The Holy Week in Oaxaca

If we talk about taking one of the flights to Oaxaca with cultural intentions, we can´t forget the Holy Week Celebrations, which attract thousands of parishioners and tourists every year who visit the temples of the Historic Center and visit of the Seven Houses, to give way to the procession of Dolores, which takes place on Good Friday where you will observe images and banners of the colonial era. Finally, during these holy days there are representations of the passion of Christ in various places in the Central Valleys such as San Juan Chapultepec, Jalatlaco and the Ex-Marquesado.

Holy Week Oaxaca

Friday of Samaritan

Celebrated the fourth Friday of Lent, named for a biblical passage in which a Samaritan woman gives water to Jesus to quench his thirst. In the city, it is customary to give fresh and typical waters of the region to everyone who came to the atriums of the churches. Currently, water is offered free of charge to passers-by, in churches, private homes, hotels, schools, restaurants, government agencies, etc., so that they can enjoy the different flavors, smells and colors characteristic of this holiday.

Friday of Dolores

The Sixth Friday of Lent, the Friday of Dolores is a tradition of great devotion and an object of special veneration in the City of Oaxaca, as it worships the mother of God by placing an altar in the best place of the churches offices, this tradition started from the colonial era when the Jesuit Fathers consecrated a spacious chapel of their temple to the Virgin of the Dolores, giving tribute and solemn worship to the image that has survived to this day.

Exhibition of Standards and Reliquaries

The city of Oaxaca is characterized by having a vast religious legacy, part of which can be seen in this exhibition. Likewise, these banners and reliquaries embellish the procession of silence, with its fine velvets adorned with the gifts of the faithful, like gold coins, miracles of gold and silver. The reliquaries belong to the brotherhoods or families that have them under their care as a great jewel; it is in these reliquaries where you can admire the mixture of the indigenous with the Spanish.

People in a prosesion

Procession of Silence

It is a procession of a mournful nature in which condolences are given to the Virgin Morena; its main feature is that many participants and spectators keep silence while the images of the procession pass by, demonstrating respect for the death of Jesus. The procession passes through the most important streets of the city such as the Tourist Walker, Xolotl, Garcia Vigil, Morelos and ends in the church of the Sangre de Cristo, the whole route is done with a programmed order.

If you were waiting for the ideal time to learn more about the culture and tradition of Oaxaca, then this season is the ideal time for you to take any of the flights to Oaxaca and let yourself get hooked a little for its great religious faith, learn about the program of this year and visit this multicultural city.

Mexican natural monuments

Mexico is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity on the planet, and some of these places are considered natural monuments worthy of admiration, which are sought to preserve for their beauty and environmental importance. The following are some of the most beautiful and spectacular you can meet with just choose one of the airline tickets to Mexico.

Ría Lagartos

It is a Reserve of the Biosphere of the state of Yucatan, also known as Ría Lagartos Reserve Natural Park, it is a semi-enclosed body of water, which has communication with the Gulf of Mexico itself that is responsible for giving salinity, while a large network of springs provides it fresh water, creating a particular ecosystem of rich biodiversity and great beauty. It has an abundant fauna, mainly composed of fish, reptiles and birds, among which stands out the Mexican flamenco or pink flamingo of the Caribbean, characteristic for its beautiful pink color.

Reefs of Cozumel

These reefs are located in front of the most important tourist island of Mexico, are part of the Great Mesoamerican Reef and are one of the mythical temples of diving. The fauna of the reef zone is diverse and shelters species that belong to Cozumel, both in its aquatic and terrestrial areas. In addition, the Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park has great places to dive and snorkel, such as Palancar, Dzul Ha, El Cielo, Villa Blanca, Paraiso, Colombia, Chankanaab and Santa Rosa.

Grottos of Cacahuamilpa

These caves are located in the Sierra Madre del Sur in the northern part of Guerrero; they are the most well-known and visited cave structure in Mexico due to the beauty and geological importance of their rock formations. They have an area of 1598 hectares and in their large gallery with 19-lighted rooms, there are stalactites and stalagmites with the most curious forms, which receive colloquial names such as Lovers, Bottle of Champagne, Elephant Trunk and Plaza de Armas. The lights of different colors create special effects in the rock formations, which produces an environment that bewitches.

Grottos of Cacahuamilpa

Blue waterfall

These beautiful waterfalls, which are in the north of the state of Chiapas, are formed by the blue and white water falls that fall step by step on the Agua Azul River, which descends through a limestone channel in a completely green setting. The stream forms several natural pools of refreshing waters, whose beautiful blue color comes from the mineral salts that mix in the water. In the area, there are cabins, restaurants, health services, handicraft outlets and local guides.

Pico de Orizaba

This is the highest natural monument in Mexico, with 5610 meters above sea level, the Citlaltépetl, which means Mount of the Star in the Nahua language, is opposite the city of Orizaba, in Veracruz and is a volcano asleep of eternal snows that offers different attractions and entertainment as you ascend. Here the temperature is below 5° C and sometimes falls below 0°.

Go ahead, get some of the airline tickets to Mexico, and explore the natural beauty of this great country that is waiting for new travelers.


The guide for a responsible traveler in Cancun 

Cancun is a region characterized by its wide biodiversity of ecosystems such as beaches, coastal dunes, wetlands and jungles, in addition to having the second longest barrier reef in the world, called the Mesoamerican Reef System that contains an emblematic variety of species such as the whale shark, manatees and sea turtles, which are some of the most imposing specimens. For these reasons, actions have been taken to protect and maintain the biological and cultural diversity of this paradise by promoting good tourism practices, and here we share you some of these that will make you the most responsible traveler in any of the following flights to Cancun Mexico.

Learn more about the culture of the place

In addition to buying excursions in advance, or confirming your hotel reservation, it is important that you inform yourself and investigate about its nature and the customs of the destination you are going to visit. Most of the people believe of being a tourist you shouldn´t do this task, however, Mexico is very extensive and that is why it is possible to find different traditions in each corner.

Don´t take anything autochthonous

It may be tempting to take certain memories of the places you visit, whether plants, stones or animals, however, you should be aware that these elements belong to nature and should be left in it. Because you have to account that if all the travelers who visit the place take something from the environment, the bio system would be seriously damaged, and not only affect the landscape of the place, but the behavior of its flora and fauna causing a very difficult problem to repair.

journey in lake

Support the local economy

In the same sense as the previous point, although tourism contributes to local economies, the ecosystem is often harmed by buying certain souvenirs. So the best option is to look for handicrafts produced by local communities, and in this way take care of the environment, in turn, contribute to the commercial development of the region. It is also a good option to visit projects designed to conserve animal habitats and those that protect endangered species, such as animal sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitation centers.

Respect the fauna of the place

There are many activities that are really cruel with animals, activities such as hunting, exhibition for photography and circus, among others. Therefore, we recommend not to be part of this type of activities in order to contribute to their elimination and to continue preserving the species for many more years and in order to be a responsible traveler .

Move in an ecological way

Choosing to walk or bike is not only better for the environment of Cancun, but it is the most pleasant way to discover new places and contemplate the scenarios that are presented to us, as well as being an excellent way to exercise. By renting a bicycle, you can explore and appreciate from a different approach those corners that by taxi or car are not enough to enjoy.

That the flights to Cancun Mexico end in more than just a tourist trip, enjoy the place knowing that your footprint in it has been minimal and also, have contributed to its natural beauty continue to be preserved.

The perfect resorts to travel to Puerto Vallarta as a family 

If there is something that characterizes the Jalisco coast is its great diversity of tourism, as well as teenagers and adults can have fun, even the little ones can have a great time marveling at the landscapes that the flights to Puerto Vallarta can give them, not to mention the different resorts that have activities and facilities ideal for them.

Marival Residences Luxury Resort

The property is an excellent option for families looking to pamper themselves with some sun, with 169 residential-type suites, penthouses and private villas ranging from one to four bedrooms. It also has a wide range of all-inclusive features that include adult-only and children’s pools, a great kids’ club and a playground, and for parents the first-class spa, fitness center and restaurants perfect for a time alone.


Sunset Plaza Beach Resort & Spa

This luxury property has the family in mind, as it not only has a wonderful spa, a high-tech gym, a lively lobby bar and an adults-only pool that is excellent for them. It also has facilities and activities for the little ones, such as the kids’ club with staff that offers entertaining daily activities and a playground, in addition to the children’s pool that is the perfect place for them to make new friends and the beach that usually it has calm waters.

The Westin Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta

The Westin is a fast growing property with many family-friendly amenities, which includes an all-inclusive dining program available for children under 12. The place offers daycare services, a supervised children’s club with daily activities and a sea turtle nursery for children, as well as wonderful adult attractions such as a large free-form pool, an extensive art collection and a fascinating spa.


Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center

Don´t let the business environment and convention center of this place discourage you, the Sheraton is a great choice for families who like to have action nearby, but also feel the need to be somehow away from the hubbub. The place has an extensive program for children between 5 and 12 years that includes excellent daily activities and workshops, four tennis courts, a large pool with a children’s area and various food options for all tastes.

Sheraton hotel for family

Sunscape Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa

This Holiday Inn offers almost everything you would expect from a mid-range hotel in the middle of the Hotel Zone, has a large free-form pool and separate children’s pool with a mini slide, plus there are two tennis courts and a lounge of games with soccer, air hockey and video game stations. It has a children’s club that supervises crafts and activities for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Now that you know a little more, enjoy all the flights to Puerto Vallarta in the company of the whole family in any of these resorts, which put at your disposal all the amenities and services necessary to make it an unforgettable vacation.


A dip near Guadalajara a interesting destination

The beaches of Jalisco have a characteristic in common, they are deeply peaceful and surrounded by a great nature, and when you take one of the adventurous flights to guadalajara, you can always be tempted to take a trip to any of these beaches. That is why we have brought for you some of the beaches that you could escape to one day, or visit some round trip, on your next visit to the Jalisco capital.

Costa Careyes

In the most hidden part of the south coast Costa Careyes is the king, there is no place to be compared or place that dares to compete, the tourist development has long enchanted dozens of tourists who visit from all over the world, this has been thanks to its white sand coasts and waters that seem to be specially made to enjoy sports such as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, among others. In addition, for the lodging don´t worry, there are dozens of options for all kinds of pockets.

Costa Careyes Mexico


Located on the southern limits of Puerto Vallarta, this beach is adorably peaceful; it is located within a beautiful cove in the middle of the jungle of Jalisco. In its more than 200 meters of golden sand and palm trees you can rest like no other place. This site was also the location of some Hollywood films such as The Night of the Iguana and Predator, so you will feel in a great beach location.



Technically, it is not a beach, but within this vast coastline, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Jalisco. Within this territory of more than 12 thousand hectares, you can enjoy mountains, lagoons, islands and rivers, although the place also houses five coastal areas such as Barra de Navidad, Tenacatitla Bay and Chamela Bay. In the place, you will find large spaces to enjoy activities such as diving, swimming, boat rides, among others.


Yelapa is the kind of place where the most adventurous and nature lovers come, here you will find a coastal refuge where the sand merges with the sea. It is located only 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta and is characterized by a warm surf, when walking along this picturesque beach you will find musicians and artists who come here to be inspired by the gift of the ocean.


In addition to being one of the cleanest beaches in Jalisco, Quimixto is a place everyone should come to at least once in their lives, since their floors are composed of semi-fine sand, light waves and a medium slope. It is ideal for diving and other variants of diving, has a large number of restaurants, souvenir shops and other sites to complement your visit.

Some of these beaches are at considerable distances from Guadalajara, but there is no doubt that if you have the opportunity to know them; you should take advantage of it, since the coasts of Jalisco have truly nice characteristics for any lover of the beach and the paradisiacal landscapes. Therefore, if you are already taking some of the flights to Guadalajara, you could well set aside a day to go and cool off in one of the most beautiful beaches of Jalisco.

Holy Week, a tradition of centuries

The celebration of Holy Week in Mexico goes beyond any religious context, although much have to do with the millions of believers who profess the Christian faith in Mexico. Holy Week is undoubtedly part of the country’s cultural identity, and shows of them are the various activities that take place across the length and breadth of the Mexican Republic to commemorate these dates, especially in the wonderful and varied Magical Towns of each state.

Holy Week is also synonymous with holidays for many, so this is a good opportunity to take some of the cheap flights to Mexico, and more for those seeking to get out of the city and get to know the Mexican culture in depth. That is why we bring you some destinations where you can live the traditions of Holy Week to the fullest.


This town is approximately one hour from Mexico City and very close to Toluca, in this place the spirituality that characterizes its inhabitants is accentuated during the celebrations of Holy Week, using its great treasure of sacred buildings and the popular festivities that characterize the region. The places you can´t miss during Holy Week are the Agustino Exvent, dating from the sixteenth century, and the plateresque details of the Temple of the Divine Savior. Another religious tourist attraction is the Sanctuary of the Lord of Chalma with its legendary ahuehuete, and also you can´t miss the opportunity to witness the impressive representation of the Passion and Death of Christ in Malinalco.

Holy Week Mexico


In this place they combine perfectly the natural beauty that surrounds him and the traditions of Holy Week, the attractions for these dates are the Parish of the Assumption that is part of an old Dominican monastery and is home of the Lord of Sacromonte. The heart of the temple is a cave in the hill where the black Christ of Amecameca appeared four centuries ago, there are also the chapel of San Juan and the chapel of the Virgin of the Rosary. In addition, there is an archaeological site 6 km from the municipal center known as the Rabbit Stone, where you can discover the roots and the past of this beautiful town.

Villa del Carbon

Villa Del Carbon

This place is another colonial Magical Town of the State of Mexico, ideal to visit in Holy Week, in the place is the Church of the Virgin of the Rock of France, a building that houses the Virgin of Our Lady of France brought from Salamanca by the Spaniards in the eighteenth century. It is said that when they tried to return the Virgin to Europe the image was hidden among the coal to not be found, in addition, the town is surrounded by natural landscapes where an atmosphere of unique tranquility is breathed.

These are some of the places you can visit on any of the cheap flights to Mexico and learn more about the great religious culture that the country has. So don´t hesitate to visit them and take advantage of their closeness to enjoy both gastronomic diversity and culture of each town.

A trip through Mexico City with your pet

In the world, there are more and more services for our furry friends, and that is why today we are going to share places you should go with your pet so that you live a true pet friendly experience, and so that you know the services most exclusive at your fingertips when you take any of the flights to Mexico City.

If you have thought about having a professional photography session for you and your dog, with “Photo of your Pet” this will be possible. The photographer Iva Koukalova will give you a family session where your dog will be the main model, the price of the session ranges from $3500 pesos and her studio is located in the Escandón neighborhood.

Travel with your pets

In addition, what do you say about walking in a park and enjoying a good ice cream together? Our friends of Don Paletto are producers of the first ice cream for dogs in Mexico, made with natural organic yogurt without sugar and sweetened with honey. The price is very affordable since they range from $22 pesos for ice cream and $10 pesos for the palette, don´t think about it and visit this soda fountain in the Popotla neighborhood.

If on your trip through Mexico City you want to know some place where it is not possible to enter with your furry friend, then it is time to look for a good daycare, and “The house of my best friend” is the perfect option. A yellow bus will pass for your dog and will take you to a country house in Hidalgo, there is an exclusive pool for them and they will have fun for hours. The price per day of boarding walks in the $110 pesos and $250 pesos depending on the size of the dog.

If you want to keep, or improve the health of your pet, there are also places where they teach them to practice some exercises for this, contact “Bravo Dog Fitness”, the first gym for dogs in Mexico where can attend karate or pilates classes. In addition, they have water fitness for physical rehabilitation in dogs with joint problems, prices range from $250 pesos to $350 pesos per session, and are in the San José Insurgentes neighborhood.

In the park with the doggos

If you want to have a beer accompanied by your best friend, then you should ask them to “Beer Terrier”, a company that allows the two to have a good pair of very cold beers, since they are the first beer for dogs in Mexico. It is a 100% natural drink, without alcohol, made with water and malt barley, the product is sold online and the six-pack has an approximate cost of $250 pesos.

Mexico City is becoming more inclusive with those owners who can´t leave without their furry companion, as well as the huge number of specialized parks for them, and places where afternoons are flown by, these sites that offer more special services are those that will make flights to Mexico City with your best friend, one of the best experiences for both.

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Going down the Mexican rivers

The descent of rapids or rafting is one of the most exciting activities in adventure tourism, and coincidentally Mexico is fortunate to have rivers class III and IV, that is, of medium and advanced difficulty according to the world classification of rapids. So, if you are already more than ready to venture to tame these wild currents, take a look at these Mexican rivers that are unforgettable adventure guarantees, you just need to prepare your tickets to Mexico.

Filobobos River in Veracruz

A tour of this river will put you within reach of places that seem to be taken from a movie, such as a Totonaca archeological zone that is hidden among the Veracruz jungle, as well as the El Encanto waterfall, which springs from the rocks as if it were the torrent Mountain blood. Along the Filobobos, you will have to hold the paddle well to face class III and IV rapids. Once you have crossed the rapids, it will be difficult not to be tempted to cool off in the curves of the river, where emerald water pools are born surrounded by huge rock walls, even near the river you can find a rafting camp where you can stay at two to three days in simple but comfortable cabins.

Rio Folobobo and rafting

Lacanja River in Chiapas

To make the descent of Lacanja you need at least two days, although it really is not a river of constant rapids and is more similar to a scenic route with waterfall jumps. All this makes this experience perfect for beginners; Adrenaline is always present when you reach the sequence of small and medium-sized waterfalls that must be dodged along the river, the highest are two to three meters, so be prepared for a good shake on board the raft. When descending the Lacanja, you will also have the possibility of hiking and appreciate from a unique perspective the flora and fauna of the virgin jungle. The best thing is that you can spend the night in ecological cabins inside a Lacandon village and you will know vestiges of hidden Mayan cities.

river Tampaon San Luis Potosí

Tampaon River in San Luis Potosí

If you still don´t know the Huasteca Potosina and are planning where you are going to start your trip, we recommend that you consider being part of your tour in a raft, since the rivers of the area are a beauty and many of the attractions of the Huasteca only can be seen from this perspective. The bluish Tampaon River makes its way through a limestone canyon surrounded by spectacular landscapes, one of the portals that you will remember most will be when you reach the imposing Tamul waterfall and contemplate its powerful torrent that falls from more than one hundred meters high. The Tampaon tour will test your beginner skills with class III rapids and some waterfall jumps. In addition to rafting, Huasteca is ideal for almost any ecotourism activity such as rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking.

Although these rivers are usually navigable throughout the year, we suggest you inform yourself about the possibilities to practice rafting during your visit, especially in the rainy season and so don´t miss your tickets to Mexico.


The best time to visit Cancun

Those who have already taken any of the flights to Mexico Cancun know that no matter the time in which this great city is visited, since you can always enjoy it without problem. However, it is true that it depends on your tastes and what you want to do and know to be able to choose the perfect time in which you most to travel to Cancun, that is why we bring you some recommendations for your next trip to this paradise.

The coolest season of the year and the highest

If you prefer the cooler season, or less warm, the best time to visit Cancun is between December and April, because the temperature averages between 23 and 26 ° C, with low rainfall per month, so there is less humidity. Although we must also mention that, it is during this season when the city is more frequented and prices are usually higher.

The highest season in Cancun begins at the end of November when foreign tourists, especially those from the United States, Canada and Europe, travel looking for warmer climates by the arrival of winter, this season runs until January, being the best to travel to the city because the weather is milder and it rains less. There are 2 seasons that remain in “height”, mainly dictated by national tourism: Easter and summer vacations, which go from the end of June to the middle of August.

Cancun sea

A rainy season that lowers costs

If your priority is not the weather, but if you spend as little as possible, the best time to travel to the city is during the low season, which is between the months of September and October that are the rainiest. Cancun has 3 months of rain that are June, September and October, in this quarter almost half of all the rain of the year is precipitated, then, being the rainiest and most humid months in Cancun, travel demand, ticket costs and hotel rates fall in price.

From February until the end of the summer holidays, two low seasons are also open in Cancun, during these periods, you can also get free nights with breakfast included and other offers, and the beaches and other places of interest are less congested.

Another relatively low season in Cancun is between February and the beginning of Holy Week, excluding Carnival, during this period the international tourism wave of December and January has given way to quieter days.

Unforgettable dates in Cancun

Christmas and New Year are great dates to travel to Cancun because apart from the joy of the holidays, the weather is the most pleasant of the year; they are also more expensive dates for the huge amount of foreign tourists. Carnival and Easter are other seasons of good weather and very little rain, with many national people that will make these days an endless party.

Decide which is the best season for you, and choose between flights to Mexico Cancun, you will see that both in high or low season, this city will do its best to make your vacation memorable and your goal of resting or enjoying the party be totally epic.

The ideal vacations in Monterrey, a place with history

Many of the flights to Monterrey that arrive daily to this city are from all over the world, and usually arrive with enough business travelers. However, another large number of travelers who come to the city only seek to take a few days away from their reality, and this is because the city has options for vacation and combine nature, modernity, tradition and adventure in a cosmopolitan environment.

In Monterrey, modernity and history coexist in the same space, here the Metropolitan Cathedral that was built in the 18th century, which contrasts with the Trade Lighthouse whose famous green laser can be seen from many points of the city. While the Paseo Santa Lucia is a two-kilometer-long, water channel and is the road that connects the Museum of Mexican History and the Northwest Museum.

The land of the former Monterrey smelter is now one of the largest royal prides, the Fundidora Park is a space that makes the history of the steel industry coexist with the concept of a modern park where it is possible to perform sports activities such as ice skating or asphalt. The place also offers cultural activities, business and a wide range of accommodation for your vacation.

Mountains at Monterrey

The mountain range that surrounds the city allows you to admire beautiful natural scenery for an extraordinary vacation in Monterrey, if you are an athlete you can explore the rock formations that for millions of years have given rise to canyons and waterfalls, these sites are ideal for rappelling, camping, hiking and other ecotourism activities. In addition, you can explore the Malaccans, Salto and Laberinto canyons, immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Cola de Caballo waterfall or sail in La Boca Presa, so bring what you need for your adventure.

Special mention deserves the gastronomy of the city, because the delicious Cabrito, the tacos de trompo, the machaca, the charro beans and the traditional candies are just a proof of what the cuisine of the wonderful state of Nuevo León offers. On this vacation, go for a barbecue, stew with pork or the succulent combination of tomatoes, chiles and beef. In addition, if you still have space for dessert, a natilla or a bread from Bustamante will crown the feast.

In Monterrey, festivals and traditions are also a great tourist attraction and in cases such as the Livestock Fair, which is a faithful example of local tradition, the city is usually one of the best hostesses. This festivity is distinguished by its varied gastronomic samples, sale of crafts and products of the region, also in the capital takes place the Bella Vía Festival, a cultural event dedicated to the coexistence of talented local and foreign artists, causing the Macroplaza it is upholstered with images and beautiful reproductions of works of art. Another is Pal Norte, a music festival compared with Corona Capital in Mexico City.

Escape of the conventional cities by taking any of the flights to Monterrey, a city that will give your vacation a series of unforgettable experiences and that we are sure will be quite enriching.