Let’s travel by car to Bacalar, why not? 

Traveling anywhere in the world is always a great opportunity, but many times we just limit ourselves to the place where the plane landed, we don´t risk going any further and getting to knowing new places or visiting new landmarks, no matter how close or far away they are. Others prefer to buy bus tickets to move to nearby destinations, but the reality is that this is frequently very uncomfortable and we end up more tired and more stressed than we were when we first arrived. Hasn’t it happened to you? That is why now we will share with you the perks of renting a car when you arrive at your destination when for example, we take a flight to Cancun Mexico, which arrives daily at the international airport of Cancun.

The first benefit you get from renting a car is that you can move around as many times as you want anywhere you want, without waiting for public transportation or a taxi, it is more comfortable and safer. The second benefit is that we can leave the hotel and drive to the downtown, or some shopping area or market, and if we buy some products, souvenirs, clothes, etc., we won´t be carrying them. The third benefit, and for us, the most important one, is that you get to know places beyond those offered to us in the hotel or the nearby surroundings.

Now that we have convinced you to rent a car for your next trip, we are going to tell you where you can go when to get there. Approximately four and a half hours from Cancun, there is a wonderful Magical Town called Bacalar or the Lake of Seven Colors, located in the same state, Quintana Roo, very close to the capital city of Chetumal. This wonderful place is circular and shallow, which makes it ideal for swimming comfortably, you can also practice activities such as diving, and snorkeling. That’s not all you will find; since it is the gateway to the underwater caves of the Blue cenote.


Between February the 22nd to the 26th, Bacalar and the municipality of the Lake of Seven Colors will celebrate its Carnival party. The motto of the Carnival will be #The magic of the Alebrijes, check the billboard because there will be groups like Sonora Dinamita, Gil Harry Seven, and The Crackers, among others.

And since we are planning the trip, pick up the steering wheel and head to the main square, as you get there you will contemplate a Colonial Town with beautiful gabled houses painted in bright colors, surrounded by beautiful planters that will cover you from the sun. In addition to the beautiful landscape, Bacalar has for you a great culinary offer that will leave your mouth speechless. Its cuisine has recipes of Yucatecan and Belizean haute cuisine, which includes rice and beans, stewed with coconut oil and chocolomo. To enjoy appetizing dishes of exquisite meat are the tamales of xpelón, and tamales sotobichay with egg and chaya. Finally, something you shouldn´t miss is eating the cazón bread and tikinxic, marinated with achiote and sour orange.


Well, now that we have told you a little about this place and the advantages of renting a car on your next trip, don´t hesitate and simply do it. Flights to Cancun Mexico are the order of the day and with fully accessible prices to make your trip unforgettable. 

The best remedy for your ills is on the Mexican beaches.

A new year begins and we feel that we need something, the big city and our overwhelming jobs saturate us and we begin to feel tired, stressed, with headaches, shoulders and often even in a bad mood, so this may cause us not to be comfortable with nothing. We believe that with going to the doctor or taking vitamins, we will feel better, but what do you think? We have an even greater remedy, just board one of the flights to Puerto Vallarta and these everyday aches will disappear, since being at one of the beautiful beaches of the Mexican Republic is a real pleasure.

Why is Puerto Vallarta our fav? Very easy to answer that question, its beaches are located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in the state of Jalisco, which, is one of the most magical states in the country, with charming and beautiful beaches, but also offering something you might not know about, near there you can find some Magical Towns that will leave you extremely fascinated when you visit it.

A Magical Town is a name given to those municipalities(towns) that preserve the natural, cultural and architectural essence of a classical Mexican Town. Reaching one of them is as if time has stopped, they have legends, history, and secrets that every person who visits them has to discover on their own.

The secret that many have kept is that very close to Puerto Vallarta, about an hour distance, there is a surprising and majestic Magical Town named Sayulita, located on the coast that connects Nayarit and Jalisco. This place has become one of the most visited tourist centers in recent years and it is not only because of its rustic streets, but it is also because its beaches are great for surfing or swimming. The main beach is called Los Muertos beach, which literally translates in English as “The Death People Beach”; but do not be scared, the name has not a negative connotation, it was given that name because to get there you have to go through a cemetery.


The city is a bit small, but it has become popular with tourists from Canada, the United States, Europe and also for Australians, according to statistics made over the past 5 years. Here you can find beautiful places to eat and taste their delicious typical cuisine such as the zarandeado-style shrimp, the queen clam prepared in its shell, the lobster served in a variety of cooking styles, among many more dishes.

Also in the alleyways, you will find a variety of businesses and art galleries that offer the best souvenirs such as jewelry, silk rebozo, woolen garments, wicker baskets, clay sculptures and of course, the handicraft and Huichol crafts to take with you on your return home.

Additionally, don´t worry so much about lodging, we know that you will find something that fits your needs since it has many hotels with several prices, but all of them with the best service and quality.

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#Repost @rio_sanjuan with @make_repost ・・・ 📍Playa Chencho, una calita un tanto privada y discreta debido a su locación que la hace de difícil acceso, excepto para aquellos que se alojan en el Balaji Palace y pueden disfrutar parte de esta hermosa playa. Locaciones que también forman parte de este pequeño municipio y sus bellezas vírgenes. . . . #repost @robertmichaelpoole ・・・ BETWEEN THE OCEAN AND THE JUNGLE… ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ … lies a sliver of soft sands and a bundle of boulders. And a @marcy_yu wandering around the timeless landscape like an intrepid explorer (in a bikini). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ As a photographer sometimes you struggle to find inspiration and angles, then when you do, you capture so many you can’t choose a favorite. So here is a second selection from Balaji Palace in Rio San Juan, northern Dominican Republic. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This magical and mystical place, with its peacocks running around and cove cut off from the outside world was my favorite spot in the country and my top tip to head to. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ With @balajipalace and @godomrep . . . 📍#ríosanjuan #village #lagunagrigri #playagrande #playacaleton #cuevadelasgolondrinas #playadelosminos #playalosmuertos #playapreciosa #playadelosguardias #rompeolas #playaescondida #peponi #piñacolada #golf #palmeras🌴 #arteurbano #travel #tours #lifestyle #costaverde #mariatrinidadsanchez #domincanrepublic #destination #rd #gorepúblicadominicana #GoDominicanRepublic

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So now you know, not everything beautiful is in sight, to find good natural pearls you have to visit new places and explore Mexico. Get your flight tickets and let the adventure begin on the flights to Puerto Vallarta, come and visit this beautiful place.

A cozy weekend at La Perla Tapatía 

Today we are going on a trip and we will land on one of the flights to Guadalajara to meet the famous city known as “The Pearl of the West“, this state belonging to the Mexican Republic is one of the most beautiful cities, which although the overpopulation has increased, still retains its touch of province and has been dedicated to offering the best stays for visitors and that they can have a pleasant trip.

In the search to offer the best of the best, we have found a list of hotels that you can choose for their great service, hospitality, and design that will make you feel at home.

The first on the list is the Riu Hotel, which is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the city. The guest service is exclusive and satisfaction is guaranteed, its facilities have non-smoking rooms with a beautiful view of the entire city, and it is easily accessible for people with disabilities. They offer breakfast-buffet totally free, pool and Wi-Fi.

Standing out in the surveys for having impeccable, soft and comfortable facilities, the HG Hotel is a very good alternative to have a good rest. It is close to the squares and restaurants where you can taste gourmet dishes or some traditional of Guadalajara, also has a business room, pool, Wi-Fi and free airport transfer.

The next hotel is located in the heart of the city a few blocks from the cathedral, the  Maestranza Hotel offers quality service to its guests and its setting is based on paintings of celebrities from Mexican history. It has comfortable and spacious rooms. This offers free Wi-Fi, restaurant, and parking.

They also add points to their good taste in decorations and comfort, this is found in the Velvet Plaza Hotel, which is one of the most requested in the city. It has non-smoking rooms and for those with reduced mobility, a fitness center, swimming pool, Wi-Fi and buffet-breakfast with a great taste that will make you want to repeat dish.


The Chapalita neighborhood is undoubtedly one of the most traditional, and right there is the Victoria Colonial hotel, it has comfortable rooms and everything you need to rest after a busy day of walking through the beautiful colonial streets. Like most, it offers free Wi-Fi, continental breakfast, restaurant bar, and room service.

Luxury and comfort are the main features of one of the hotels located in one of the most select areas of Zapopan. The Hyatt Regency Andares hotel has comfortably equipped rooms for a great rest, its large windows have a panoramic view of the entire city and also a restaurant with the most select contemporary food.


We must mention that it doesn´t matter if the plan is to visit it alone or accompanied by the whole family since for all these hotels mentioned, the priority is to provide a service of excellence, hospitality and above all, cozy. Don´t forget that there are daily flights to Guadalajara and you can take advantage of a weekend to visit this beautiful state, which is not for nothing, but it has become one of the best places to spend the holidays. Book in one of these resorts and enjoy your stay, you won´t regret it.

Valentine’s Day in Mexico, why not? 

What can be more romantic than being with your bae, outside the city, in a beautiful, silent and magical place? Nothing, we all know it and there is no woman in this world who resists these things. This year’s Valentine’s Day may be a good option to give to her a few days off in a place that meets all the expectations we mentioned. Enough of marshmallows, chocolates, and flowers, surprise her with some tickets to Mexico to spend those days by your side, and don’t worry about the place because we tell you where you can get.

When you land in this country, it is like reaching an infinity of possible beautiful places where you can spend thousands of hours, or a single fantastic weekend, and more if it is to surprise your partner. So, this time we go to the state of Mexico, just a couple of hours from the city is Villa del Carbon, this is a peaceful town, away from the bustle of big cities. Go writing down the data so that everything goes incredible.

We give you a little history so that the impressions a little, Villa del Carbon during the colonial era, its main economic activity was the exploitation of coal (hence its name), but now its biggest attraction is the lush vegetation that frames it wherever you go. In September 2015, this was named part of the list of the Magical Towns of Mexico. Since even today it retains intact its magnificence of the colonial era, it is also a pleasure for the senses because it is surrounded by mountains, a smell in the pine environment and its wonderful fountains.

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The first point of your trip, the Taxhimay Dam, this dam offers an exceptional landscape, with an imposing green river and the surrounding vegetation. It transmits a halo of mystery, perhaps because of the history that keeps this place. The best way to get to know is by boat as you will be able to better appreciate the two domes that look out from the bottom of the sea; the highest corresponds to the old parish of San Luis and a smaller one belongs to that of Cristo Del Quejido.

If your sweetheart likes to camp in the middle of the night or adventure like hiking, in the Plain Dam where there are also some beautiful cabins where you can spend a night alone, and it will be the ideal time for romance.

This is not all, because there is still more to visit in this beautiful place, but finally, you can go to visit the Plaza Hidalgo, located in the heart of the town where you can spend a pleasant time having a drink or enjoying your typical food, the specialty is the pork rind and sausage. Ah finally we must tell you that in February the temperature is cold, so bring a jacket even if it is an advantage since they will be hugging longer.

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Como cuando viajas en el tiempo y así

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Check out the promotions on tickets to Mexico, it is also a good way to save and spend more on a trip or other gift. Mexico is always partying and it’s your hospitality, you will feel at home.

Captivating all your senses in Xicotepec México.

How many times do we hear that going on a trip in January or February is a good thing because the year starts with the right foot and there is the opportunity for us to have more trips during it, and how not to do it if we can take advantage of all the discounts and promotions there are at the beginning of the year. Let’s talk especially on flights to Mexico because there are quite a few opportunities to buy them at a good price and enjoy some wonderful places within any of its states since the one has chosen is a guarantee of fun and beautiful landscapes to explore.

We are going to recommend a place that is a wonder to behold and the best place to rest on this next trip to Mexico and choose your relevant reservations in advance so you don’t miss a corner of this place. Located in the state of Puebla, we can find this Magic Town that in Nahuatl language is called Xicotepec, which means “hill of bumblebees”.


This wonderful town seems not to be part of any known city since, for many of those who arrive at this place, it feels as if they were entering into another world. Capturing your senses as you arrive, you will see the mountain range and a mist which seems as if the clouds came down to receive their visitors and you could even touch them from the ground. As you get deeper into the place, the aroma of the environment is changing to something more peculiar, which apparently a lot of people love, the smell of coffee toasting; only by smelling it will awaken the desire to reach your destination completely.

Upon arriving at the town, this catches you with its pre-Hispanic and colonial combination, when you reach the heart of Xicotepec you will be dazzled because its garden is the most popular of the place, it is one of the most flowery in the entire state of Puebla, which was produced and planted by the locals themselves, trees carefully pruned to human, animal and geometric shapes will make you take the first picture. In the kiosk, people gather to delight their ear with the musical groups with wind instruments to play their melodious notes. Of course, it couldn´t miss the esquites and elotes prepared sellers, or the ice cream maker with its rich lemon flavor to go savoring while you continue your tour, or if you want to take a few minutes you can go through one of the cafes near the zocalo to ecstasy your taste buds with the delicious taste of coffee produced in Xicotepec.

Another of its tourist attractions visited by thousands of people every year, 30 meters high and built on the hill of Tabacal, is the monumental Virgin of Guadalupe, the largest image in all of Mexico.


Oh, and don´t worry about not going to get a great hotel because here the hotel offer is wide and varied. There are options that fit your needs, tastes, and the best, in your pocket.

Don’t wait any longer, get one of the flights to Mexico and take your bag. Take a tour of this Magical Town that awaits you and your family; give them those vacations they deserve so much.

Enjoy the fair of Leon 2020

We love to start the year because the most popular fairs and festivities of each of the states that make up the Mexican Republic begin, and today we have to take one of the flights to Guanajuato, because we are already days away from the end of the expected Leon 2020 fair, which began on January 10th and ends on February 4th, so don´t waste time, here we tell you why it is so expected.


The fair is much better enjoyed during the night while you walk between calm steps and full of joy, because it is illuminated and full of life with mechanical games, sale of handicrafts, livestock exhibition and gastronomic area with the best cuisine in the region. However, not everything ends here, because the Leon fair owes its great because they add more activities to its agenda and also some other attractions for all tastes and ages, we are talking about the incorporation of a circus, recreational farm, functions on an ice rink, dance show, ballet shows, among others.

We could say that boredom has no invitation at the fair since there are many activities to do throughout the day and all night. His artistic billboard as every year shines by his own light, his attendees are always surprised with the best presentations, and each day a different one is presented. The famous singer Carlos Rivera was presented at the opening of the fair, his presentation was a success. One of the most anticipated is the famous Steve Aoki on February 3 and on the last day, the group responsible for closing with a flourish will be the famous band La Trakalosa de Monterrey, recognized throughout the Mexican Republic, we know they will give a show phenomenal. Check the entire program so you can buy your tickets in advance. We also recommend the VIP tickets that will allow you to have access to various activities within the fair and perhaps some coexistence with any of the groups that will be present or that you like.

If you think that the lodging could be a problem, you shouldn´t worry because near the area there are very exclusive hotels, of very good quality and service, these places make their guests feel at home. You can check large hosting packages to enjoy the days you chose to go to the fair. There are some that offer promotions both to stay and to attend the event through some exclusivity depending on the hotel, obviously not everyone has these promotions, so you should research and book the one that best suits you and the one that best suits your needs.

Although there are only a few days left before this great event ends, you can still arrive and enjoy in a big way, as a good Mexican would do, that is the place everyone will receive you with open arms. Buy your flight tickets to Guanajuato now and enjoy everything we mentioned, and if you still have time, you may escape to one of its most popular tourist areas to take advantage of the trip.

The best rest, only in Los Cabos

Without a doubt, the best place to spend a vacation or celebrate this Valentine’s Day is in Baja California Sur, since every tourist who arrives on the flights to Los Cabos knows it. It is for this reason that we invite you to take a look and continue reading so that you can better choose the hotel where you are going to stay.

First, we have the Cabo Azul Resort Diamond hotel, considered one of the top 10 in Los Cabos and Mexico. This hotel stands out for its spacious terrace villas, and its sophisticated decoration will delight anyone, it also has a three-level pool with an infinite view of the blue sea. If you are looking for absolute tranquility, this hotel is perfect to rest and spend a quiet day.

For those people who are looking for something more exclusive, then right in the center is the perfect one for you, the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos hotel, with its great stay, makes it one of the best, apart from that in your accommodation it is all-inclusive. Without a doubt, its meals and menus offered are the best in the area, and its food area has an incredible view of the sea, so you can enjoy a delicious breakfast while enjoying the view. It has an exclusive bar for its guests, and if you travel with children you won´t have to worry since it has a children’s area that guarantees its fun and tranquility.


On the other hand, maybe what you are looking for is something more romantic and intimate with your partner, so the Me Cabo hotel is the one. Uniquely and exclusively focused on adult or newly married guests, this hotel has been awarded as one of the most modern resorts in Mexico, because it has cutting-edge technology, for its decoration and elegant style. During your stay you can´t miss any of the pool party that always offers the best DJs, it also has a Yhi spa that offers the best massages of the place.

Further away from the city is the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf and Spa Resort, its great attraction of this place is that it is located behind the famous Stone Arch. It keeps a colonial and coastal style; its great stay offers a hundred percent tranquility, despite being one of the most visited by entire families and many tourists. It has beaches and private pools, which are perfect for pleasant family time. In its facilities, they offer different activities such as cooking classes, water aerobics, and dance or bingo classes; for the little ones they will set up a club where they can have fun making ceramic crafts that are supervised by trained people of the hotel. It also offers tours to appreciate humpback whales and dive in the Sea of Cortes.


Without a doubt, these great places are going to provide you with everything you need since with the packages they offer, all you have to do is worry about not worrying about anything and just enjoy your stay on the beautiful beaches of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Just remember that the best way to get there is on flights to Los Cabos that have great promotions all year round.

Carnival all night in Mazatlan

As every year, we die of excitement because throughout the world one of the most anticipated events by many tourists who arrive at Sinaloa, specifically on flights to Mazatlan or the land of the deer (as the ancient Mexicans knew it), is well known, only to don’t miss out on his famous carnival. Like a centuries-old tradition that is renewed, every year when it is transmitted from generation to generation, the port celebrates all that it gives and leaves all the people who contemplate it with their mouths open and eager that the party never ends.

Considered as the third most important worldwide because it is an event that dates back to the year 1898. The Mazatlecos take very seriously when it comes to this carnival because it lasts a full week and they do it at big, and when we talk about how big it is that they “throw the house out of the window” and until the body endures.

Every year since the first event was held, it begins before the Easter period, and the city prepares to enjoy this event to the fullest, where boredom is not invited. For the second day of the inauguration, they make the famous burning of bad humor, and last year the one chosen to burn at the stake was former Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and the causes for which he was elected wouldn´t surprise anyone. Who will be chosen for this 2020?

On the other hand, this magnificent carnival combines culture, art and tradition, without leaving aside that it is also unique for more reasons such as fun, the splendor of the shows, the unique beauty of its queens and the creativity and color of his floats. Who was going to think that after so many years, tradition has been changing so much? Because carriages and bicycles were adorned before, it was until the best ornate was rewarded and it was modified to fully decorated cars or trucks which is what today day parade.

Something that is truly an event like no other is the fireworks, lights and sound show organized by the famous Jorge Marquez, who won an award in Montreal, Canada, by competing against the best pyrotechnics in the world. This show symbolizes the heroic defense of the Port against the attempted invasion of the Cordilliere.

Apart from all this, the carnival fair is located in the center, where you can find mechanical games, gastronomic stands, craft shows, art shows, among many other things, this becomes the main attraction of the night for all visitors. However, this is not all, since this event also presents the Mazatlan Prize for Literature, one of the nationally known, which has won famous writers such as Octavio Paz, Vicente Leñero, Angeles Mastretta, among others.

Well, now you know what to do on these dates, book in one of the closest hotels so you don´t miss any day of the event and buy your flight tickets to Mazatlan. Look for a promotion or package so you can save some dollars and you can spend it at the Fair.

Caribbean Carnival 2020 in Cozumel

We love to start the year and let the best events awaited by thousands of people from all over the world; and now it is the turn of Quintana Roo, who falls in love with an event that fills us with great color and happiness every year. Buy one of the flights to Cozumel right away, as the 2020 Carnival is about to begin.

To start, you will fall in love because the carnival is the most beautiful, and not everything is focused on the renowned artists that come, it is also because it is on an island in the Caribbean Sea of Mexico and as we all know, these are the best beaches we can visit in this glorious country.

The hospitality of this state welcomes you the moment you land at the airport, and what to say about its delicious climate, makes us part with our clothes and put on our swimsuit right away. However, we are going to provide you with more data so that you no longer think about it and immediately get a good package to spend these days of enjoyment in this promising and true paradise.

To begin, you should know that for the 2020 Cozumel Carnival, preparations begin from January 25 to February 25. This takes place in the insular city of San Miguel de Cozumel, its beginning history goes back more than 140 years, and today it still retains its expression of carnestolendas with historical value. It is considered as cultural heritage of the state of Quintana Roo and the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico recognizes it among the eight most representative carnivals in the entire country.

As in all carnivals, apart from the light, color, and music that are in all the streets, they also have the pleasure of inviting some very famous artists, the example of this is the famous Chayanne, a fact about this artist is that was the platonic love of thousands of Mexican women in the 1990s. Another of the most anticipated by young people is Manuel Turizo and Reik; these are going to be at the Moby Dick show center and Quintana Roo Park.

However, not all day we will be at the carnival, so you can also visit its beautiful beaches, finally, you are already there. Go to the San Francisco beach, it will leave you dazzled with its crystalline sea, calm and warm. It is the perfect place to rest and relax the body while tanning on the soft white sand. On the other hand, if you like to appreciate the marine life and without having to get into the water, then we recommend a walk in the catamarans with its glass floors, in them, you can appreciate the thousands of species that inhabit Cozumel.

An extremely important factor, if you didn´t hire a vacation package you need to find a good hotel, but the good news is that they are all excellent resorts, provide excellent services and fit your needs and obviously, your pocket.

Don’t wait any longer and look at your favorite travel agency to organize this beautiful trip, or on the other hand, you can also buy your flights to Cozumel and jump on the adventure since in these seasons we can find good promotions. Take part in this wonderful city and live like never before!

 Mexico, a perfect country for extreme sports

 Mexico is a country that offers great natural and cultural wealth to anyone who visits it, so it is one of the ideal destinations to practice extreme sport. The states of the Mexican Republic have spectacular scenarios where you can enjoy from the heights or in the deepest of its seas, rivers, lakes or lagoons, everything will depend on the experience you want to live the next time you take any of the flights to Mexico.

Skydiving and paragliding

Jalisco, Chapala: The hills that are between the towns of Chapala and Jocotepec are used by paragliding fliers, in these places the air that ascends its slopes several hundred meters high, helps fans of the wings to soar and make long-term flights while enjoying the lake landscape.

Baja California Norte, Rosarito: The beaches of Rosarito or the dunes of Primo 30 kilometers from Tijuana are waiting for lovers of paragliding or ultralight aircraft, these sites have excellent cliffs and sloping slopes at the top.


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Descent of rivers or rapids

Ixtapa – Zihuatanejo, Balsas River: Presents rapids ideal to be sailed by specialized boats of different categories, in some competitions held every year the race starts in the vicinity of the river crossing of the federal highway 95 and ends in Zihuatanejo, the route is about 500 kilometers.

Veracruz, Los Pescados River: This River offers two alternatives for rafting, the first is from Barranca Grande, with a gorge where the river runs to end two days later at the Cosautlán Bridge, from which the second begins option, navigating along 17 rapids to conclude in Jalcomulco.


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Mountain biking

Aguascalientes: The state participates very actively in this sport with the National Mountain Cycling Championship or in the State Championship, in the modalities of ascent, descent, and cross-country, and if you are interested, the inscriptions are open for anyone who practices this sport.

Chihuahua, Creel: This is a town that preserves in its surroundings several natural attractions, starting with the forested area of pine trees in which it is located, here guides are hired to tour the region practicing mountain biking.


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Rock Climbing

Nuevo León, Monterrey: 9.5 kilometers south of Monterrey in the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, is the canyon, which is a giant mass of 305 meters with attractive graphic formations and mountainous ridges. As historical data, in this place several prehistoric villages left pictograms.


Campeche, Xtacumbilxunaan Grottoes: It is an underground cavity of 200 m. long and 80 m. deep, inside it is possible to observe formations of stalactites and stalagmites, since the last formation, called “The corner of the witch”, you can see a large vault with a natural skylight in its center. It is located 110 km from the city of Campeche, very close to the town of Bolonchén de Rejón.

There are still many more places to mention where extreme sports seem to be part of the landscape, you just have to decide the sport and where to practice it the next time you take any of the flights to Mexico.