The ideal vacations in Monterrey, a place with history

Many of the flights to Monterrey that arrive daily to this city are from all over the world, and usually arrive with enough business travelers. However, another large number of travelers who come to the city only seek to take a few days away from their reality, and this is because the city has options for vacation and combine nature, modernity, tradition and adventure in a cosmopolitan environment.

In Monterrey, modernity and history coexist in the same space, here the Metropolitan Cathedral that was built in the 18th century, which contrasts with the Trade Lighthouse whose famous green laser can be seen from many points of the city. While the Paseo Santa Lucia is a two-kilometer-long, water channel and is the road that connects the Museum of Mexican History and the Northwest Museum.

The land of the former Monterrey smelter is now one of the largest royal prides, the Fundidora Park is a space that makes the history of the steel industry coexist with the concept of a modern park where it is possible to perform sports activities such as ice skating or asphalt. The place also offers cultural activities, business and a wide range of accommodation for your vacation.

Mountains at Monterrey

The mountain range that surrounds the city allows you to admire beautiful natural scenery for an extraordinary vacation in Monterrey, if you are an athlete you can explore the rock formations that for millions of years have given rise to canyons and waterfalls, these sites are ideal for rappelling, camping, hiking and other ecotourism activities. In addition, you can explore the Malaccans, Salto and Laberinto canyons, immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Cola de Caballo waterfall or sail in La Boca Presa, so bring what you need for your adventure.

Special mention deserves the gastronomy of the city, because the delicious Cabrito, the tacos de trompo, the machaca, the charro beans and the traditional candies are just a proof of what the cuisine of the wonderful state of Nuevo León offers. On this vacation, go for a barbecue, stew with pork or the succulent combination of tomatoes, chiles and beef. In addition, if you still have space for dessert, a natilla or a bread from Bustamante will crown the feast.

In Monterrey, festivals and traditions are also a great tourist attraction and in cases such as the Livestock Fair, which is a faithful example of local tradition, the city is usually one of the best hostesses. This festivity is distinguished by its varied gastronomic samples, sale of crafts and products of the region, also in the capital takes place the Bella Vía Festival, a cultural event dedicated to the coexistence of talented local and foreign artists, causing the Macroplaza it is upholstered with images and beautiful reproductions of works of art. Another is Pal Norte, a music festival compared with Corona Capital in Mexico City.

Escape of the conventional cities by taking any of the flights to Monterrey, a city that will give your vacation a series of unforgettable experiences and that we are sure will be quite enriching.

Mazatlan: food, beaches and biodiversity

Named the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ for the beauty of its coastal areas and the richness of its biodiversity, in this paradisiacal corner of the Sinaloan coasts, visitors will find a destination that combines the traditional style of its buildings in the historic center known as the Old Mazatlan, with contemporary hotels and restaurants of international cuisine in its famous Golden Zone. However, when you take one of the take one of the flights to Mazatlan, it will be enough for you to take a walk so you can see that the city has much more than a beautiful colonial city and a good tourist structure.

A well-connected city

Mazatlan has an excellent service structure to serve visitors and an efficient communications network, for example, the Rafael Buelna International Airport offers flights to the main cities of the national territory and important cities in the United States. In addition, visitors can also use a shuttle service that goes to the city of La Paz, a train station and a couple of bus terminals.

Fun at all hours

On the other hand, in Mazatlan visitors will find several alternatives of places to enjoy the local nightlife, from romantic walks along the boardwalk, to visits to places where you can dance to the electronic and pop hits of the moment. In that same place you can taste delicious cocktails and admire the lights of the stars that decorate the sky, we advise you to visit the discos that are located in the Golden Zone, which is the most exclusive area of the port.

Port od Mzatlan at night

The most iconic beaches of Mazatlan

It is time to mention the most attractive beaches of Mazatlan, as is the case of Olas Altas, which is located in Old Mazatlan at the height of the center of the port. This wonderful beach has the peculiarity that its sand moves from place to place depending on the period of the year, giving the impression that the large rocks have changed position, it is an excellent place to practice the most popular water sports such as diving and the Surfing. North Beach begins at the end of the city and ends in the Golden Zone about 60km west of the center of the port, is one of the largest beaches in the country with a size greater than 16km. In the southern area of the beach, there is a moderate intensity swell, which is ideal for swimming. It is time to talk about Gaviotas beach, which is located a few kilometers north of Mazatlan in the heart of the Golden Zone, it is a place that has a large expanse of clear and soft sand, where visitors can take baths of sun and to practice sports like the volleyball or simply to relax in its blue waters of calm waves.

As a final recommendation for all the flights to Mazatlan, we advise you to visit the natural reserves of the area that stand out for their enviable biodiversity, such as the Crestón Hill and the Three Islands, which are a wild reserve integrated by the Birds, Deer and Wolves Islands.


Ready for vacations in the paradise? Cancun for beginners, a complete guide

Cancun has remained a high-level tourist destination in the international environment, since it is one of the most desired places for both domestic and foreign travelers, the attractions it has include lovely beaches full of sun, a turquoise sea that makes you fall in love and many other wonderful places to visit, so it is not surprising that flights to Cancun are the most sought after.

But also, it should be noted that Cancun is a perfectly planned paradise, where every attraction and entertainment possibility is perfectly located, and to check it, it is enough to walk along its great coastal avenue, where some of the best hotels in Mexico are located. It is surprising to know that what was once a simple fishing village, and today is a resort where travelers from all over the world come, and it is also the biggest reference in the Caribbean region.

The entertainment alternatives in this place have been established with the purpose of making them suitable for everyone to enjoy them, and because of this, one can decide between spending a day shopping, or enjoying the most popular extreme sports in any of the thematic parks of Cancun. In the perception of many travelers, Cancun is what can be considered an exemplary paradise beach destination, and certainly, this recognition is well earned by the great variety and quality of beaches that adorn this fantastic place in the state of Quintana Roo.

Holbox sea

When you visit Cancun, the hard part is not to find places of interest to know, but rather the opposite, since you can even dedicate only to visit each and every one of its attractions for yourself. For example, highlights the Nichupté lagoon, a paradise for eco-tourists, or the islands near the coast of Cancun, such as the interesting Holbox of virgin sands and great sea depths, the Birds Island of great nature and Isla Mujeres, the most romantic from the Caribbean.

To the north of Cancun, heading to the aforementioned Holbox Island, is the Yum Balam Flora and Fauna Protection Area, a 150,000 hectare reserve that spans the island of Holbox. The lagoon and the nearby mangroves, where in its jungle zone it shelters more than five species of felines in danger of extinction, among them the puma and the jaguar, for the great variety of marine animals that grow in the area it is also possible to spot the whale shark, the most extraordinary and unique marine animal of its kind.

The variety of the tourist offer of Cancun, makes it possible for visitors to experience a series of activities that are totally appropriate for each of them, it can be classified into three fields, those focused on the sea and water sports, which are oriented to shopping with modern and large warehouse centers, and finally those related to the nightlife of this beautiful Caribbean city, where the party never ends.

However, no matter which of the three categories you want to develop, we are sure that any of the flights to Cancun will be one of the most unforgettable trips you can have.

Mazatlan will leave invaluable memories in your family

Making a family trip always leaves unforgettable memories, and what better to do it than one of the most beloved beach destinations in Mexico, the flights to Mazatlan  allow us to enjoy a unique beach destination in the country, as it differs from others due to which enjoys a very Mexican and cultural atmosphere. It is also recognized for providing to the Mexican cuisine the delicious aguachile, much sought after when the hangover from the previous night arrives. Now, here are some ideas that you can take for your next visit.

Mazatlan malecon at sunset with a girl on the back

What you should do on a trip to Mazatlan

Of course we can´t fail to mention the traditional activities in a tropical destination such as enjoying the beach and tasting regional cuisine, in the case of Mazatlan its cuisine is based on seafood, marlin tacos, aguachile and fish zarandeado are the pampered dishes that will undoubtedly leave your family very satisfied and eager to repeat.

You maybe also want to see The delicious Verecruzana gastronomy 

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 Almost unknown destinations in Los Cabos

Los Cabos stand out as one of the most important destinations in Mexico, this due to the great contrasts that you can find in the tip of Baja California Sur that make it a wonderful place. From the sea crashing into the desert and the Pacific Ocean itself embracing the Sea of Cortez, but beyond the glamor that lies at the ‘end of the earth’, there are corners not so visited by those tourists who decide to take flights to Los Cabos.

Beaches in Eastern Cabo

It is located in the municipality of Los Cabos, is famous for having crystal clear beaches and visited by very few tourists, compared to other bays, such as Chileno or Santa Maria. It is ideal to escape of the noise of the city and enjoy some of the most important reefs of the North Pacific.


Sun of May

This ranch is located in the community of Santiago, about 50 minutes from San Jose del Cabo and 6.7 km from Monumento al Trópico de Cáncer, and is a place not suitable for smokers. You can enjoy its restaurant, a rooftop terrace and a 24-hour reception service at your disposal. You will also find a garden, a barbecue area and a picnic area, but the most beautiful of all is that at a very short distance you can enjoy an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Places sun of May in Los Cabos

The Sierra de la Laguna Biosphere Reserve

At the edge of the Tropic of Cancer, there is a real “island of clouds” also called the “Darwinian” paradise, it has its origin in the last phases of the Pleistocene, at which time the climatic conditions allowed the development of a true “biological island”, resulting in a large number of endemic species that you can admire today.


Also belonging to the municipality of Los Cabos, this small town is considered part of Eastern Cabo, was founded in 1700 by French sailors and was called old ranch, but due to the abundance of flowers and beautiful women was called Miraflores. The place has become famous for its work with leather and has made Miraflores a benchmark in the perfect state to spend an afternoon on its streets in a very classical atmosphere.

East cost of Los Cabos

Old Lighthouse

The Old Lighthouse of Cabo Falso located in the only finis terrae in the world, the tip of the peninsula of Baja California Sur. It was built during the regime of Porfirio Díaz in order to lead the navigators, however some historians maintain that the sole purpose of the work was to highlight the presence and sovereignty of Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century, when the waters of this region were infested with United States warships, although nowadays, reaching it is not easy.

Let these places fill you with new stories to tell at meetings, that on flights to Los Cabos you will find much more than the classic trip through the hotel zone and its surroundings. Live and enjoy this tourist city your way and let its surroundings surprise you.

Scary places in Guadalajara and ghost legends

It is typical in every Mexican town and city, that has mysterious places full of legends and stories that make more than one goose bumps, and Guadalajara is no exception, as it has sites marked by some incredible stories and terrifying. Therefore, if you plan to take any of the flights to Guadalajara , we recommend you do not walk around these places very late at night.

Bethlehem Pantheon

There is no villager who hasn´t heard the legends of the Bethlehem Pantheon, and although the night tours are quite famous, there are not many whom venture to venture at midnight among the tombs. The pantheon is no longer in operation, however, it still houses the remains of many illustrious people from Guadalajara such as José Cuervo, Ramón Corona and some other supernatural being, among which a supposed vampire stands out. Many tombs are accompanied by their own legend and many watchers say that strange noises can still be heard or that they can see shadows of people.

Hall inside of Panteon of Belen

The Palace of the Cows

This place is not as well-known as other haunted places in Guadalajara, it is a building built by the cousin of Porfirio Díaz at the end of the 19th century. When entering there is no cow in sight, but the name comes from the time when the house was transformed into a dairy, also served as a school and upholstery. There are many reasons why this building is considered to be haunted, as some say that a young woman ended her life at the time when the house was a school, others claim that ghostly apparitions have been captured by taking photographs of the place.

Palace of Cows

The House of Dogs

Although it is currently known as the Museum of Journalism and Graphic Arts, it was called “The House of Dogs” for the canine sculptures that surround the mansion. There are several legends about this place, but the most popular tells the story of a couple who acquired the house in the early twentieth century, shortly after the wedding the couple was about to be shipwrecked on a trip to Europe, so they both promised that if one of them died, the other should pray a rosary during the mournful anniversary. Soon, the husband died, and she decided to marry again forgetting the promise she had made to her husband, since then they say that the house has been plagued by supernatural phenomena and it is said that whoever manages to pray a rosary for the soul of Don Jesus at midnight, accompanied only by a candle, will receive the deeds of the house and will be its new owner.

The Old Civil Hospital

With so many dead that have passed through its doors, it is no surprise to discover that the Old Civil Hospital is full of supernatural legends, as if the hospitals were no longer terrifying enough. Rumors say that in this particular place there is a nun who walks around at night watching the sick.

If you are interested in visiting these places when you take one of the flights to Guadalajara, you may well look for a night tour that gives you a tour of these and other places, only as far as fear allows you.

Old Civil Hospital in Guadalajara

The best places to recharge energy with seafood in Cozumel 

It is true that those who take flights to Cozumel seek to do hundreds of activities that end up exhausting anyone, and nothing like the rich cuisine of the island to revive all that energy. It is easy to find the perfect place to eat with your family or have a dinner as a couple, also in Cozumel you will find the most select international cuisines, most of the traditional dishes of the island are made with fish and seafood, but don´t hesitate to find your favorite dish in any of its renowned restaurants.

Prima Trattoria

With an incredible view of the coast of Cozumel, this restaurant has a menu based on Italian food and fresh seafood, is located on the roof of a ninth floor on the waterfront in front of the Centro de Ciudad Nueva Park, so here you won´t only enjoy a delicious dinner, but also an unparalleled view.

The Cocay

Mediterranean food restaurant that opened its doors to the public in 1995, has quickly become one of the favorites for national and foreign visitors. It has a varied menu where you can find pizzas, pastas, seafood and tapas.

Cocay restaurant in cozumel

Restaurant Casa Mision

With an atmosphere where the past and the present intertwine, this restaurant offers an exquisite range of traditional Mexican flavors, and has a wide menu that includes seafood and meats. Casa Mision is the perfect place for a family meal complemented by live music.


This place has gourmet dishes of Italian cuisine prepared with fish and seafood. In addition, the second-generation restaurant complements its menu with a fine selection of international wines, its specialty being baked pizzas and pasta with its famous drink, the sangria.

Carlos n ‘Charlie’s

It is the perfect place to relax while enjoying its menu, mainly Mexican food, the team pays attention and interest in the small details, so that each person has an unforgettable memory, characteristic for its party service is a good option for have fun.


Famous for its cheeseburger Paradise and for having a variety of activities for the whole family, Margaritaville is a must in Cozumel; its dishes have the best flavors of the island and create amazing drinks. In addition, the place allows you to use its equipment for snorkeling at no extra cost.

Margaritaville restaurant

Coconuts bar & Grill

The place is extremely privileged with a spectacular view; this bar is located in the high part of the cliff of Cozumel, among snacks, music, palm trees and its distinctive rum punch. This place is excellent for spending a pleasant afternoon under the shade of one of its palapas.

seafood at cozumel

Find your favorite place to taste the culinary delights of Cozumel and get ready to leave the dish completely clean, because if something stands out, is the cuisine of the Caribbean is for the quality of its dishes. Now prepare everything, just need to choose between flights to Cozumel to let you pamper by the island.

Don´t run out of money in Cancun

When thinking about taking one of the flights to Cancun it is impossible not to imagine the large amount of money you need to make it happen, savings that seem to be not enough and even infinite loans, because although we don´t want, this beautiful area has become a place of great increase in the tourism development to its surroundings. However, before you decide to forget about the trip, we have to inform you that not everything here is expensive and inaccessible, since there are a large number of things to do in Cancun with little or almost no money or saving a lot.

Enjoy the sea at Delfines beach

No one can say that has visited Cancun without having stepped on the warm white sand of its beaches, and for places where the sea seems as blue as the sky, Delfines beach is the right place. It is a great place to rest and recreation at no cost, don´t worry about the transport, as there are a large number of buses that reach the beach at a very affordable price.

Visit the Nichupté lagoon

Nichupté is the largest body of water in Cancun, after the Caribbean Sea of course, this place divides the hotel strip of Cancun with the rest of the city, and it extends for more than three thousand hectares, mangroves and canals that you can travel in a boat that the locals rent. On your trip, you can admire dozens of animals for a very economical price.

Nichupté lagoon view from air

Escape to Isla Mujeres

Although it sounds hard to believe, going to Isla Mujeres is cheaper than you think, the island is distinguished by its charm and tranquility compared to Cancun, here you can rent a bike and walk its beautiful beaches while the sea wet your feet. In addition, there are boats that take you from Puerto Juarez to the island for less than 70 pesos, because if you want something cheaper, you can go to Punta Sam and find transportation at 40 pesos.

Walk through Punta Morelos

After Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Punta Morelos complements the divine trinity of Quintana Roo, is less than 40 minutes from Cancun and there are dozens of transportation options to get here, once you get to the sea, throw yourself into the sand and let the sea cool you down.

Enter the archaeological zone of El Rey

Visiting this archaeological zone is one of the things to do in Cancun that you will most enjoy, it is right at the entrance of Delfines beach, this site has a lot of foundations and unique structures in the peninsula. Walking through this site is to travel to the past and be surprised with each Mayan vestige, but more you will be surprised that the regular entrance costs around 50 pesos.

Archeological site

Swimming in the Nizuc River

In this place, it is common to find small masses of people and lots of space to enjoy the turquoise color of its waters that are charmingly refreshing and peaceful compared to most places that are part of this region.

Save a little and take any of the flights to Cancun that you deserve so much, and enjoy the different places this city has for you without the need to stay bankrupt.

Travel Puerto Vallarta your way

Undoubtedly, Puerto Vallarta is one of the favorite tourist destinations for many travelers thanks to its streets, its people and its gorgeous colors; in addition, the city has natural settings and a very Mexican atmosphere.Take one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta offer the meeting of two worlds, the tradition of a town, and the glamor of the hotels, that together make this a picturesque place, full of dreams, legends, stories and flavors that allow you to travel as better you look like.

Start touring Puerto Vallarta

To begin, you can enjoy a romantic walk through the historic center of Puerto Vallarta that still retains charming and typical cobblestone streets that make them pleasant for those who walk them. There are also restaurants, nightlife, and a street of artisan cafes, art markets, designer shops as well as typical houses and inns. Here you can also find famous icons of this city such as, The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Island of Cuale River, the Malecón and the Arcos.

Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta

In the Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta, as its name says, you will find most of the big hotels, in general, there are for everyone tastes and plans, the Hotel Zone is located between the International Airport of Puerto Vallarta and the Historic Center. In the place, you can mainly relax on the beaches, take a massage or eat in one of the restaurants that range from the most exclusive and international, to the most traditional. Enjoy a coffee in the marina while watching the sailboats return, or go shopping in the shopping centers.

Puerto Marina

Marina Vallarta

The Marina Puerto Vallarta is one of the most seductive places in the city and is very close to the International Airport. You can start by walking along the avenue De la Marina where you will find the “Ballena Vallarta”, a distinctive sculpture of the place, and if you want to travel on a yacht or practice sport fishing here you can find several options to do so. On the way back, you can walk along the boardwalk while watching the return of sailboats and yachts, or stay for a romantic dinner in one of the different restaurants in the area.


South Coast Puerto Vallarta

The South Coast of Puerto Vallarta is the area with the greatest number of natural scenarios, this is where literally, the sea and the mountains join, forming unique and spectacular landscapes. In this area, you can find several beaches such as Punta Negra, Las Gemelas or Garza Blanca, which are characterized by their crystalline waters. If you like ecotourism, this is the ideal place to get into the jungle by motorcycle or horseback, dive into the sea, dive or descend from the mountains in zip lines, among other attractions that you can enjoy are the Botanical Garden, the Zoo Puerto Vallarta or the “Los Arcos” Marine Park, which is considered a natural reserve due to its great diversity in marine species, birds and vegetation.

No matter the order in which you want to travel the city, the important thing is that you take one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta and let yourself fall in love for this magnificent city that will welcome you with open arms.

Mexico, a perfect land for diving

The coasts of Mexico keep marine jewels that fall in love with any amateur or professional diving enthusiast, year after year divers from all over the world seek to get their airline tickets to Mexico to enjoy the underwater landscapes and explore them at leisure. If you already have some experience in diving, or are about to take your first steps in this exciting activity, here are some of the best places to explore underwater the wonders of the Gulf, the Pacific and the Mexican Caribbean.


Mesoamerican Reef, Riviera Maya

The Mesoamerican Reef is recognized as the second largest reef system in the world, after the Great Australian Barrier Reef, this extends from Mexico to Honduras and offers some of the most spectacular marine landscapes of the Caribbean. The best places to dive along this great reef are Isla Mujeres and Holbox, known for being sanctuaries of the whale shark, the largest fish in the world, but you will also find extraordinary experiences in Tulum and Cozumel.

Sea of Cortés, peninsula of Baja California

The marine wealth of the Sea of Cortés took it to be baptized as the aquarium of the world by the French scientist and explorer Jacques Cousteau, this area of the Pacific receives each year one of the largest migrations of gray whales in the world, plus an immersion in its waters offer the possibility of swimming with giant manta rays, turtles, puffer fish, octopus, eels and many other marine species. However, if we talk about specific sites to dive in the Sea of Cortez, we must certainly mention Cabo Pulmo and the Espíritu Santo Archipelago.

Mar de Cortes

Diving in caverns, Yucatan

Cave diving is perhaps the most complex form of diving, and the best place to do it is the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula. Although the exploration of cenotes can only be done by specialized divers, there are safe alternatives to immerse yourself in the Mayan underworld, and after some courses you will be ready to make your first cave tour.

people seeing the cenote view

Veracruz Reef System

The Gulf of Mexico also has options for diving and the best example of this is the Veracruz Reef System National Park, the 17 reef structures of this system not only have a great biological value, but also have historical relevance, since they are a cemetery of sunken ships dating from the colonial era. Although not as well known, its high biological value makes it one of the natural wonders of Mexico and an excellent place to practice diving.

Bay of Banderas, Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has one of the best destinations for diving in the Pacific, Banderas Bay; here are the wonderful Marietas Islands, whose ecosystem has been researched by renowned oceanographers from around the world. Other points to explore diving in the bay are the underwater caves of El Morro and the area known as Los Anegados.
It is time to prepare your airline tickets to Mexico so that you can explore each coast of the marine paradises that hide under the crystalline waters of the extraordinary Mexican coasts and enjoy this experience without equal.

Mar De Cortes