We love to start the year and let the best events awaited by thousands of people from all over the world; and now it is the turn of Quintana Roo, who falls in love with an event that fills us with great color and happiness every year. Buy one of the flights to Cozumel right away, as the 2020 Carnival is about to begin.

To start, you will fall in love because the carnival is the most beautiful, and not everything is focused on the renowned artists that come, it is also because it is on an island in the Caribbean Sea of Mexico and as we all know, these are the best beaches we can visit in this glorious country.

The hospitality of this state welcomes you the moment you land at the airport, and what to say about its delicious climate, makes us part with our clothes and put on our swimsuit right away. However, we are going to provide you with more data so that you no longer think about it and immediately get a good package to spend these days of enjoyment in this promising and true paradise.

To begin, you should know that for the 2020 Cozumel Carnival, preparations begin from January 25 to February 25. This takes place in the insular city of San Miguel de Cozumel, its beginning history goes back more than 140 years, and today it still retains its expression of carnestolendas with historical value. It is considered as cultural heritage of the state of Quintana Roo and the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico recognizes it among the eight most representative carnivals in the entire country.

As in all carnivals, apart from the light, color, and music that are in all the streets, they also have the pleasure of inviting some very famous artists, the example of this is the famous Chayanne, a fact about this artist is that was the platonic love of thousands of Mexican women in the 1990s. Another of the most anticipated by young people is Manuel Turizo and Reik; these are going to be at the Moby Dick show center and Quintana Roo Park.

However, not all day we will be at the carnival, so you can also visit its beautiful beaches, finally, you are already there. Go to the San Francisco beach, it will leave you dazzled with its crystalline sea, calm and warm. It is the perfect place to rest and relax the body while tanning on the soft white sand. On the other hand, if you like to appreciate the marine life and without having to get into the water, then we recommend a walk in the catamarans with its glass floors, in them, you can appreciate the thousands of species that inhabit Cozumel.

An extremely important factor, if you didn´t hire a vacation package you need to find a good hotel, but the good news is that they are all excellent resorts, provide excellent services and fit your needs and obviously, your pocket.

Don’t wait any longer and look at your favorite travel agency to organize this beautiful trip, or on the other hand, you can also buy your flights to Cozumel and jump on the adventure since in these seasons we can find good promotions. Take part in this wonderful city and live like never before!