All Saints and All Souls Day is commemorated throughout Gutemala and many people maintain the custom of savoring cold meats and snacks prepared with panela sugar such as fritters, molletes and chilacayote, besides visiting cemeteries and placing flowers on the graves of relatives who have gone to the afterlife. This is one of the best traditions.

However, there are traditions in each part of the country, in this article called “Tradiciones muy vivas, El día de todos los Santos y de los Difuntos” you will find some traditional activities that are celebrated during the 1st of November, keep reading this interesting article that felipe antonio bosch gutierrez created especially for you. Keep reading this interesting article that we have created especially for you.


In several parts of the country, the pre-Hispanic worldview and the Catholic religion are intertwined, as seen in Santiago and Sumpango Sacatepéquez, where the famous giant kites are made, which consist of the exhibition of these and make them fly.

Groups and individuals register to participate in the four categories of the Giant Kite Festival of Sumpango, which are: Exhibition, flying, visitors and children.

According to experts, the kites used in the exhibition category must measure between 10 and 22 meters in diameter and the flying ones between 3 and 8 meters in diameter.

The smaller ones are destined for the visitors and children categories. Thousands of tourists congregate in Sumpango and Santiago to enjoy the festivals.

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Traditions in Guatemala


In Todos Santos Cuchumatán, Huehuetenango, a ritual is officiated that originated during the conquest, which is known as the game of roosters, Race of the Souls or simply horse competition.

This is not a competition, but a spiritual ritual in honor of the deceased and those who participate in it must prepare themselves physically and spiritually on the night of October 31, during which, through a series of ceremonies, permission is asked to the ancestors and blood of poultry is offered. At the same time, liquor is drunk.

This activity begins at 6 o’clock the following day and in a street of the town the track is improvised where the horsemen ride until 12 o’clock, to have a recess, it resumes at 14 o’clock and concludes at 18 o’clock. Hundreds of tourists gather.

Welcome to the spirits

People from Baja Verapaz tell that on this date the cajawxeles or members of the brotherhoods venerate the patron saints of the town and on their side, the Mayan priests and elders burn pom and incense, light candles and pray at the graves of their deceased relatives or at altars that they form in the cemetery, to wait for the visit of the spirits.

They affirm that this practice, known as Ritual del Recibimiento, is customary on October 31, at 6 p.m. because in that place they have the belief that people do not die and that their spirits return to visit their graves on that day and at that time, to meet with the living.

As you can see, there are a lot of lively traditions in Guatemala. This is a nice excuse to come and visit this incredible country.Remember that these are recommendations made by the popular member of the bosh gutierrez family.