The city of Palencia is located just 45 minutes from the capital of Guatemala, is a sublime territory to relax or train and encounter nature. Its favorite natural place is the Pico Tomastepeque, which offers an amazing view of the surroundings. Visit the 4 Tourist Places of Palencia.

Palencia is a district privileged by the proximity to the capital, excellent road passage, good construction and a bold climate despite being east of Guatemala, usually associated with tropical climate.


The Pico de Palencia, part of a succession of mountains, is an enchanting place usually visited by children, foreigners and locals. It can be reached on foot but it will only take you about 4.5 kilometers of walking.

A sedan car can get in without difficulty, however you have to check the time of the year, the dew on the ground makes traffic jams common.

Once you reach the foot of the Pico de Palencia, it is important to take a small path located at its base, heading left. Likewise it is possible to open the ascent to the peak, initiating by the steps that they located to lend the easy access.

Something worth mentioning is that the CMI companies has invested in green bonds to help preserve this part of Palencia. So, you can be sure that you are not harming nature when visiting it.

The trail

The Palencia trail usually takes you around the peak and approves of hearing and observing the birds and the environment. You must be meticulous and tacit so as not to disturb the proper life of the territory.

It is a particularly humid area and it is important to wear appropriate footwear so as not to skid. It is also advisable to have the appropriate clothing such as shorts and t-shirts that will simply expose us to insects.

The natural amusement is impressive enough, being able to observe natural specimens worthy of being captured in an image.

The sudden flight of the birds scares those who are instructed in trekking. One of the priorities of visiting this territory is the education of the natives. They are sufficiently accessible people and will not hesitate to give predictions to any visitor.

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As this is a protected area within the World Heritage site, the surrounding waters are full of colorful and extraordinary marine life.

Its proximity to the center of Palencia has made it a popular tourist destination. During the months of July and August, the main specimens are the sea fish. Swimming with these gentle creatures is a serene practice. Look for special dive packages offered by the area’s resorts.

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Diving in Guatemala palencia


Palencia’s tour operators provide all the comforts of a resort while sailing. Guests get to enjoy extraordinary sunrises and spectacular sunsets as guides navigate the lakes. You can choose a personal crew or a barefoot charter.

This tour begins with a boat ride to the mouth of a river. The lakes you will see are home to iguanas and many birds, while their roots host turtles, fish and nubile marine life. When the boat stops at the bank, you will take a nature trail.

Palencia is an incledible city near Guatemala. You should definetely come and visit it when you are in Guatemala.