Traveling anywhere in the world is always a great opportunity, but many times we just limit ourselves to the place where the plane landed, we don´t risk going any further and getting to knowing new places or visiting new landmarks, no matter how close or far away they are. Others prefer to buy bus tickets to move to nearby destinations, but the reality is that this is frequently very uncomfortable and we end up more tired and more stressed than we were when we first arrived. Hasn’t it happened to you? That is why now we will share with you the perks of renting a car when you arrive at your destination when for example, we take a flight to Cancun Mexico, which arrives daily at the international airport of Cancun.

The first benefit you get from renting a car is that you can move around as many times as you want anywhere you want, without waiting for public transportation or a taxi, it is more comfortable and safer. The second benefit is that we can leave the hotel and drive to the downtown, or some shopping area or market, and if we buy some products, souvenirs, clothes, etc., we won´t be carrying them. The third benefit, and for us, the most important one, is that you get to know places beyond those offered to us in the hotel or the nearby surroundings.

Now that we have convinced you to rent a car for your next trip, we are going to tell you where you can go when to get there. Approximately four and a half hours from Cancun, there is a wonderful Magical Town called Bacalar or the Lake of Seven Colors, located in the same state, Quintana Roo, very close to the capital city of Chetumal. This wonderful place is circular and shallow, which makes it ideal for swimming comfortably, you can also practice activities such as diving, and snorkeling. That’s not all you will find; since it is the gateway to the underwater caves of the Blue cenote.


Between February the 22nd to the 26th, Bacalar and the municipality of the Lake of Seven Colors will celebrate its Carnival party. The motto of the Carnival will be #The magic of the Alebrijes, check the billboard because there will be groups like Sonora Dinamita, Gil Harry Seven, and The Crackers, among others.

And since we are planning the trip, pick up the steering wheel and head to the main square, as you get there you will contemplate a Colonial Town with beautiful gabled houses painted in bright colors, surrounded by beautiful planters that will cover you from the sun. In addition to the beautiful landscape, Bacalar has for you a great culinary offer that will leave your mouth speechless. Its cuisine has recipes of Yucatecan and Belizean haute cuisine, which includes rice and beans, stewed with coconut oil and chocolomo. To enjoy appetizing dishes of exquisite meat are the tamales of xpelón, and tamales sotobichay with egg and chaya. Finally, something you shouldn´t miss is eating the cazón bread and tikinxic, marinated with achiote and sour orange.


Well, now that we have told you a little about this place and the advantages of renting a car on your next trip, don´t hesitate and simply do it. Flights to Cancun Mexico are the order of the day and with fully accessible prices to make your trip unforgettable.