Escape to Mexico City

We love to give exciting news and full of new places to visit, but this time we will not talk about beaches.

It is time to talk that going on a trip to another country is no longer impossible, this can be verified by checking the tickets to Mexico, it is a wonderful thing since you can know hundreds of wonderful tourist places and, as we mentioned at the beginning not only beaches, although the best only can be found there.

In this country, there are also many Magic Towns full of color, culture and history, this time we are going to focus on Mexico City, the navel of that wonderful country.

Mexico City turns purple with the flowers of jacaranda

The city of Mexico is painted purple and in harmony, because the best season for those who have visited it is in spring, since its streets are dressed in beautiful jacarandas everywhere.

These dates of the year are ideal to go for a walk with family or friends, and why not, to visit its wonderful parks that they have for you and spend a day outdoors.

It is also the best time to take advantage of the weather to eat in one of its restaurants and terraces that have an amazing gastronomic variety.

The first point that you can visit on your trip through the City is to know the Chapultepec forest, considered one of the largest tourist centers and also one of the most visited throughout the year.

In this place you can enjoy a zoo, Chapultepec Castle with a great story set that will take you back to the past, a beautiful lake where you can share boat activities with your partner or your family.

In addition, if you are lucky, on the first Saturday of each month you can enjoy one of the nighttime shows known as boat cinema.

Leaving the forest you will find the largest avenue in Mexico City, with an approximate measure of 12 km in length, called Reforma Ride.

Reforma Ride got 12km to enjoy

This connects from Juarez avenue and Francisco y Madero, Zócalo terminal, Zona Rosa to the aforementioned, Chapultepec Forest.

In this avenue, you will find the most emblematic points such as the trail of light, which is located in front of the Main Tower, the source of the Diana Huntress, the Angel of Independence, Monument to Cuauhtémoc, Horse Tower, among many more.

fountain of Diana Huntress

A meeting point for thousands of people is the hemicycle to Juarez, which is a cenotaph of Mexico City; this is located in the Central Mall of the Historic Center, on the avenue to Juarez.

This monument honors former Mexican president Benito Juarez, whose remains rest in the pantheon of San Fernando.

In each of these points, you can take some spectacular photos and decorate your Facebook or Instagram wall.

The center of Mexico has thousands of tourist points, thousands of restaurants with the taste of typical food, the best hotels and extremely amazing prices.

Another recommendation is that you visit the best markets in the neighborhoods where you can get a big surprise like the Sonora market, Medellin market, Jamaica market, among many more.

Join this wonderful trip and enjoy every moment of what this country has been offering over time. Find the best packages to make your tickets to Mexico cheaper and take advantage of that money in something else.

Marvel at Tlaxcala

Mexico is a country so diverse that it contains history, customs, traditions, gastronomy, entertainment and tourism within its states.

Of course, not everything is hidden in the city, also around, it is all this diversity and one of its most important states is Tlaxcala, which can be part of your vacation on your next trip, just look at the packages and flights to Mexico that will approach you to know this beautiful state.

This state preserves incredible places waiting to be visited, historical and cultural sites that you can know that range from the Central Square, Parishes, The Cathedral of the Virgin of the Assumption, Museums or the Staircase of the Heroes.

The Staircase of the Heroes

On the other hand, if yours is to admire and enjoy, Tlaxcala has several archeological sites full of history such as Cacaxtla, Xochicatl, and Tecoaque.

Are you looking for adventure or extreme activities? Here you will also find them, because it also has some such as hiking, kayaking or hot air balloon rides that will make you travel the state from another perspective.

Another of the sites of this beautiful state that you can´t miss is Huamantla, a historic Magical Town founded since 1534 that has given rise to historical battles over time, and that will make you enjoy its beautiful landscapes.

Festival in Huamantla

Don´t lose sight of the Malintzin volcano, the fair of this town, you can even enjoy bullfighting activities or the outstanding Night that nobody sleeps that is only found in this town.

It is located just fifty minutes from downtown and will make you live the night in an old-fashioned way.

The gastronomy of Tlaxcala is something that you can´t miss, since it is so unique in the country that it will make with its variety a tasting in your mouth.

Dishes such as tlatlapas, xocoyoles, chileatole or going through the corn bases that include the tlacoyos, huazontles and the huitlacoche.

In addition to that, Tlaxcala is distinguished by the intake of various insects in the region such as white maguey worms, tecoles, chinicuiles and grasshoppers that make traditional dishes.

Accompany your meals with the most majestic drinks you can taste, all derived from the Maguey, culinary axis of this state, from which the mead is produced, delicious drink that produces the “drink of the gods” when fermented, yes, we are talking about Pulque, as well as its fruit variants, of these are known as “cured.”

When you come to Tlaxcala, don´t forget to stay in one of the many hotels available, they all cover from the oldest aspect with the most complete services such as the Hotel Posada San Francisco.

Hotel Posada San Francisco

This will give you all the comforts and will make you feel at home from the moment you enter, a place that will make you fall in love.

Tlaxcala is located two hours from Mexico City, and will offer you the best experiences to enjoy a comfortable, pleasant and accessible holiday, filling you with experiences, history and a great flavor that will leave you even more in love with Mexico, and of course, with the hospitality of its people will make you feel at home.

You just have to buy some of the promotions offered by the different packages that are on flights to Mexico and don’t stay without knowing it.

What do you expect to pack your bags and visit this great state that Mexico offers you?

A new place to visit!

The pride of many tourists is to explore and discover new places, no matter how far or near they are, knowing and trying even the strangest food makes them feel alive.

That is why we are proud of these people, full of new goals, new places and new projects to be carried out.

Therefore, if on your next trip you plan to buy some plane tickets to Mexico, then keep reading that this is for you.

We are going to tell you about a new place that you may not know and is close to the city, considered a Magic Town for its beauty and color without equal.  Join us in this new experience!

When reviewing the states of the Mexican Republic we have realized that there are many places to visit, whether for its culture, history, gastronomy, wonderful landscapes, impressive archeological sites, practice some extreme or ecotourism activity, or what we already know, extremely wonderful beaches.

Practice ecotourism in Mexico

We go to the state of Hidalgo just three and a half hours from Mexico City, which, although it seems a long time, the truth is that it will be worth every second when you arrive at the destination.

At the foot of the Sierra Gorda is the municipality of Zimapán, a magical and mining town that is very worth visiting.

This is the largest municipality in the state and what it has to offer for you is incalculable in terms of cultural and natural value.

It has such magnificent landscapes that you won’t want to miss the opportunity to take good selfies.

sierra gorda in Zimapán

If you are adventurous, it is also the ideal place for you, as it specializes in extreme sports such as paragliding and other outdoor sports.

What is perhaps the greatest attraction of this town is the spectacular monolith that measures approximately fifteen meters high, called El Vigilante.

This beautiful place shows two perfectly formed profiles in a natural way, surrounded by prehispanic cajetes and beautiful landscapes of the infiernillo canyon, in addition to having a large and important dam that is the largest water reservoir in the center of the country.

Another of the places you shouldn’t miss in Zimapán is El Sabino; here you will see the majestic Montezuma Cypress, its size and the thickness of its trunk are unique in the state of Hidalgo.

Parish of San Juan Bautista

As in every good Magic Town, there is a church where it is unmissable to take a photo with this in the background, we refer to the Parish of San Juan Bautista, with a colonial architecture and an impressive height, it has a unique pulpit in the whole world, you shouldn’t miss visiting it.

There is much that this town offers us to give us time to tell you everything, but we will end with a dream of many people, have you wanted to feel as if you were flying?

Here you can fulfill that desire on the paragliding flight, visit the hill of Muhí Xhindó l and hire this fantastic adventure and new experience.

After all, as we told you at the beginning, every minute of the journey will be worth it to get lost in this beautiful and magical destination, full of beautiful nature and activities to do.

Take advantage of those plane tickets to Mexico; take them out as much as possible.

Party up the trajinera!

We have said it many times and we won’t tire of repeating it, Mexico is the number one point in amazing tourist trips, and one of its best destinations in the whole republic is Quintana Roo, why?

We tell you fast, firstly the flights to Mexico Cancun are super cheap, two, it has the best beaches and the best tourist destinations you can imagine, and third, enjoying its beaches is the most relaxing and comforting thing you can do.

So many places to go that we always need time and the desire to return is getting stronger, we would have to make many trips to travel all the areas and make a difficult decision to say, which is our favorite?

However, today we will talk about one that you may not have contemplated for your next trip and that if you dare, it will be your favorite destination.

Playa del Carmen at Cancun

Just an hour from Cancun, the famous Playa del Carmen is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya; there is nothing more beautiful than its fine white sand, combined with the spectacular green-blue sea.

This is the ideal place to forget about stress and take off the white color of the city for a tan that says, I was on the beach!

Have you ever heard about the trajineras of Xochimilco in Mexico City? Yes? Then let me tell you that you won´t only find them there, since in Playa del Carmen they have their own Xoximilco.

Trajineras in Xochimilco

Get ready to enjoy a Mexican-style night; whether you arrive with friends or with your family, taking one of its picturesque trajineras will begin to live an experience like no other.

Your trip begins in the canals of the park; the guides of the place will take the reins with games and legends throughout the tour.

Above these beautiful trajineras, you can dance to the rhythm of the mariachi, sneak to the beat of the marimba or listen to the boleros or the jarocho flavor.

No matter what the music, we know you won´t stop moving the body. However, that’s not all, since the place has the best of the typical cuisine of Mexico that without a doubt, is the best you have tried in the whole world.

You can toast with your companions in the open bar that offers tequila, iced beers, and fresh flavored waters, so you won’t need anything to have a great time and take some wonderful photos to post on your social networks.

We know that these next trip that you so long for, you are only looking for the best to get out of the routine and on the Mexican beaches, you will always find it.

Don’t think about it anymore and embark on adventure, fun and beautiful moments with your loved ones.

Here you will only need time to enjoy everything these places offer, we assure you that you will want to return to finish touring all its amazing areas and places.

Remember that the first thing you should do is check the packages that are there for you, where you only have to worry about having a good time and that everything flows.

Start searching among the flights to Mexico Cancun, since there is no other place where you will spend it like this.

A new flavor to meet!

We have done a long investigation and we have realized that people still like to visit Mexico and it is considered as their first option.

And is not for less, because it has the best beaches and most beautiful places to visit, apart from fully accessible costs.

The number one option of thousands of tourists is to take one of the flights to Cabo San Lucas, since even though they have visited the famous Arco thousands of times, this is still a favorite by many tourists, also with good clubs and excellent hotels, we can´t fail to mention its attractive food and its outstanding restaurants.

Both residents and tourists have their list of the best and most prominent restaurants.

Restaurant Invita Bistro

The first of our list is Invita Vistro, this a restaurant located in the center of San Lucas, and is one of the most recommended places in the area due to its extensive menu that offers from traditional dishes to Italian, Mediterranean and European dishes.

Its decoration and atmosphere are perfect to spend a pleasant evening with the whole family or as a couple.


The next is Los Tres Gallos, also considered one of the best; this is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Los Cabos.

restaurant los tres gallos

Its extensive menu ranges from traditional dishes, to an extensive menu of Mexican food to fall in love with the most demanding palate.

With its own organic harvest the Floras Fiel’d Kidchen restaurant, located in one of the best areas of San Lucas, has an extensive menu of Mexican food prepared with its own harvest, its decoration is perfect for an incredible evening.

It has live music every night, and this will make your evening even more special.

The next one has an incredible view of San Lucas Bay, the Hacienda Cocina y Cantina restaurant, is a Mexican restaurant ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner with the whole family.

Hacienda Cocina y Cantina restaurant

Its extensive menu is unique in its style since it only offers typical dishes and Mexican dishes of great variety. It is worth mentioning that the sunsets are the best in that place.

Finally, we have one very close and similar to the previous one that also has a great view of the San Lucas Bay; Sunset Mona Lisa is also an excellent option to visit, and offers the best outdoor evenings to enjoy the wonderful view.

Its menu is really extensive; however, its specialty is Italian seafood, which are the most requested by tourists. Renowned for its excellent service and offering the best romantic evenings, this place is perfect for a date in the company of your beloved.

It is recognized for being the most loving and attractive place in the bay of San Lucas, but you must know that to have a special evening, you must at least set aside your event two weeks in advance, so you still have time to set aside an appointment and surprise your bae in a wonderful sunset and leave her delighted by all its senses.

Now that we know that it is not only beach and sun, you can also get a better benefit from your flights to Cabo San Lucas, even if the plan is all-inclusive, you can visit one of the restaurants it offers and take a new taste in your trip.

Only the tastiest and the best seasoning in Guanajuato

Today we want to give you a cultural data of Mexico, and by the way, a few options for you to visit and confirm what we are going to tell you.

As we know, Mexican cuisine always has a lot to talk about and taste, which is why in January many flights to Guanajuato arrived, since that state hosted the International Gastronomy Summit where traditional cooks are invited, International and national chefs of high renown, so that together they can create this culinary festival with the best typical dishes.

Noted for its magnificent seasoning, Guanajuato ranks third as one of the states with the best cuisine nationwide, and in this destination there are different restaurants that have the badge of being the best restaurants for their exquisite dishes and their wonderful atmosphere.

The first favorite and considered the best by visitors, is the Aperi restaurant, and it is well deserved the first place for its wide range of dishes that offers, from the most typical, to international dishes of the most elaborate.

Their awards have been thanks to their wonderful chefs who cook with excellence. Something that catches the attention of the place is that you can decide where to enjoy your dish, if at one of the gala tables or in front of the grill watching how the chef cooks.

restaurant la virgen de la cueva

La Virgen de la Cueva, is the new gastronomic proposal of an old restaurant with more than 50 years of history, its extensive menu contains typical Guanajuato dishes, Mexican dishes, Italian food and Spanish food, so you will have to decide which one to taste to your palate.

Another beautiful place that we recommend you to visit is The Garden of Miracles, with its facilities in a former 17th-century estate with great architectural beauty that will make you fall in love with its beautiful purple stonewalls, they are lovely to enjoy a beautiful evening with the best company.

restaurant garden of miracles

Its selected menu is modified at least 10 times a year according to the ingredients that they discover through the different states of the Republic and the different towns.

You may not find the first dish you liked on your next visit, but you will have many new ones to discover.

The next and last, is located a little removed from the center of Guanajuato, but we are sure you will want to go where it is. The Bi

xa restaurant is located in Irapuato, and in the place, you can taste delicious dishes of its authentic Mexican cuisine with a Yucatecan accent, it really makes it worthwhile to make a long trip to taste the delicious dishes.

This restaurant seeks to recover the family tradition of three generations. Oh, by the way! Now that you are in Irapuato you have to buy their delicious strawberries, they are a classic of this destination.


Now you know that in Mexico you not only come to its wonderful beaches, but also to taste exquisite dishes, what are you waiting to check the next flights to Guanajuato and verify that its food is really delicious?

The basilica of Guanajuato

Don´t forget that to come to Mexico is to let yourself be pampered by the hospitality of the locals, the excellent service they offer, enjoy the beautiful landscapes and pleasant climates that each state has for you.

Something great to discover!

We are so excited because at this time the tourist levels of the best beaches in Mexico are almost empty and can be enjoyed to the fullest, without saturated hotels, freer beaches and above all, the prices are even more accessible than usual, a beautiful example is the case of flights to Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

This beautiful state belonging to the Mexican Republic has so much to offer that it would be a shame not to go on our next vacation.

Sinaloa is a totally privileged state, since it has extremely beautiful landscapes, its flora and fauna turn out to be a delight for those who visit these magnificent lands.

beach city in Mazatlan

If you had already contemplated visiting Mazatlan as your next tourist destination, we tell you what to do or where to go to enjoy it to the fullest.

To begin with, the first point we will never get tired of saying is the majestic boardwalk and the beaches of the port of Mazatlan, there your journey will begin one hundred percent.

The next point is only forty minutes north of the state, known to all locals as Las Labradas, is an archeological area where you can take a trip back in time with the hundreds of petroglyph stones engraved by the ancestors, a really spectacular work.

In the area there is also a museum that inside, you can see pieces with more than three thousand four hundred years old. It is worth mentioning that entering this archeological zone has a cost and even though it is low, everything is used to keep the place in good condition.

We also tell you that the place is open from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon from Tuesday to Sunday.

Now we are going to go about forty-eight kilometers east of Mazatlan, to a wonderful little town called Concordia, with narrow streets and colonial houses where you can breathe in the calm air since you arrive.

Town of La Concordia

Very popular for its famous burned milk scrapes, they have made thousands of tourists visit them again and again. This town is the ideal option to spend a day or weekend at ease in the tranquility and serenity that you can breathe.

If you are also one of those people who enjoy culture, then you must go to the Angela Peralta Theater, this culture site is located in the north of the country, where the most important events of the port are held.

The magnificent Angela Peralta teather

This beautiful enclosure is open from Monday to Sunday from nine in the morning to six in the afternoon.

We recommend you check the billboard so that on your trip you can enjoy a presentation while you are visiting.

Actually, in such a short time we can´t tell you about all the wonders that the state of Sinaloa contains, but we can tell you that it will be an unforgettable experience in which you can take thousands of memories like a beautiful photograph, to some souvenir that will take you back to the place just by seeing it.

Don´t forget to always check the great promotions that are in season and remember that flights to Mazatlan depart every day, so there is no excuse not to visit it.

Delight your taste buds in Oaxaca

Every good tourist who knows the best of Mexico takes flights to Oaxaca at least once a year, since in this beautiful place it is characterized, among many other things, by its fascinating cuisine.

There are restaurants that have enchanted both locals and tourists with their great specialties for decades, while putting the culture high with each of their best dishes.

It is not necessary to look for the most hidden corners of Oaxaca to taste the best of its cuisine, since its culinary offerings range from the most economical to the highest.

The variety of places that exist is so wide that we try to select the ones that offer the best and most exclusive experiences.

Restaurant Casa Oaxaca

Its vibrant colors make Casa Oaxaca a quiet and special restaurant, where the smell of Mediterranean herbs is combined with the traditional herbs of Oaxaca.

Its typical dishes such as lamb or fish are mixed with delicious chapulines and huitlacoche, this makes a great gastronomic experience that you can´t miss.

The best restaurant to see the passion for the culture and tradition of Mexico is called Los Danzantes, its exclusive cuisine decides to mix traditional Mexican cuisine with contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Restaurant Los Danzantes

Its extensive menu goes from where you can order something simple from the sea to something basic from the land, but without losing the traditional essence of Oaxaca.

No doubt, the restaurant La Pitiona will leave you speechless, and its peculiar name comes from a very famous grass of Oaxaca.

The mole of Chicatanas is the specialty of the house, you should definitely try it, and it is a delight! You should know that this beautiful and quiet restaurant has been awarded among the fifty best of the Best Restaurants of S. Pellegrino in 2014.

In Zandunga, not only their dishes are what attracts attention, but also, their decoration that contains everything traditional from Oaxaca, and all this ranges from music to the environment.

Their dishes are varied, and you can order from a traditional Oaxacan dish, to a traditional dish from the Mexican Republic.

You should know that in this place can’t miss the mezcal, everything you order or want is accompanied by this delicious drink.

As a suggestion, there are those who prefer to accompany the mezcal with a delicious black mole.

Do you want to know a place that combines three kitchens at the same time? If the answer is yes, then La Catedral is for you.

Restaurant La Catedral in Oaxaca

Its combination between regional, national and international makes its dishes the most elaborate and the best.

Undoubtedly, its extensive menu offers dishes of the combinations of the three cultures, you can go to breakfast, lunch or dinner without problem, what your stomach asks is what they will serve you.

Can you imagine combining Oaxacan cuisine with Lebanese? Well, in San Pablo they combine these two kitchens.

Sounds really interesting all the dishes that are on the menu since they combine the ingredients of these two cultures.

The chef manages to create a unique flavor with classic ingredients, and the specialty of the house is the Lebanese tlayuda, something that you simply can´t miss.

The unique and unparalleled cuisine that everyone deserves to know is in Mexico, and especially if you are one of the lucky ones to arrive on the flights to Oaxaca, since you will be the next to delight your palate with the best dishes and mezcal of all Mexico.

So many different destinations to know!

Many people live believing that the perfect vacation is only lived on some beautiful beach sunbathing, but it is time for everyone to know that it is not so, because in Mexico that is not the whole truth.

Since in any of its states you can enjoy a beautiful holiday at ease with the family, as a couple or alone.

So you can check it, the first step is to buy one of the airline tickets to Mexico, the second is to continue reading this, because we know that you are going to be interested and we will change the landscape of a perfect trip.

Take your bags, come and meet a wonderful Magic Town located in the state of Hidalgo, the name is Huasca de Ocampo.

The church of Hacienda Santa Maria Regla


This beautiful place was the first Magical Town of Mexico, highlighted by its natural landscapes, its beautiful historical places, and its magnificent panoramic views for a picture like no other.

It is the perfect place where the works of the human being mix with nature, making this place an extremely special and quiet space, without leaving behind the hospitality of its people that make you feel at home.

We must clarify that this place is ideal for those who like an authentic and natural pleasure.

For the lodging we can recommend the Hotel Villas Xänthe, surely you will fall in love with this place, since it has a restaurant-bar, green areas and a covered pool for you to take a good dip.


Hotel Villas Xänthe

This offers two types of rooms, one for when you travel with the family and a simple one for the romantic getaway as a couple, but no matter what the option, both are decorated with good taste to also take care of your rest and so it will make you feel like at home.

However, as in every town, you can find the accommodation where it suits you, you like it and it is attractive to your budget.

After you have found lodging, you can go to know the basaltic prisms, a natural wonder.

These are geometric formations that cover the walls of the canyon of Santa María Regla, of the municipality of Huasca de Ocampo, within the trans mexican volcanic belt.

famous canyon of Santa Maria Regla

It is said that these wonderful natural columns arose from a runoff of balsamic lava at the bottom of a ravine of ice water.

Here visitors seek contact with nature and a bit of adrenaline, since going through the suspension bridge is a feat, and more if you fear a little to the heights.

Walking through the center of Huasca goes back to the ancestors and even an environment totally out of the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

With its cobbled streets and colonial houses will give you a touch of tranquility.

Go through the market and enjoy Mexican cuisine that is a delight for any palate. Finally, another little place you should visit is the Goblin Museum, obviously if you like stories and myths about these tiny beings and magical fairies.

Dare to know new places like Huasca de Ocampo, this is located only about two and a half hours from Mexico City, so you can take advantage of the discounts on airline tickets to Mexico and meet new places and new adventures, maybe it can become your new favorite place to rest.

The best food is in Los Cabos

The tourist corridor of Los Cabos is a great point of interest, with many attractions to offer, great experiences to its visitors, magnificent landscapes, an extremely pleasant climate and a gastronomy to suck your fingers.

That is why the culinary offer is so vast and when taking flights to Los Cabos and not going to enjoy its delicious dishes, it is as if you had not gone.

Let us tell you about some places that other tourists have visited and have ranked as the best, take note.

Toro Latin & Kitchen restaurant

The Toro Latin kitchen & bar, with a new Mexican cuisine, offers an innovative experience, and is considered one of the best restaurants in the country.

Its varied flavors are mounted in the culinary of the south of the continent, along with the great combination of Colombian and Oriental Peruvian flavors.

Its views are really privileged, and tourists who have already visited this wonderful place recommend delighting your palate with their delicious firewood shrimp or shrimp and crab enchiladas. Sounds delicious!

Restaurant Flora's Field Kitchen

Next on the list is the famous Flora’s Field Kitchen and we can say that there is no other place in the area with such a unique and organic concept.

Within its outdoor facilities, you can enjoy dishes based on inputs belonging to the farm, and it is highly recommended to try wood-fired pizzas and rich fresh salads equally prepared with the best organic crops.

Its atmosphere is livened up by live musicians, something that will make your evening even more enjoyable.

The great Romeo and Juliet Restaurant can’t miss in this beautiful gastronomic trip, since it is not uncommon to turn around and out of nowhere to find the beautiful Italy.

Romeo and Juliet Restaurant

Its extensive menu includes pastas, pizzas, salads, meats, and fish prepared under strict adherence to the recipes of Tuscany, something that makes the restaurant one of the best in the area.

Its atmosphere is calm and innovative, and it is the perfect place for lovers, and more if your vacation goes in plan with your bae, this is the perfect place for that unique moment.

Carbon Cabron Los Cabos, although we don´t know the reason for its peculiar name, we intuit that it has to do with all the dishes are prepared with mesquite firewood, since the grill is the local soul.

The place is like a kind of bunker in which the walls are the logs that will eventually be used in the preparation of fish, shellfish, meat and exotic birds.

A curious fact is that its design has been recognized and nominated for the place at the Bar & Restaurant Design Awards 2018.

Finally, we have El Farallón Restaurant, enjoying a delicious dish and a wonderful view of the sunset is the best that this establishment can offer you since it is undoubtedly something difficult to overcome.

It is nestled in a cliff by the sea and is crowned to be the best restaurant with the best offers of fish and seafood in the area, not for that reason the menu lacks other options such as excellent quality cuts, and every dish you order comes accompanied by a delicious salad or a delicious soup, this makes it a more complete dish.

Now that you read all this, just visiting the beaches has been left behind. Take advantage of those flights to Los Cabos to the fullest and delight your palate in one of these great places.