Marvel at Tlaxcala

Mexico is a country so diverse that it contains history, customs, traditions, gastronomy, entertainment and tourism within its states. Of course, not everything is hidden in the city, also around, it is all this diversity and one of its most important states is Tlaxcala, which can be part of your vacation on your next trip, […]

A new flavor to meet!

We have done a long investigation and we have realized that people still like to visit Mexico and it is considered as their first option. And is not for less, because it has the best beaches and most beautiful places to visit, apart from fully accessible costs. The number one option of thousands of tourists […]

Delight your taste buds in Oaxaca

Every good tourist who knows the best of Mexico takes flights to Oaxaca at least once a year, since in this beautiful place it is characterized, among many other things, by its fascinating cuisine. There are restaurants that have enchanted both locals and tourists with their great specialties for decades, while putting the culture high […]

The best food is in Los Cabos

The tourist corridor of Los Cabos is a great point of interest, with many attractions to offer, great experiences to its visitors, magnificent landscapes, an extremely pleasant climate and a gastronomy to suck your fingers. That is why the culinary offer is so vast and when taking flights to Los Cabos and not going to […]