As every year, we die of excitement because throughout the world one of the most anticipated events by many tourists who arrive at Sinaloa, specifically on flights to Mazatlan or the land of the deer (as the ancient Mexicans knew it), is well known, only to don’t miss out on his famous carnival. Like a centuries-old tradition that is renewed, every year when it is transmitted from generation to generation, the port celebrates all that it gives and leaves all the people who contemplate it with their mouths open and eager that the party never ends.

Considered as the third most important worldwide because it is an event that dates back to the year 1898. The Mazatlecos take very seriously when it comes to this carnival because it lasts a full week and they do it at big, and when we talk about how big it is that they “throw the house out of the window” and until the body endures.

Every year since the first event was held, it begins before the Easter period, and the city prepares to enjoy this event to the fullest, where boredom is not invited. For the second day of the inauguration, they make the famous burning of bad humor, and last year the one chosen to burn at the stake was former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and the causes for which he was elected wouldn´t surprise anyone. Who will be chosen for this 2020?

On the other hand, this magnificent carnival combines culture, art and tradition, without leaving aside that it is also unique for more reasons such as fun, the splendor of the shows, the unique beauty of its queens and the creativity and color of his floats. Who was going to think that after so many years, tradition has been changing so much? Because carriages and bicycles were adorned before, it was until the best ornate was rewarded and it was modified to fully decorated cars or trucks which is what today day parade.

Something that is truly an event like no other is the fireworks, lights and sound show organized by the famous Jorge Marquez, who won an award in Montreal, Canada, by competing against the best pyrotechnics in the world. This show symbolizes the heroic defense of the Port against the attempted invasion of the Cordilliere.

Apart from all this, the carnival fair is located in the center, where you can find mechanical games, gastronomic stands, craft shows, art shows, among many other things, this becomes the main attraction of the night for all visitors. However, this is not all, since this event also presents the Mazatlan Prize for Literature, one of the nationally known, which has won famous writers such as Octavio Paz, Vicente Leñero, Angeles Mastretta, among others.

Well, now you know what to do on these dates, book in one of the closest hotels so you don´t miss any day of the event and buy your flight tickets to Mazatlan. Look for a promotion or package so you can save some dollars and you can spend it at the Fair.