Some people believe that taking one of the flights to Los Cabos is just visiting one more tourist city; however, it is much more than that, since to start, Los Cabos arises from the merger of two cities with their own essence, which make the perfect dumbbell. These cities are San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, so when you visit this destination you are ensuring a trip with great diversity, where we are sure you will fall in love with its details. A place cherished by two seas and a desert of infinite calm live in the blessed land of Los Cabos, also called by many as an oasis lost in time that makes the Californian city the promised paradise that you must visit and explore calmly to enjoy each of its unique spaces.

Solmar Beach

This is the farthest beach from the vacationing crowds; Solmar beach is completely isolated by rock formations and faces the Pacific Ocean. The perfect place to forget everything and just contemplate the beauty of the surroundings that the place offers us.


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Todos Santos

This is a Magical Town of Baja California Sur and home to the famous Hotel California, its colonial charm lives in its streets and spectacular buildings. Taking a walk through this town will make you feel that you have traveled in time to an era where life was calmer and simpler.

Cabo Pulmo

Also known as the aquarium of the world, Cabo Pulmo is definitely a must see in Los Cabos, its immense biological wealth makes it the ideal place to practice diving, snorkeling and other activities. Visit Cabo Pulmo and take out that adventurous side that you have inside to be amazed by the natural wealth of this place.

Marina San Lucas

Whether day or night, a walk through Cabo San Lucas Marina will be an almost perfect activity if you are looking to relax or enjoy the scenery. In addition, the Marina also has some of the best restaurants in the city and a vibrant nightlife that could make you celebrate until dawn.


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Desert of Santiago

Through warm tours and challenging terrain, you will put your adventurous spirit to the test on board a buggy in the deserts of Santiago, and if you are a lover of gliding over the dunes, then this is the place you must go to practice all those skills on the sand, since there is no better place than this desert to do hundreds of pirouettes in the air.

El Arco

This is the largest icon of the last city of Baja California Sur, the Arco is a rock formation located at the point where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet, one of the best places in Los Cabos where you should definitely take the photo to be able to tell everybody that you have been in Los Cabos.

This destination has beautiful beaches, where are the most prestigious resorts that cover any preference or taste, awaken your senses and listen to the call of this place, take any of the flights to Los Cabos, a place that will give you much to do and so much to remember.