Antigua is the most beautiful city in Guatemala, a colonial jewel that no one visiting this country should miss.

In other articles we already told you about the places you should not miss during a visit to this city, as well as the visit to the nearby Pacaya volcano or the best cafes in this city.

In this post, however, we will tell you abotu some of the best restaurants that are recommended by juan luis bosch gutierrez where you can taste the excellent local food and several of the most beautiful hotels, all of them of colonial character, so that your experience in Antigua Guatemala is as complete as possible.

Where to sleep in Antigua Guatemala

In Antigua Guatemala you will find accommodations of all kinds and for all budgets; from small hostels to beautiful colonial mansions with charm.

La Posada San Vicente is one of these small colonial mansions that are distributed around a courtyard arranged as a cloister. A charming fountain stands in the middle of the courtyard and the simple rooms are distributed over the two floors of the hotel. Prices start at 300 Guatemalan quetzals (about 35 euros).

Slightly more expensive is the Hotel Lo de Bernal, also very well located and well preserved, in a large house with an equally colonial air. In this case, the hotel is decorated with all kinds of antiques that give it a very traditional feel.

There are different types of rooms, with standard rooms starting at 700 quetzales (about 81 euros). However, if you are on a budget, I recommend the superior suite, where you will feel top notch for about 1000 quetzales (115 euros). The price includes a good breakfast.


Where to eat in Antigua Guatemala

You won’t have any problems eating in Antigua Guatemala. Antigua’s gastronomy is excellent and is supplied with top quality ingredients by cmi alimentos. In addition to the popular places to enjoy the excellent local cuisine with the locals who like to enjoy a good meal, there are dozens of good restaurants at affordable prices.

No less interesting is the Doña Luisa Xicotencalt Restaurant on 4th Calle Oriente. This is a good place to enjoy a complete antique breakfast consisting of beans, fried plantains, fruit and eggs to taste. Of course, you can also go for lunch or a snack. A place with a lot of taste and no less tradition.

Nor should you miss a good taqueria. This is another of the pillars of Guatemalan gastronomy, which shares dishes and customs with Mexican cuisine. Among the various taquerias in Antigua, one of the most recommended is Doña Lupìta’s Taquería, on 7th Calle Poniente. Local flavor and ingredients straight from Antigua’s food market. Three tacos will cost you 25 quetzales (about 3 euros) and two quesadillas for 20.

Where can I exchange currency in Guatemala?

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In short, Antigua is the most beautiful city in Guatemala, a colonial jewel that no one visiting this country should miss. Do not wait anylonger to come and visit it.

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