Guadalajara, a perfect city to walk around

Guadalajara is the capital of the state where tequila and mariachi originated; it is the second largest city in Mexico and one of the favorite places for many travelers to walk through its streets, because this extraordinary metropolis has everything, good weather, delicious food, friendly people, remarkable architecture and multiple cultural events. For this and more, is that flights to Guadalajara  are increasingly sought after by those who want to take a few days in a traditional city of Mexico.

The best thing is that it is close to other incredible destinations such as Chapala Lake, the magical town of Tequila and even the paradisiacal beaches of Jalisco, Nayarit and Colima. Undoubtedly, it is worth visiting this metropolis, which thanks to this and more is known as the Tapatía Pearl.

Historical Center of Guadalajara

The historic center of Guadalajara is a very quiet and beautiful area to walk; you can start at the spectacular Hospicio Cabañas museum, which besides being the largest neoclassical building in Latin America, is considered a cultural heritage of humanity. Continue through the Degollado Theater, one of the most ornate theaters in all of Mexico, then visit the Cathedral that is the icon par excellence of this incredible city and dates from the colonial era, just in front you will see the Government Palace and on one side you will find the Rotunda of the Jaliscienses Illustrious, dedicated to those who founded this city. For later we recommend you to visit Chapultepec avenue and its surroundings, this area is very attractive because of the variety of restaurants, cafes and bars that it offers, it is very safe and quite active both day and night, especially on Saturdays when you can find shows and performances all over the street.


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Only 20 minutes from the historic center is Tlaquepaque, a charming town that is known for its colorful streets, the traditional Mariachi de Jalisco, a myriad of art galleries of renowned artists, as well as multiple craft shops, especially glass and ceramics. Another peculiarity is the famous “Parian”, supposedly the largest canteen in the world, since it is a grouping of bars, canteens and restaurants that cover a complete block. In the center, there is a beautiful kiosk and at any time of the day you can find mariachi putting good atmosphere and delighting with their music. Tlaquepaque is always full of life and is very pleasant to walk, it is also the ideal place to buy some crafts and souvenirs, and here you will find everything at a great price. Don´t leave without tasting a delicious carafe ice cream from “Chapalita”, the eggnog from “Nuestros Dulces” and a good toast of cueritos.


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You can take any of the flights to Guadalajara on any day of the year since the climate is regularly temperate; however, the city is especially beautiful during the spring, which is when the lush trees scattered throughout this metropolis flourish. Escape the routine and visit this magnificent city that will leave you wanting to know more about the great Mexican culture.