The city of perfect beaches

 When we say that the beaches of Cancun are a paradise it is not an exaggeration, because in each of them you can find turquoise waters, white sand and radiant sun. Undoubtedly, those details make these places wonderful, and it becomes a destination where anyone would want to get lost to forget the world, and […]

The perfect Caribbean island 

Through the years, Cozumel has received many names for those who visit it, they have named it “paradise”, “aquarium of the world”, “island of love”, in short, nicknames that have been earned by its natural beauty and dreamlike environment. Cozumel is predominantly covered in a dense jungle and enjoys paradisiacal white sand beaches to lie […]

A great gastronomic offer in Cancun

One of the most fascinating destinations in the entire Mexican Republic is undoubtedly Cancun, since its nightlife is complemented by nature and the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean to offer all its visitors an experience that could be the best vacation of their life. Besides that the gastronomic offer of its restaurants is unique and […]

Mazatlan: food, beaches and biodiversity

Named the ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ for the beauty of its coastal areas and the richness of its biodiversity, in this paradisiacal corner of the Sinaloan coasts, visitors will find a destination that combines the traditional style of its buildings in the historic center known as the Old Mazatlan, with contemporary hotels and restaurants of […]