In Guatemala there are eco-friendly projects, they are wonderful, and we would love to tell you about them. All these places have a LEED certification that qualifies the use of water, energy, atmosphere, use of materials and quality for the worker. We’re going to show you companies eco-friendly like CMI, where Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez collaborate.

Studio Domus

Studio Domus is an award-winning architectural center based in Guatemala, dedicated to designing unique spaces based on technology and environmental sustainability.

They were awarded gold in the LEED Commercial Interiors 2009 Gold Certified category. 75% of the office has sunlight and 90% of the office has a privileged view of the city. They improved their potable water usage by 40%.

Location. Avenida La Reforma 9-55, Zona 10, Edificio Reforma 10, Level 9, Office 910

Corporación Multi Inversiones

This is a company that has achieved great certifications at its headquarters. Among them are LEED Silver certified Commercial Interiors and Gold certified. This site has monthly electric bill savings of over 20%. Its first construction was carried out in three phases and was completed in 2014. With a 75% utilization of sunlight and 40% reduction in potable water usage.

Location. Edificio Reforma 10 Level 5, Guatemala City


PepsiCo’s headquarters in Guatemala City is LEED Silver certified for environmental interiors, awarded in 2012. This company has a 35% reduction in lighting power density and a 50% reduction in indoor potable water use. Its offices are located in Torre Platina and it is an environmentally friendly place.

Location. Torre Platina 5a. Avenida 16-62 Zona 10, Guatemala City, Guatemala

Terra Esperanza

Terra Esperanza is a very impressive building in Guatemalan architecture. It’s LEED Core & Shell 2009 Gold certified, where the pool heating is powered by solar panels, which avoids the consumption of electricity or gas. They have a 100% reduction in the use of potable water in the landscape. It’s a very nice and ideal place to visit.

Location. 15 Calle 1-11 zone 10 Guatemala City

Fitness One

Fitness One is a gym located in Guatemala that has a gold environmental certification in construction due to its processes that seek to help the environment. In the area of efficient water use, they were recognized for reducing wastewater generation by 50%. They also obtained 100% in the reduction of potable water use.

Location. Diagonal 35 Bulevar Austriaco 16-25 Zona 16 Cardales de Cayalá.

Now that you have read this article, you know that in these places, being eco-friendly is as important as providing a safe work space.

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