Swimming in the sky and watching the stars

Are you waiting for the weather to improve to go on vacation? If the answer is yes, then you need to know more about Mexican beaches, because it seems that spring never ends.

Mexico is the number one country in tourism, as it has the best places to spend a beautiful holiday in the company of the family or in a paradise.

Today we are going to recommend you to visit Quintana Roo, more specific, on any of the flights to Cozumel that leave daily, so you will have no problem making a reservation.

We will tell you the option of lodging and where you can taste the typical delights of the coasts of Mexico.

Would you like to see the stars in broad daylight? The radiant sun and the blue sea so it seems that you are swimming in the sky itself. It is not a joke, nor a dream, this beach in mention is called precisely that, El Cielo and has the sea so clear that you can see the starfish in the background, and is located just eight hundred meters from the coast of Cozumel.

El Cielo bech, perfect for snorkeling and swimming

This is considered the best beach in Cozumel by thousands of tourists, since lying on its white sand like clouds and its super crystalline blue sea is very relaxing. Its biggest attraction is snorkeling and observing the large number of starfish.

The most recommended hotel for this trip is the Iberostar Cozumel, since if you are looking for comfort, luxury and good service, this place is ideal for you.

This beautiful resort offers a totally family atmosphere, has rooms with views of the beautiful sea and bungalow-style suites, fully equipped, and from them you can easily access the swimming pools, the spa, or the beach.

It has some restaurants where they put your favorite dish on the table or the international buffet; it also has some themed restaurants in case you like something totally different, always with the good tasty and natural touch, according to local and seasonal products.

On the other hand, if you want to eat something different from the hotel you can also go to the Kondesa Restaurant, where it is a pleasure to eat, since it has a super nice atmosphere and quality service.

Famous restaurant Kondesa

This is one of the main restaurants most recommended by visitors.

The second option, and that doesn’t mean that it is of lower quality, is the Alberto’s Beach Bar Restaurant, where you can watch excellent sunsets for its magnificent location and its beautiful view, excellent service and with the seasoning you need for a good meal.

Alberto's Beach Bar Restaurant

Another thing you shouldn’t miss is going to one of the tours in the area.

As we mentioned above, very close to the beach El Cielo is the second best reef in the world, where you can enjoy the most beautiful marine species and live an unforgettable experience in its waters.

It is worth mentioning that there are many more lodging and restaurant options that can be adjusted to your pocket and needs, and without a doubt in all of them, you will enjoy the best of El Cielo beach.

Just don’t forget to book your flights to Cozumel and on the way you can check if there is an all-inclusive vacation plan so that your experience is the best, you have nothing to worry about and just dedicate yourself to enjoying this beautiful paradise.

Tequila Festival in Guadalajara

As every year, we know that events, festivities, carnivals, fairs, etc. begin in different parts of the world.

However, this time we are going directly to the flights to Guadalajara to witness one of their most anticipated events by all the locals and the lovers of the distillates.

February is the month of the best flavor of tequila and in Jalisco the best festival arrives, with the best groups, gastronomy, drinks and the best atmosphere; now let us tell you more about it.

The best month of the year is February to be in Zapopan Jalisco, Mexico. As every year, the Guadalajara Jalisco tequila festival takes place as mentioned above, this to reward the most consumed and known drink worldwide.

The motto of the event “We celebrate tequila for being part of your history” makes it look more interesting, it will take place on February 15 and 16.

The festival is attended by 24 brands of tequila of the best and most recognized, attendees delight with the best caballitos or jars, to vote for the best of them.

Moderatto band performing live

The atmosphere will be animated by a combination of electronic and urban music with national and international artists such as Nicky Jam, Kurt, Chimical Surf, Moderatto, among others. All this to delight a good drink and dance with rhythm all together.

There will also be urban muralists creating works of art live and a coexistence with artisans who make with great agave crafts of different designs, the voladores of Papantla, hot air balloons and traditional Mexican pyrotechnics.

Photo of the Flyers of Papantla

On the other side, you shouldn´t worry about food, since there will be the best traditional dishes of Guadalajara with 24 typical Mexican restaurants, with their best tortas ahogadas, churros, tequila popsicles, lunch, esquites, tacos, among many others.

Depending on your ticket and area, you will have different types of benefits and some courtesies, then choose well when buying.

Other attractions of the festival that could catch your attention are the tequila museum, regional cuisine, tequila bar, rest areas, mariachi, panoramic viewpoints and many more.

Apart from all this, it also has exclusive services such as Wi-Fi, free parking for those who want to come in their car to not walk much, security and nursing; all this will make the festival really safe and interesting to enjoy the most.

concerts gather a lot of people

We are waiting for you on February 15 and 16 of the current year, to enjoy this magnificent festival where the best tequila will delight even the most demanding palate.

Don´t hesitate to attend, check your tickets and don´t miss it.

You must know that the minimum age to enter the event is 12 years, and to consume alcoholic beverages you must be of legal age.

Now you know, don´t wait any longer and secure your place at the festival, but don´t forget to look for your flights to Guadalajara that best suits for your days of stay, and finally look for accommodation, which we know will not be a problem, since in Guadalajara there are very good hotels that fit your pockets and conditions.

Mexico always fills us with color, flavor and fun, you just have to know how to look and launch yourself to enjoy all that together.

Enjoying the Animas in Jalisco

What are you going to do this next vacation? Let’s guess where your next destination will be.

Let the game begin! You are thinking of a place where there is a beach with turquoise sea, you could also be thinking that there is soft white sand where you can lie down and sunbathe.

Photo of Las Animas beach

Finally, you are imagining in a country where the weather is warm and that meets the first two points, and apart from everything, have good hotels and excellent food.

Ready! Your next destination is located in the beautiful Mexican Republic and what you are looking for is in the state of Jalisco.

We could assure you that the best option is to buy your flights to Puerto Vallarta fast, since this vacation everything you want for a well-deserved rest and a perfect tan, there you will find it.

Listed as the best beach in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, Las Animas beach is located and will be the first place you should know, as it has a wonderful and spectacular crystalline sea, soft white sand like clouds and with the best restaurants that serve tasty and classic sarandeado fish.

That’s not all, here you can also have fun in a big way as it has a kayak challenge, jet skis and paddle board so that the afternoon takes a rhythm.

We can propose that you consider the Costa Sur Resort Spa hotel with a great central location, as this beautiful hotel is only fifteen minutes from the beach.

It is a very comfortable place, and has more than thirty-five years of experience, pleasing thousands of tourists a year. It has a hundred percent Mexican touch, with very spacious rooms, all with terrace and with a wonderful view of the sea.

The greatest thing about this hotel is that if you don´t feel like going for a walk, you can spend the afternoon at its private beach where it also has activities such as snorkeling, where they show you the wide variety of fish, corals and wildlife that inhabit the place.

Famous Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Another important thing about this place is that it is located just ten minutes from the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta, where you can visit the magnificent and popular Malecon.


We almost forgot to mention that it has rooms to celebrate the honeymoon so beautiful, that it will satisfy all the requirements.

To eat at Las Animas beach the most recommended by tourists is the Los Conos restaurant, in this place the service is excellent and has a beautiful view of the bay.

Restaurant Los Conos

The most important thing is that they have an unparalleled gastronomy, which meets the standards of the most demanding palates, and if you go through there you can´t miss trying the famous aguachile dish and its unique taste.

Las Animas beach is located just five minutes from the town of Tomatlan, this is the municipality of the north coast region of Jalisco.

The town has a semi-dry and warm climate where it does not exceed thirty-five degrees and its minimum is approximately nineteen degrees.

The best destination to spend a few days more than pleasant.

Now that we reaffirm the destination for your next vacation, see you on the following flights to Puerto Vallarta, and enjoy what Jalisco has for you.

Exploring new places in Mexico

We have the opportunity to be witnesses to attest to every point and place we are going to talk about, since you will never regret knowing any of these destinations.

The beautiful Mexican Republic is a cluster of Magical Towns, which when you visit them will leave you with a beautiful memory, with a huge smile and with an excellent panoramic photo that you can frame to put in your room.

There is nothing smarter than taking advantage of the opportunity of cheap flights to Mexico and enjoying them to the fullest.

Marietas Island in Cancun

That is why we will tell you what you can do on your next trip without missing rest and fun.

Perhaps for you the most important thing is not to spend a lot of money, but it is a beautiful and magical place where you can get out of your routine, the hustle and bustle, and be in a pleasant place that shelters you and makes you feel as if you were at home.

Let me tell you something fast, in Mexico you will find it very close to the city, better known as the navel of Mexico, just 2 hours and a half is a Magic Town with an incredible historical value, a beautiful view and with such an atmosphere nice, that you would like to stay to live in this place.

We talk about the wonderful state of Hidalgo, belonging to the glorious Mexican Republic, the magical town we will visit today is Mineral del Chico, of mining origin and surrounded by wonderful vegetation, it counts as one of the five that belongs to this state.

Mayan ruins of El Rey

Located in the so-called corridor of the Hidalgo Mountain, this municipality has a lot to offer.

Being surrounded by beautiful forests of pine, oak and oyamel, is the best place to go out for a weekend and leave your whole world behind to emerge a picturesque Magic Town, with multiple tourist attractions like no other.

In this destination, you can do sports and ecotourism activities in its rock formations or in its majestic rivers that meander through the forest or visit old mines, which are just some activities that you will find on this site.

Originally, the town was better known as Atotonilco or Real Atotonilco, which means, “place of hot springs”, that name was changed over time due to the discoveries of gold and silver that were found.

At its proximity to the town of Atotonilco el Grande, it was called Atotonilco el Chico, but in order to differentiate one from the other it was assigned to Mineral del Chico.

There is so much to recommend in this place that we wouldn´t finish mentioning everything, but to mention some places is the El Chico National Park, being the oldest in the country, here apart from having a beautiful view and breathing a hundred percent pure air, you also can camp, climb, sport fishing, and mountain biking, among many other things.

Impressive ruins located in Cancun

We will leave you a list of the most attractive points you can visit and enjoy: El Contadero; Las Monjas Rocks; Mines San Antonio and La Guadalupe; Milagro River; Del Cuervo Rock; Dam the cedral; among others.

Throw yourself into a new adventure outside the big city and live the experience in this state where there is only peace, fun and new adventures. Take advantage of the cheap flights to Mexico offered by the airlines and don´t miss these moments that will really make you feel alive.

A drink in sight of all

We want to present a new proposal for your next business or pleasure trip, to the magnificent country called Mexico.

Not everything is stress and a demanding and accelerated city also has spaces provided for the tranquility of people and that they spend a moment away from the hustle and bustle, spaces with a spectacular view of monuments or historical spaces where you can take a good selfie with the better company and with a good drink to relax the body.

Any of the next flights to Mexico City give yourself the opportunity to meet new places and enjoy the pleasures that we are going to talk to you about.

It is season that many people arrive in Mexico City to know the most attractive points, for some important business or just to rest in any of its tourist points and enjoy their delicious food.

Bar Pata Negra

Many have arrived to enjoy the new trend that Mexicans dye called the “Professional Terrace“, one of the favorite and new activities to experience.

Do you know what it is about? It is not something so amazing, but it is enjoyed too much. It consists of enjoying a good beer and a good snack with the best possible view of the city, in a pleasant atmosphere.

We are going to center the first meeting of our trip in the downtown of Mexico City, where many of us enjoy getting to know its beautiful cathedral and strolling through the historic center, but with the heat and the great crowds of people, we always crave something refreshing and we want it in a beautiful place with a quiet atmosphere.

Photo of the Terraza Catedral

You no longer have to think so much and look in many places, because a few steps from the esplanade is Terraza Catedral, which with its new remodeling has become the number one in visits for young people, because it has the best view, with the best music such as live bands, jazz, Cuban rhythm, reggae, norteño and their specialty on weekends is electronic music with their guest DJs.

It also has good drinks highly recommended as mezcal, tequila and ice cold beers with the special touch of the snack like nachos, tacos and tapas, among others.

The place is located on the street Republic of Guatemala number four, in the historic center.

A little further from the historic center, in the Roma Norte neighborhood, is our second option to visit.

One of the many biergarten in Mexico City

In Querétaro 225 Street, we can observe the most knowledgeable people of the best drinks and the most delicious dishes, as they wait for a turn to be served in the Biergarten, the most German terrace in the entire Mexico City.

In this beautiful place, not only the best beers are served, but also delicious snacks to suck your fingers, with the best prices.

This place is ideal to spend a joyful afternoon with friends or couple, since as we mentioned, their prices are very accessible.

You can´t miss this beautiful experience of eating in one of these two places, or visit both and see that there are unique moments. Flights to Mexico City depart every day, so take your bag and get new photos and enjoy of new experiences.

Taste in Cancun

In the Mexican Republic, there are such amazing places that it seems that they are taken from our imagination, true paradises that we must visit at least once in a lifetime.

Today we invite you to take one of the flights to Cancun and go deep into that territory where you can discover that not everything is beach and monuments.

The entire territory of the Mexican Caribbean not only stands out for its beautiful beaches, but also because it has the best restaurants nationwide and some of them even have international awards.

restaurant la habichuela sunset

The famous thing about some restaurants is that they offer a unique gastronomic experience. The favorite of several tourists and the most visited is La Habichuela, since the 70’s they have been true pioneers.

Its fantastic menu is based on great Mexican cuisine and ranges from delicious cuts of beef, fish and even seafood from the area, which are some traditional dishes that you can´t miss.

Du Mexique goes hand in hand with a great chef; this restaurant continues to make history in the territory of Cancun.

You can decide between dishes very fused between Mexican and French. In this restaurant, they know how to innovate the best of culinary tradition and their menu will impress you with their combinations, you can´t miss it.

Restaurant Puerto Madero

If you are looking for a great view of the sea, Puerto Madero is for you. With its fun construction right next to the sea this place is very peculiar and unique, it doesn´t need an extravagant decoration because with the view it is more than enough to be perfect.

With a cozy and very romantic atmosphere, its menu focuses on Latin American and Italian food where the kings of the menu are seafood and Argentine chorizo; you should definitely taste them to delight their great flavor.

Blue Gecko, this restaurant goes from the most common to the basics of the menus, in reality its menu is not very extensive, they only offer us Gourmet Tacos, have you ever heard that?

It may sound weird, but those who have already visited this beautiful place often say that their tacos are a unique delight that you can´t miss.

This business started as something small for a marriage, and they did so well that they already have three more branches throughout the territory of the Republic.

Sounds like a really fascinating place for those who love tacos.

Famous restaurant Cambalache

If you are one of those who prefer cuts of meat instead of Gourmet meals and specialties, Cambalache is for you, offers the best cuts of meat more select for the most demanding, its facilities are perfect and will give you a really careful service.

As every restaurant has its typical specialties, and in this place are the matambre and empanadas. However, they say that where you eat a good Argentine meat it must be a churrasco, roast of strip or a delicious flank steak that takes everything.

We just can say that its menu of cuts is really fascinating.

Discover that not everything is beach and sun, there are also so many things to enjoy that sometimes by hiring an all-inclusive plan, we stop knowing beyond the hotel.

Then it is time for you to travel to Mexico, on flights to Cancun especially, and enjoy new things and new flavors.

We can assure you that without problem you will find what you need and you will take home a good taste in your mouth.

Great taste and smell of coffee in Mexico 

When we want to go on a trip or plan our next vacation some of us think of a beautiful beach in the Caribbean Sea or another one equally beautiful, other tourists are looking for something quieter, full of history or with beautiful landscapes and good places to take a breathtaking photo, and for some others adventures, new challenges, and new places to conquer are a must, whereas last but not least, for some, what really matters is to find the best cuisine to delight their palates. You could take a look at the airlines of Mexico, there you will surely find everything that you are looking for, or somewhere that meets all the expectations you are looking for. This wonderful country has it all, visited by thousands of tourists a year and host of new stories to tell, it is the main tourist center worldwide.


Although it is a little secluded from Mexico City, there is a beautiful state that fulfills the desire for something majestic and panoramic, and at the same time is full of adventure and fun, we are talking about a Magical Town called Xico, located in the state of Veracruz. This beautiful place is waiting for you to spend an incredible vacation, and if you are a coffee enthusiast, this place will drive you crazy, because here the smell comes from all the streets. It also has a super delicious cuisine.

Like any Magical Town, this is located in the Sierra Madre Oriental, with Totonacan origins and Spanish make-up. Walking its cobbled streets is a pleasure since it is a picturesque place; the first destination where you can go is the Parish of Santa María Magdalena, it is a beautiful church with two great domes of the eighteenth century, dedicated to the patron saint of the town Mary Magdalene, but the best time to visit this place is from the 15th to the 24th of  July when the feast day is celebrated. You will be shocked by the great fervor with which they celebrate.

To take an unforgettable picture, you can visit Monte Calvario, getting there is also a pleasure for nature lovers since you can find a great viewpoint that gives you a beautiful perspective of Xico and all its great natural landscapes.


On the way back we must go right to the heart of Xico, its original name is Royal Street, but today it is known as Hidalgo Street, it is a commercial area where you can find all the traditional products of the region. You can also go through every corner to discover its history and appreciate its colonial houses.

As we previously mentioned, Xico is reputed to be a Magical Town with a great taste and unmatched seasoning, its specialty is the mole, and it is a true delight for being one of the sweetest since it is prepared with wide chili, chocolate, apple, banana, and cinnamon, mainly. Entered into this topic you should ask for the traditional dish Xonoquei, a broth of beans boiled with the Xonoquei leaves, that is finger-licking good. Moreover, as we mentioned above, the smell of coffee on its streets is characteristic, especially in November when the harvest of coffee beans begins in the city.

This is just a bit of everything wonderful you will find in Xico, Veracruz. Ask the airlines of Mexico if they have a package or ask for the best option to arrive and spend a pleasant trip with your loved ones. 

Party in the pure northern style!

Meeting the famous Northern Sultana (a name given to Monterrey by the locals) is a great experience, which captivates so much to its first-time visitors that they want to stay for more days. On the other hand, those who already know this city, want to return at least once a year. Well, we will tell you that the best way to reach it and enjoy its pleasures and its hectic nightlife is by taking the flights to Monterrey Mx, which leave every day. This wonderful state of the glorious Mexican Republic will leave you breathless because, at night, it has all sorts of fun, and if you continue reading, you will know why.

The regios (how people from Monterrey call themselves) know how to enjoy a good party and good drinks, so on your first visit, you can take a tour of the Baptist, it is a great proposal that combines the party with gastronomy. Its great atmosphere is realized thanks to the DJs that bring up the environment. Its sophisticated details of wine bottles throughout a wall and ceiling lamps make these details unique.


Another favorite is the Skypool Bar, Habita MTY, it is a respite from the city in the heights, along with a good cocktail, it has a great view and thanks to the pool, it has a very youthful and cool touch.

Something prior to the mere party and to start with the pre-gaming can be at the Dylan Taberna; its specialty is music, food, and cocktails. It has a modern industrial decoration and a huge bar that will keep you from ordering drinks. This is a cozy place, perfect to spend great moments with friends.

Behind a huge door of the Mississippi 105, it offers craft beer, live music sessions and some food options to accompany. It has an interesting and cozy concept, where taking a mezcal will be something very delicious.

In the following site you can forget about the traditional drinks and the beer or the classic mezcal, at Maverick you can taste different exotic and tasteful drinks, the atmosphere is enlivened by live music and great jazz nights,  the regios love this place, you won’t regret it.

Are you looking for craft beers and excellent food? Only in Almacen 42, you will get it, its facilities are very cozy and perfect to have a good time in the company of friends, their specialty is the floating drinks with vanilla ice cream, without a doubt they are the best.

Casa Morelos is another on the list, it doesn´t have the concept of the bar as such, but here you can drink some good mezcal to the rhythm of the music. This place has brought life back to the old quarter due to its great alternative decoration that gives it a completely different and modern touch.


Don´t forget to bring all the attitude, because in this city, the nights are very long and dancing is their specialty, prepare your bags and check which of all the flights to Monterrey Mx you will leave. Take all your friends because when you arrive at this land, you will never want to return when fall in love with their wonderful nights in the Monterrey clubs.

The best place and the best hotels only in Monterrey

If on your next vacation, the beach is not an option, you can´t miss the opportunity to meet new places where you can spend wonderful moments. We offer you our help so that you can have a new option and where everything is to your liking. To start, we have to mention that some airlines now offer flights to Monterrey Mexico that you should take advantage of; since this place has been very visited and has very good comments. You could be the next to visit the Saddle Hill (Cerro de la Silla) and Fundidora Park, the biggest attractions of this great city and also give a like to this beautiful state.

However, to have a perfect trip after securing your plane tickets you must ensure the accommodation, this is equally important to get a good stay and feel at home. This great city offers from the most exclusive to the most budget-friendly accommodations to find whatever fits your pockets. Here we share 5 options, which have been valued by tourists as the best for the attractive services they offer.

Listed as number 1 is the Hotel Habita, this large construction is one of the most sophisticated in the whole place. Its decoration is contemporary and starts from the lobby, where it has a wall that has approximately 3,500 miniature mirrors, all of them were handmade and brought from India, its incredible outdoor terrace has a wonderful view of the entire natural landscape of Monterrey.


Secondly, we have the Live Aqua Monterrey Valle hotel, which offers a contemporary style and is one of the newest in the city. It has a beautiful restaurant with high-quality food and a bar where you can enjoy a drink with your beloved. Those who have already stayed at this place, usually rate the stay and the service as luxurious and incredible.

Another of the most sought after and cataloged five stars is the Safi Valle hotel, this is located near many popular places in the city. Inside there are 220 rooms, in addition to an exclusive pool and a Jacuzzi from which you won´t want to leave. We are sure that once you have stayed there when you return you will only look for this place.

Camino Real is another hotel option, unique for its design and color; it is located in one of the most exclusive areas of the city of Monterrey and connects with the Plaza Fiesta San Agustín. It has four restaurants where you can choose from where to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner without any impediment.


And finally, to take the best photos we offer you the Presidente Intercontinental Hotel, its location makes it the most accessible one in the entire city. The best thing about this place is the spa, where after a tour of the city, one of its wonderful massages will be fantastic.

Don´t wait any longer and get to know this beautiful city, and on the way enjoy an excellent rest in one of these hotels. Search among the best flights to Monterrey Mexico and don´t miss the natural wonders that it has for you.

Wild nights in Cabo San Lucas 

Are you tired of a week of hard work, paperwork, noise, pollution, stress and everything the city just leaves us with? Fear no more, it is not the end of the world, there is always a weekend that can lower the levels of tension and give us a break to continue our routine. You only need to escape with us on one of the flights to Cabo San Lucas, let yourself be carried away in its wonderful waves and rest in a totally natural bed of fine sand. During the evening enjoy some refreshing drinks in one of its clubs, bars or restaurants and recharge your batteries.

The first bar, a favorite among American tourists is Cabo Wabo, this famous canteen established by former rocker Samy Hagar in 1990, is both a restaurant and a Night-Blue, it has a dance floor and lives music with the best local bands.

The second favorite and spoiled of visitors is The Squid Roe, a very popular bar-disco in Los Cabos, its great atmosphere is like being in a dream since you have the fun guaranteed by the music, drinks, and snacks offered.

With a Las Vegas-style, the Mandala Food & Wine Club, is becoming the most pro place for a go at night, with an illuminated dance floor and music videos on the screens, outdoor environment, bottle service, and great service.

However, if you prefer a more beachy atmosphere, then Mango Deck is the perfect place for you. Imagine lying on the sand while enjoying a margarita, with a full-service bar. The fun in this place never ends, as tourists, due to its great popularity never stop arriving and supplying it.

Passion Club & Lounge is a contemporary-style nightclub that is divided into two: the first is a restaurant and the second a lounge. Enjoy in each the great Mexican food offered by its cuisine and its exceptional drinks all night. You can admire its wonderful view of the Cabo Sea since it is located in the most prestigious area of Cabo San Lucas.

One of the newest venues in Cabo is the Pink Kitty Night Club, which offers a mixed design between the classic and the modern, it is considered the place with the best dance floor and its exclusive VIP service will make you feel like in Las Vegas. It has the presence of international DJs to liven up the atmosphere throughout the night until the last one decides to leave the place.

Last but not least, we mention Giggling Marlin, it is a very popular nightclub bar, very well located in the center of Cabo San Lucas, on the Boulevard de la Marina. This is one of the oldest clubs and bars in the city.

Spend a full day with us and end the stress to the rhythm of the music and while enjoying some sexy drinks. Just make no mistake and go the other way, remember flights to Cabo San Lucas are your best option to have fun and return home with a smile, a tan and a relaxed body.