Mexico is a country that offers great natural and cultural wealth to anyone who visits it, so it is one of the ideal destinations to practice extreme sport. The states of the Mexican Republic have spectacular scenarios where you can enjoy from the heights or in the deepest of its seas, rivers, lakes or lagoons, everything will depend on the experience you want to live the next time you take any of the flights to Mexico.

Skydiving and paragliding

Jalisco, Chapala: The hills that are between the towns of Chapala and Jocotepec are used by paragliding fliers, in these places the air that ascends its slopes several hundred meters high, helps fans of the wings to soar and make long-term flights while enjoying the lake landscape.

Baja California Norte, Rosarito: The beaches of Rosarito or the dunes of Primo 30 kilometers from Tijuana are waiting for lovers of paragliding or ultralight aircraft, these sites have excellent cliffs and sloping slopes at the top.


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Descent of rivers or rapids

Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo, Balsas River: Presents rapids ideal to be sailed by specialized boats of different categories, in some competitions held every year the race starts in the vicinity of the river crossing of the federal highway 95 and ends in Zihuatanejo, the route is about 500 kilometers.

Veracruz, Los Pescados River: This River offers two alternatives for rafting, the first is from Barranca Grande, with a gorge where the river runs to end two days later at the Cosautlán Bridge, from which the second begins option, navigating along 17 rapids to conclude in Jalcomulco.


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Mountain biking

Aguascalientes: The state participates very actively in this sport with the National Mountain Cycling Championship or in the State Championship, in the modalities of ascent, descent, and cross-country, and if you are interested, the inscriptions are open for anyone who practices this sport.

Chihuahua, Creel: This is a town that preserves in its surroundings several natural attractions, starting with the forested area of pine trees in which it is located, here guides are hired to tour the region practicing mountain biking.


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Rock Climbing

Nuevo León, Monterrey: 9.5 kilometers south of Monterrey in the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, is the canyon, which is a giant mass of 305 meters with attractive graphic formations and mountainous ridges. As historical data, in this place several prehistoric villages left pictograms.


Campeche, Xtacumbilxunaan Grottoes: It is an underground cavity of 200 m. long and 80 m. deep, inside it is possible to observe formations of stalactites and stalagmites, since the last formation, called “The corner of the witch”, you can see a large vault with a natural skylight in its center. It is located 110 km from the city of Campeche, very close to the town of Bolonchén de Rejón.

There are still many more places to mention where extreme sports seem to be part of the landscape, you just have to decide the sport and where to practice it the next time you take any of the flights to Mexico.