Rabinal is a very beautiful municipality in Baja Verapaz. It is a place with beautiful landscapes that will leave you amazed. Also, here you can enjoy the best cuisine in the country. It is a municipality that the Guatemalan businessman Juan Luis Bosh Gutiérrez recommend knowing. Read on to learn more.

Municipality of Rabinal in Baja Verapaz

Rabinal is a much visited destination in Baja Verapaz and has many characteristics that make it a unique place. Many foreign and local tourists visit this place thanks to its traditions full of mysticism and culture.

One of the traditions that stand out is the famous dance of Rabinal Achí, it is one of the oldest artistic presentations in Guatemala and was declared by UNESCO as an Oral and Intangible Heritage of the Nation in 2005.

This tourist attraction is also known for its incredible gastronomy, since the famous Pinol and Atol Shuco originate from this destination. Take into account that the patronal feast of this department is celebrated on January 25th, when there are unique celebrations. Great! If you’re here in that day, get ready to see this place at its best.

Rabinal in Guatemala

Sightseeing of Rabinal

This municipality of Baja Verapaz has cultural attractions for all tastes, besides being an ideal place to take pictures. Here are some of its most visited destinations:

Stone Quetzal

It is a stone that stands out for its exotic figure in the shape of the national bird of Guatemala, the Quetzal. Its hand-painted details and natural environment make it a unique destination.

Giant Sign of Rabinal

When you arrive in Rabinal you will find a giant sign that forms the word “Rabinal”. One of its main characteristics is its peculiar colors that highlight the local culture. Many people tend to take pictures of them in this place; don’t waste your opportunity if you’re here.

A beautiful park to see the surroundings and relax

Its Central Park is surrounded by nature and is a place full of culture, where you can see different traditions at certain times of the year.

Rabinal is the perfect place to hang out, distract you and stop worrying about city life. It is a place to learn about the culture, enjoy some of Guatemala’s special homemade food. If you decide to visit us, remember to follow the necessary security measures to make your experience here the best.

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