. It is a good place to hire a tour, tour the bay and enjoy the best views, although you should be careful when you get close to the pier, as crocodiles are usually spotted.

Enjoy your vacation by taking one of the many flights to Puerto Vallarta, and dedicate a few days to total relaxation and enjoy the panoramas that will make you fall in love with these great coasts.

Live the adventure in Mazatlan Mexico

Mazatlan is considered as the world capital of fishing, and it is not for less, because the diversity of species and richness with which its waters count are sufficient proof of this, as well as clear of the various fishing events and competitions of international stature. However, this city is much more than that, because it also has spaces where you can literally feel the adrenaline in your skin, live an incredible vacation and feel the thrill of adrenaline in the sea. Know the offer of options for sightseeing adventure when you take one of the flights to Mazatlan, so pack your bags to travel and visit these sites.

Olas Altas Beach

In what is known as the old Mazatlan, is this beach whose main attraction are its huge waves, which are perfect for surfing. In the place, there are several schools to learn this sport, and the levels go from beginner to advanced, for the team you shouldn´t worry since the place seems to be practically designed for this wonderful sport, where its waters challenge you. On the other hand, if you prefer to be just a spectator, we assure you that on this beach you will find the best services for you to enjoy this show, in one of those, from so much to see you could be encouraged to ride a few waves.


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Stone Island

Located off the coast of Mazatlan, here you can perform various activities such as the typical banana ride, quad bike ride or horseback riding. You can also enjoy the gastronomy of the place in one of the restaurants located on the beach. On the other hand, if you like to take walks to explore unknown places, this place is the right one for you, since in addition to being a tourist beach, it also has its wild side. Although if you are someone who only seeks to swim and relax, the beach will let you do it without any problem; as you can see, it has a bit of everything.

The three islands

This ecological and recreational space is composed of three extensions of land. In the place, they inhabit different species of animals such as birds, deer and sea lions; you can visit any of the islands either by kayak or on a yacht. Don´t miss the opportunity to get to know these wonderful islands from where you can take the most spectacular Mazatlan postcards and see one or another curious species.

El Verde Camacho Sanctuary

Located in the municipality of Mármol de Salcido, this sanctuary is dedicated to the protection of the sea turtle, as of 2004 and as part of the initiative of several organizations, in this place tourists are allowed to release eggs of this species, this with the intention that they know more about the care that should be taken when visiting beaches so important for marine life. Being a responsible tourist doesn´t cost too much work and leaves many benefits for everyone, especially for these little turtles.


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The most exciting places are waiting for you, don´t wait any longer to enjoy adventure tourism and take some of the flights to Mazatlan, where nature awaits you to try to fall you in love with this city with its great traditions and festive atmosphere, ideal for every traveler who seeks to combine rest and entertainment.

The largest island that has everything in Mexico 

Cozumel is also known as the Island of Swallows, and is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea with its characteristic turquoise waters, so thanks to its great variety of attractions, taking any of the flights to Cozumel is one of the best decisions since it is one of the unmissable places of the Mexican Caribbean. This is the largest island in Mexico and it is a destination that has it all, beaches, gastronomy, reefs, luxury hotels, golf courses and much more activities to know, what makes it the number one cruise destination in the world.

Diving and snorkeling in the five reefs

This island owes its world-wide fame to the sport diving, since it is considered between the best places of the world to dive and practice the snorkel. Throughout the island there are approximately 55 places to do any of these two activities, most diving spots, and the most popular are on the southwest side of the island, among the most recommended sites for diving, in all its variants, are the Paradise reef, the Santa Rosa wall, all the Palancar reefs and those of the Colombia, Punta Sur and Chun Chacab. Depending on the company that you hire will be the cost and schedules, the reef system of Cozumel is the second largest in the world only surpassed by the great reef of Australia.

Cozumel diving

Archeological site

The archaeological site of San Gervasio was considered the sanctuary of Ixchel, goddess of fertility and love, and is currently the only official archaeological site on the island. Legend says that whoever joins in marriage under the blessing of this goddess will be eternally united and nothing can separate them, so it wouldn´t be a bad idea to know the place and step, corroborate that ancient Mayan legend.

Island Museum

The Museum of the Island offers in four exhibition halls a vision of the geography and history of Cozumel. As an instrument of information and education, it presents the history of the island and the ecosystems that make it up, at the same time that it gives opportunity to all the visitors to enjoy temporary and permanent exhibitions of local and international artists.

Mayan Ruins Cozumel

Other attractions

If you are one of the people who don´t like the masses of people on the beaches, then we recommend you to visit the eastern side of the island such as Punta Morena, Punta Chiqueros, Bonita beach and Chen Río beach, or go south, where you will find a more relaxed atmosphere with a hippy tone, there you can enjoy a cold beer, a good shrimp quesadilla and find a hammock to enjoy the most relaxed possible style of this paradise. If you want to travel around the island, the ideal is to rent a quad bike, this way it will be easier to get to other beaches on the island where you can find restaurants, bars and equipment rental to explore the reefs that are a few meters from the beach.

There is a lot to tell about everything you can enjoy when you take the flights to Cozumel, but what better to discover by yourself on your next trip to the Mexican Caribbean.

The best hostels for your visit in Guanajuato

Guanajuato is characterized by its streets, corners, alleys, homes of colonial architecture and sculptures that immortalize fragments of the history of Mexico. This Heritage City has some hostels that are on the preferred list of national and foreign visitors, since besides being cheap, they are perfect for its central location, so, if you want to take one of the flights to Guanajuato and save yourself a good amount of money in your lodging, then these are your best options.

Al Son de los Santos

Hostal al son de los santos

This hostel is Mexican style and is located in the Ambassadors area of the city center; its rooms have a private balcony or playground, which gives an extra to your stay since you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city while you use the grill with your friends.

Bharati Center

This is another of the downtown hostels, since in addition to being a house with a history of more than 400 years; the place is very colorful and at the same time transmits a lot of serenity. It has private or shared bathrooms and luxury suites on the terrace. Take advantage of the restaurant, which fuses Mexican food with Indian cuisine, resulting in exquisite and unique dishes.

House of the Angel

Hostal house of angels Guanajuato

Located in a beautiful farm, considered by the National Institute of Anthropology and History as a historical monument, the place dates back to 1945 with the structure of the time and has an enviable location on the left side of the steps of the University of Guanajuato. In the place you can choose between mixed rooms, rooms for women only or private rooms.

Hostal Alonso

The ideal place for travelers looking for nightlife as it is very close to bars and various dining options. This hostel has an equipped kitchen, a TV room, a terrace and a reading room, which is why the place is ideal for those who only want to find in their room a space to rest in, after spending the day exploring the city.

Hostal El Catrín

This hostel has services included in the hosting such as internet, breakfast and equipment to organize barbecues with your friends with the best view of the terrace. Therefore, don´t hesitate to organize your travel group and get to stay in this place where you can put together meals to continue enjoying the trip.

Best Hostal en Guanajuato

The House of Dante

Located 15 minutes on foot from the historic center of the city, its location on the top of a hill makes its terrace ideal for a wonderful panoramic view of all of Guanajuato. If you want to rest, besides having one of the best views of the city, then don´t hesitate to arrive to this hostel where comfort is not fought with the economy.

Hostal hpuse of Dante


Put together your travel plan and organize with your friends to take one of the flights to Guanajuato without spending more on your stay, and so go the city in your own way without worrying about anything other than enjoying this bohemian city and its magical surroundings.


Rosarito, the Titanic cemetery

Of the many destinations for which you can buy your airline tickets to Mexico, Baja California is one of the most beautiful, with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Gulf of California on the other. A destination where fun and good landscapes are assured, among all its attractions Rosarito is one of its brightest stars, not only because of its tourist versatility and location, but because it has lent its coasts for the production of various Hollywood films, among them one of the most emblematic movies, Titanic.

The magic of Hollywood in Rosarito

Rosarito has been the location of several films due to its beauty and location, among which stand out 007 Tomorrow Never Dies, The Weight of Water, Pearl Harbor and the best known, Titanic. In fact, in 1991 the Baja Studios were created in the area to facilitate film production. Until a few years ago, certain locations were set up, such as a theme park called Foxploration where visitors can go around to see how the films are made, including a Titanic Museum, where you can admire some pieces used for the filming of the movie.

Titanic studios Baja California

Adventure trip

In Rosarito is El Coronel hill, an elevation where you can take the best panoramic photographs of the beautiful contrast between its yellow sand, the clear blue of the sky and the deep blue of its waters. The top offers the best postcards, and if you are thinking about where the adventure is in this activity, it is enough for you to venture on its steep paths in a journey of up to 6 hours between round trips, a price well compensated by those incredible photographic shots. Another option to live the adventure in Rosarito is the Pikin Height Park, a place where age doesn´t matter, since there will always be an appropriate activity to take your extreme side, has zip lines, suspension bridges, swimming pools, green areas, inflatable games and playgrounds to spend a day among friends or family.

Pikin park baja

Swim and surf on its beaches

Obviously you couldn´t miss a trip and a dip in its beaches, and due to its proximity to the country of the north, it is common that during the summer there are great parties under the moon and on the seashore due to the arrival of the spring breakers. On the other hand, if yours is something quieter, nothing like taking a ride on horseback or camel through the soft sand, to end up in one of the restaurants that surround the coasts where the specialty of the area is lobster. Another unforgettable option in its beaches is surfing, although the best season is during the winter since it is when the best waves of the year are generated and it doesn´t matter if you know how to surf or not, since this sport is so popular in Rosarito that there are different places to take classes during your visit.

surfers at baja california

There are so many incredible places that are hidden throughout the Republic, that we would need more time to go into each corner and meet them all. Rosarito without a doubt is one of those places that one has to visit when we have the opportunity to get airline tickets to Mexico.