Don´t miss the best of Los Cabos 

There are unforgettable experiences in Los Cabos that every traveler should live, located in the peninsula of Baja California Sur. This destination boasts natural beauty, wonderful weather, gastronomic delights, charming towns and luxury corners, you just have to take one of the flights to Cabo San Lucas and let yourself be surprised by this city that has everything you need to have a great time.

Photograph The Arc

The Arch of the end of the world is the icon of Los Cabos, it is a rock formation located at the tip of the peninsula of Baja California, where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez. It is possible to photograph it from a kayak or a water taxi with a glass bottom that starts from the Marine of Los Cabos. The curious thing about the place is that you can only portray it on land every 4 years, because thanks to climate change, a cluster of sand under its natural formation, once you are there, take the opportunity to get to know the Amor beach, which is located just 100 meters from the Arch.


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Snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is a wonderful setting for adventure and contemplation, located approximately two hours from San José del Cabo. It is the only reef alive in the northern part of America, besides being an ideal protected reserve to dive and snorkel for its clear waters, cliffs and rock formations, which are true paradises for the observation of marine life. In the place you can rent diving or snorkeling equipment, and there are some modest hotels in the vicinity where it is also possible to camp. The best recommendation is to avoid sunscreen unless it is friendly to the environment.

Stroll through San José Del Cabo

San José del Cabo is a bohemian and typically Mexican town, is the head of the municipality of Los Cabos, perfect for those who like to walk at sunset. It is a town of artists; it receives the name of “Art Walk” and is full of art galleries and cultural events as well as handicraft shops and terrace cafes that close the circulation of the streets in high season. Walk along the Mijares Ride Boulevard that joins the beach with the main square, where buildings from the colonial era surround the Parish of San José.


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Have fun in Wild Canyon

Wild Canyon is an oasis in the desert with great vegetation that attracts hundreds of birds and other species, with challenging zip-line systems that offer exciting natural postcards flying like a superhero. Climb the giant swing almost 100 meters high and a speed of 140 kilometers per hour, drive in sand dunes through the desert, the beach and the mountain with an Xrail All Terrain and don´t miss the longest wooden pedestrian suspension bridge of the world with almost 330 meters long that can be covered by up to 300 people or 50 all-terrain vehicles, simultaneously. In addition, to close with a flourish, dare to jump from the bungee.

Los Cabos still has a lot to offer, so we are almost certain that after visiting it, you will have to start preparing for a second search of flight to Cabo San Lucas and complete your tour of this incredible destination.

The most beautiful gardens in Mexico

Many people think that to admire nature you must travel quite far, but this is not necessarily so, because there are places that gather beautiful representations of nature in one place and that with your tickets to Mexico you can enjoy its beauty, in these Botanical gardens will rediscover the nature that is still present in the big cities.


Located on the outskirts of Mexico City, it is a perfect place to escape and rest from the immensity of urban life. Prior to the Mexican Revolution, the space was destined to be a popular market, however, due to the armed struggle it was not inaugurated until 1933. It served as a market for approximately 40 years until it was moved to another place. The stained glass work was in charge of the artist Leopoldo Flores and currently houses a botanical garden that has species from all continents.


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Gardens of Mexico

Like the Cosmovitral, the Gardens of Mexico are located on the outskirts of the City in Tehiuxtla Morelos, at the height of Tequesquitengo. The place is made up of five different types of gardens: Italian style garden, Japanese style, cacti, tropical garden and labyrinth garden of the senses. The largest gardens in Mexico, offer an experience of appreciation of nature, as well as conservation and sustainability.

UNAM Botanical Garden

The Institute of Biology of the UNAM has in its shelter an approximate of 300 plants that are threatened or in danger of extinction, then in this place you will be able to appreciate and visit its collection of more than 1600 species that grow in jungles, forests and Mexican deserts. With the title of the second oldest botanical garden in the country, the Botanical Garden of the Institute of Biology of the UNAM represents an effort to contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, it also has an Adoption Center in which you can acquire an endangered plant and thus join the Citizen Network of Plant Conservation.


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Chapultepec Botanical Garden

In the first section of the Chapultepec Forest there is a four-hectare corner where you can find domestic plants, wetlands, grasslands and plains, agaves, as well as cacti and arid zone plants. In this garden there is an Arboretum, which is responsible for the protection of woody plants and trees, as well as an Orquidario in which 200 species of these plants are also protected.

Bicentennial Park

It was built in the former gasoline-producing refinery and due to this activity, the soil was very affected, so it was decided to recover the property and that is how the park that occupies 55 hectares of the 174 that the refinery occupied was built. Composed of five gardens: wind, land, sun, water and nature, it is in the latter where the botanical garden is located, here we can find species of the xerophilous scrubland, coniferous forest, evergreen tropical forest, oak and desert forest, as well as the only chinampa outside Xochimilco.


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Whether or not you are a fan of plants, we can assure you that if you visit these places you will appreciate a little more of their beauty, so be encouraged to buy your tickets to Mexico and thus be able to tour each of these valuable natural spaces.


¡Total fun in Cancun, a place with a marvelous lifestyle!


One of the great attractions and for which many people want to take any of the flights to Mexico Cancun  is due to the large number of theme parks that the city has, since it also allows you to enjoy beaches, cultural and historical areas and special activities.


Recognized in 2016, 2017 and 2018 as the “best theme park in the world”, it brings together more than 50 attractions for all ages and is full of natural beauties, sites of historical importance, recreational activities and shows, not surprisingly, Xcaret is the most large theme parks in Cancun and Mexico. On your visit to Xcaret you can swim in underground rivers, walk trails into the jungle and explore mysterious caves, you can´t miss seeing its butterfly garden and the magnificent Coral Reef Aquarium. Also in Xcaret, you will have the opportunity to approach deer, jaguars, flamingos and exotic birds; within the areas of culture and history of Xcaret, you can see the Mayan ruins, the Museum of Popular Art of Mexico and the Guadalupe chapel.


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Xel Há

Another of the best water parks in Cancun is Xel Há, considered the largest natural aquarium in the world, is one of the most popular destinations in the Riviera Maya, and a real delight to be able to enter this space full of nature, snorkeling and swim with dolphins, which are the two most outstanding activities to do during your visit to Xel Há, and of course, the possibility of practicing other activities such as Sea trek and Snuba. There are two types of main routes that you can do in the park, one is the aquatic one, in which you have to take a train that will take you upstream to start the ride, you can choose between swimming, snorkeling or crossing the river in double floats or individual, letting you gently drag along the stream until you return to the crystalline lagoon located in the middle of the jungle. The other tour during your visit to Xel Há is done through the jungle, where you will find varied adventure activities and the possibility of seeing numerous species of exotic animals.


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If you are looking for adrenaline and contact with nature you must visit Xplor, where you will live an experience in the truly incomparable underground world. Located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, you will tour the caverns and the beautiful spectacle of their beauty, these are covered with stalactites and stalagmites produced by the permanent infiltration of rainwater. The Xplor Park offers the possibility of entering the land by walking between rivers and caverns covered with minerals or sailing on a raft. In addition, if you like extreme adrenaline, don´t miss the night version of the park called Xplor Fire, where you will live adventures in the dark.

Start preparing everything for the adventure and choose from the many flights to Mexico Cancun, start planning all your activities in some of these great places that combine nature, entertainment, fun and lots of adventure. Don´t miss the opportunity to enjoy them with your family, your friends or with your partner, we are sure you will live the best days of adventure.


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Winter vacations in Mexico, a warm visit

Mexico is not a country that is characterized by having varied spaces where snow falls during the winter, however, during this season it is usually quite cool in many places of the Apis and in some even, ice sheets are formed that allow skiing on natural slopes. So, if you want to have the winter experience without so cold, go looking for your plane tickets to Mexico.

Forests of Monterreal, Coahuila

These coahuilenses forests are located about 50 km southeast of the Magical Town of Arteaga, this place is also known as the Switzerland of Mexico because in the winter months the temperature can drop to 10 degrees below zero. The amount of snow that falls in the forests makes skiing possible at the Monterreal Resort, a private development in the Sierra of Arteaga equipped with ski slopes and facilities for other sports, as well as charming cabins. It should be mentioned that the track of more than 200 meters of Monterreal is the only one in Mexico to practice skiing.

Coahilla Mexico

Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico

In this Mexican Magic Town you can enjoy the incomparable winter vacations pleasure of lighting a bonfire in front of the lake to appease the night cold of 10° C or less, while uncorking a bottle of wine and toasting with your partner. Valle de Bravo is a town of cobbled streets where the Church of San Francisco de Asís and the temple of Santa María Ahuacatlán are distinguished. Very close to the town, there are two extraordinary attractions: the Carmel Maranathá and the Great Stupa for World Peace, the first is a beautiful Christian refuge for meditation and the Great Stupa is the largest Buddhist monument in Mexico.

Batopilas, Chihuahua

The Barrancas del Cobre are among the most amazing places in Mexico and the thermometer can reach 2° C between December and February. Nestled in these vertigo canyons of the Sierra Tarahumara is the Chihuahua Magic Town of Batopilas, an excellent place to stay and get to know the mountain attractions, to reach this town it is best to make the journey that also passes through the Magic Town of Creel. In the Barrancas del Cobre, you can go hiking and cycling, bathe in its streams and natural pools if the cold allows it, admire the immensity of the landscape from the viewpoints and visit the silver mines that sustained the ancient prosperity of the area.

Botopilas Chihuahua

San José de Gracia, Aguascalientes

It is a hidrocalido Magical town located in the municipality of the same name, more than 2000 meters above sea level and with best winter vacations temperatures that can approach 4° C, among the most icy places are in the Sierra Fría, forested sector of the Western Sierra Madre, with heights above 3000 meters above sea level. In the mountains you can camp, go hiking, hiking and cycling, fish and ride a donkey.


Beaches that will make your trip more accessible 

The perfect image in which you appear on a beach of crystal clear waters doesn´t have to mean to run out of money, fortunately the cheap beaches in Mexico are quite and offer many possibilities, whether you want to tame temperamental waves or simply be one with the sand while you tan. So, if you needed a boost to encourage you to travel, what better than these options for you to take one of the cheap flights to Mexico and enjoy its coasts.

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

We start with a proposal that will multiply your possibilities, and this is because Puerto Escondido has several economic beaches. For surfing enthusiasts there is the Zicatela beach, which is the paradise of waves and Carrizalillo beach, which is great for diving. However, if you prefer less active places, then Puerto Angelito and Manzanillo are ideal for floating in the sea or extend the towel, put yourself in horizontal position and stop thinking. The temperature in Puerto Escondido stays at 27 ° C throughout the year, so it is always a good time to go and being a popular destination, there are accommodations for all budgets.


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Mahahual, Quintana Roo

This old fishing village is one of the jewels of Quintana Roo, imagine letting soft white sand run through your fingers, hypnotized by the turquoise color of the sea or snorkeling to discover a fantasy seabed, because without exaggeration, the Bank Chinchorro is the largest coral reef in Latin America. Mahahual has excellent options of rustic hostels and eco-hostels, which usually offer free bicycles, so, with the bike and the accommodation solved, you won´t need much more to enjoy this incredible place, peacefully traveling the 1700 meters of its boardwalk.

Balandra Beach, Baja California

The beauty of this beach goes far beyond its iconic mushroom-shaped rock, which is also the emblem of the region, the place is surrounded by reddish hills and a shallow sea that is ideal to enjoy the whole day on this beach, that seems painted with watercolor. In addition, if you like to walk, you will have a great natural area to do it in a unique way, since it has more than 2500 hectares surrounding the beach and are crossed by paths, so you can discover it without intervening the ecosystem.


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Sayulita, Nayarit

The locals say that Sayulita was created by the gods of the waves and possibly the international community of surfers, who visit each year, agree very much. This magical town also has mysterious and fantastic traditions to share with anyone who wants to get close to them. Something very peculiar is that Sayulita has an interesting nightlife, which unfolds on its pretty cobblestone streets. Something for which also highlights this place, is the variety of accommodations, from bungalows facing the river to comfortable hotels, the low season is in October, when you can find rooms for two people for up to $400 pesos.


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We can still tell you about some more beaches that could be the best option for your cheap flights to Mexico, but we hope that with these already mentioned, you have clear that you don´t need to spend too much to enjoy wonderful and perfect places.

The best places to photograph Mazatlan

Mazatlan is a city that mixes the classic of a colonial city with the modern one of a tourist beach town, and although it seems that such a fusion could cause a lot of tourist conflicts, the truth is that they complement each other in a perfect way, making Mazatlan one of the better cities to relax while walking or to burst the party until dawn. That is why we want to show you some of the places you can´t miss when you take the flights to Mazatlan, the well-named “Pearl of the Pacific”.

Cerro Del Creston

Cerro Del Creston is ideal to admire all Mazatlán from the viewpoint, since it has a height of 157 meters at sea level. This place has great stories because since 1828, many ships came from other countries to make commercial exchanges, and here there were many stories from all over the world. This place also includes the arrival and departure of tourist cruises.

Pino Suárez market

The structure of the Pino Suárez market is of a French style, which gives it an excellent atmosphere to admire, know, buy and taste the products of the area. Then strolling through the market is undoubtedly a unique experience that very few tourists dare to live, but when they do, they want to repeat.

Travel through its Historic Center

Walking through its Historic Center will take you to observe the old houses of the Neoclassical style emerged in the nineteenth century, and since you are here, you must go to the Angela Peralta Theater, which after several modifications was used as a theater, then as a cinema and returning as a Theater. This last one to expose the best cultural events to this day, and if you run with luck, you could witness a show as an extra to your trip.

The unique postcards of the Malecón

The Malecon of Mazatlan allows you to admire the beautiful sea, sunrises and sunsets difficult to match in another point of the world, it is considered among the longest in Latin America with its 17 km, ideal for long walks or rides on wheels, also, crossing the Malecón you will find the perfect spot for your photo shoot in Mazatlan.

Photographs sea Mazatlan

An adventure through the Three Islands

Three Islands are a group of semi-virgin islands that give you the opportunity to admire its fauna, incredible landscapes and cool off in its waves. It is worth mentioning that it is very worthwhile to take a walk to get to know them and visit them, as well as having dreamy beaches, their surroundings are jewels of nature in Mazatlan.

Verde Camacho Sanctuary

This space is dedicated to the conservation and care of six species of tortoise that live in Mazatlan, this environmentalist center will make you integrate to the community of the care of the environment. The importance of the ecological values that it has generated is so great that even some hotels and people have joined this project, making the daily care of the different species that live in Mazatlan.

Let yourself be pampered by this city and its inhabitants, take one of the flights to Mazatlan so that the only problem that invades your head is the way to enjoy the time in such a beautiful place.

 Dream accommodation in Cabo San Lucas

To the south of the peninsula of Baja California is Cabo San Lucas, home to beautiful beaches, the most iconic rock formation, an excellent place for diving and of course, also a perfect space for the night party, as well as many options to stay as soon as you land on one of the flights to Cabo San Lucas. You will arrive at a place where you will have access to the best services and the best beaches, choosing where to stay will only be a matter of budget and preferences, that is the reason why we leave you some of the best resorts for your vacation.

Hacienda Beach Club & Residences

For all those who seek to balance the tranquility of Cabo with easy access to nightlife, it is difficult to overcome the location of this complex that is right on El Médano beach and just five minutes walk from the lively San Lucas port. It is the only beachfront structure in the area, so there are no bars or restaurants that surround this stretch of paradise, this hotel is characterized by being mostly luxury with total calm, with a beautiful spa, a gym and a two-level pool with stunning views at the end of the earth.

People on the beach

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort

The all-inclusive and adults-only Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort, is a quiet place on a beautiful beach, maybe the place can feel somewhat removed and isolated from the nightlife of Cabo, but it is only about 10 minutes away by car. In this resort, the comforts are abundant as it has two beautiful swimming pools, tennis courts, five restaurants, five bars, a large gym and a full-service spa with a meditation maze.

Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa

This place has an excellent location on El Médano beach, offering the best swimming area in Cabo San Lucas, its rooms are spacious sophisticated suites, with large kitchens, bathrooms with showers and huge bathtubs, as well as balconies overlooking the sea, it is worth mentioning a prominent feature is its large pool. It has different fitness options that include an 18-hole golf course, large gym or yoga classes in the morning, and is also within walking distance of the best restaurants and shops in Cabo, allowing visitors to avoid expensive transportation.

Casa dorada Los Cabos San Lucas

Hacienda Del Mar Los Cabos

The Hacienda del Mar has a magnificent location along a large stretch of soft beige sand, with plenty of space to rest under the shadow of a palapa; here swimming is not possible due to dangerous currents. However, that doesn´t take away the great beauty, although guests can enjoy long walks along the deep blue sea of Cortez, relax under a palapa with a cocktail or spot a whale during the season from December to April.

When you are considering taking any of the flights to Cabo San Lucas, choose the best option according to your needs and preferences, because the best area to stay will depend on what you want to do on your visit.

 The city of perfect beaches

 When we say that the beaches of Cancun are a paradise it is not an exaggeration, because in each of them you can find turquoise waters, white sand and radiant sun. Undoubtedly, those details make these places wonderful, and it becomes a destination where anyone would want to get lost to forget the world, and we could say that it is the greatest motivation of thousands of tourists taking flights to Cancun Mexico.

Ballenas Beach

The access to Ballenas beach is public, but finding this entrance is not as simple as there is very little signage, although once arriving at the place it is a great prize because it has spectacular views and you can sunbathe quietly. It is worth mentioning that certain precautions should be taken since the currents can be very dangerous at any time of the year and have a strong swell.

Best beaches of Mexico

Delfines beach

This beach in Cancun is known as “the viewpoint” due to the beautiful views of the sea from it. Like the previous one, it has a strong swell and currents that can be treacherous, so getting into these waters should always be done with due caution. In Delfines beach there are stone benches to sit and contemplate the landscape, as well as a wooden gazebo, a children’s area, showers and bathrooms, palapas, outdoor gym and some colorful letters that say “Cancun” where tourists line up for take a photo.

Las Perlas Beach

Las Perlas is one of the smallest beaches in Cancun and yet one of the most appreciated, especially by families, since it has playgrounds for children and its waters are calm so that the little ones can swim. On weekends, it is full of people picnics by the sea, while during the week there are few visitors, so it is convenient to get up early when visiting it to get the best places in the shade of trees.

Tortugas Beach

One of the most popular and busiest beaches in Cancun is the public beach of Tortugas, which offers a great festive atmosphere for a fun beach day for both tourists and national visitors. It has basic services such as lifeguards and sanitary services, as well as food stores, mini-supermarkets and handicrafts. In the place the waves are regular, so it is perfect for water sports such as swimming or diving, while on the ground you can play volleyball or jump from the pier before relaxing by having a delicious cocktail in any of the restaurants in the area. The views from Tortugas beach of the Cancun lagoon are incredible, ideal for sitting and contemplating the beautiful landscape.

Chac Mool beach

This beach is famous among tourists for its great beauty as it presents the typical features of the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean, being in front of the open sea it is a beach with great waves, so it is challenging and fun for lovers of water sports

It won´t be a simple task to choose your favorite beach when you take one of the flights to Cancun Mexico, but we can assure you that the selection process will be one of the best experiences you will take home.

 The animal beauty of Mexico

 Something that undoubtedly characterizes Mexico is the great diversity of ecosystems that it hosts, which are suitable for all types of species, some of them only of Mexican origin, which means that to be able to admire them it is necessary to get some plane tickets to Mexico. In addition, although many of them can be found in captivity in different parks or zoos in the country, nothing compares to entering their own world and seeing them unfold in total freedom. Next, we will tell you a little about some of these wonderful species and where to visit them all animal beauty of Mexico.

Prairie dog

This mammal is neither a dog nor a resident of the prairies, usually found in small groups in the northern states; the prairie dog is much more related to the marmot species than with any type of dog. They live in burrows and although it has been treated as a pest in the past, it is actually key to the ecosystems where it lives and is currently in danger of extinction. It is an inhabitant of states such as Coahuila, Nuevo León, San Luis Potosí and Zacatecas

Praire Dog

Spider monkey

The spider monkey is an adorable little creature with big eyes and thin legs. This little animal is native to the regions that have tropical forests in Mexico, and it is very likely that you will see them climbing trees in the southern areas, as they tend to hang out in groups are quite easy to detect, it is quite common to see them in states like Chiapas, Yucatán and Veracruz or any dense jungle area.


This iconic and mystical creature of Mexico looks very strange, but beautiful at the same time and is in critical danger of extinction, it is usually found in the rivers and lakes of central Mexico, although now it is practically only in Xochimilco. The name axolotl has its Nahuatl roots and means smooth skin water animal, this little one has a very peculiar shape and quite interesting characteristics.

 mexican axolotl

Cacomistle or Cacomixtle

This is a native mammal that is similar in appearance to a monkey combined with a cat and a raccoon, and although it seems like a joke it is not, these little furry ones owe their name to the Nahuatl language and are seen more frequently in the jungles of the southeast. They are nocturnal and love being in the trees, they jump from branch to branch with ease, it is during these jumps that they can be admired, it is usually in states in the South of Mexico where they are most frequented.



It is a pretty cute animal with a long nose and distinctive marks, they love to dig and are exceptionally intelligent, they are mainly threatened by unregulated hunting and destruction of their natural habitat. It can be found hanging around the forests of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatán or Quintana Roo.

Coati Cancun

There are still many Mexican species to know, but due to natural exploitation they are increasingly threatened, that is why the various natural reserves seek to protect this type of species, you can be part of the cause and the next time you buy your plane tickets to Mexico visit the areas and take care of them.

The natural diversity of Mexico

One of the great advantages of taking flights to Mexico is that you will always find something new in them to admire, and precisely today we want to tell you about the National Parks of Mexico, which are protected areas and have one or more valuable ecosystems for their beauty or diversity, several of them are World Heritage Sites and a delight in sight. Here we tell you about some of them.

Lagoons of Chacahua, Oaxaca

One of the most representative protected natural areas of the Oaxaca coast is the Chacahua Lagoons, decreed as a National Park in 1937 and is a beautiful natural reserve that houses a wide variety of flora and fauna. Whether you leave from Puerto Escondido or Huatulco, when you arrive you can take a boat trip, sailing between islets covered with mangroves that are habitat for water birds such as the pink spatula, the stork, the needle duck and various herons, in addition to being the habitat of three species of sea turtle, Laud, Carey and Golfina.

Oaxaca Lagoons Chacagua

Sierra de Órganos, Zacatecas

Only 24 kilometers from Sombrerete is the Sierra de Órganos National Park, an area that has diverse ecotourism attractions and has a peculiar beauty due to its rock formations, which are precisely the ones that have given the name, since from a distance they seem to form a musical organ. It is known that one of these pieces called “extraterrestrial” was Steven Spielberg’s main inspiration to create the famous E.T. In this mountain range, you can do activities such as hiking, rappelling, camping and even mountain biking.

Sierra de Organos Zacatecas Mexico

Summits of Monterrey, Nuevo León

This place has abundant fauna and vegetation worthy of admiration, although it is currently threatened by the urban spot of Monterrey. It is an excellent option to practice extreme sports such as rappelling, mountaineering, hiking or walking, as well as excursions. On the other hand, if you like quieter experiences, you can also enjoy the contemplation of the landscape and take the best photos of the place.

Desert of the Lions, Mexico City

This was the first National Park of Mexico, being one of the largest and most important national parks in Mexico City; here the first convent of Mexico was established in the 17th century thanks to the peace and tranquility that dominated the place. It is currently an ecological and tourist place where you can enjoy spaces open to the public for sports, recreational and cultural activities, in addition to being considered one of the main lungs of the city.

Lagoons of Zempoala, Morelos

This park is a protected natural area of Mexico, composed of oyamel, pine and oak forest, its importance falls in its vast aquatic biodiversity and in the conservation of its lakes. It is located a few kilometers from Mexico City and is ideal for camping, horseback riding, hiking or enjoying the view from its viewpoint. Huitzilac is the nearest town where you can stop and buy some typical handicrafts from the region.

If you have the opportunity to take one of the flights to Mexico and be close to any of these parks, don´t miss the chance to admire its beauty, breathe fresh air and help its preservation.