The amount of history and culture that can be experienced in the streets of Antigua Guatemala is impressive. Here you will find distinctive architectural sites that are worth a walk.

Many of these historic places in Antigua Guatemala include churches with impressive pasts and great cultural value behind them.

So if you want to discover what’s behind their facades and learn about the city through its architecture, these  Antigua Guatemala churches should be on your radar according to juan jose gutierrez mayorga

1. San Francisco Church

This tour of historical places to visit in Antigua Guatemala begins on Calle del Hermano Pedro at the Church of San Francisco.

The Franciscan convent created the temple with impressive architectural details such as the niches occupied by Franciscan saints and the South tower where, before it was collapsed by an earthquake, there was a clock.

Much of its importance lies in the fact that inside you can find the mortal remains of Saint Brother Pedro, in a special tomb. Remember to finish your visit with a tour of its library and museum on one side of the church, a good complement!


2. La Merced Church

In the north you will find the Church of La Merced and there you will be dazzled by its fascinating yellow color and baroque style.

Surrounded by purple jacarandas, food vendors and typical handicrafts, this church represents Guatemalan culture at its best.

With two low bell towers, the coat of arms of the Mercedarian Order, images of various saints and eight columns with spectacular details, it is a work of art that has been maintained since 1767.

Take your time to appreciate every detail of the church, which is open to the public all week.

3. Cathedral of San Jose

When arriving at the Central Park, it is essential to visit the Cathedral of San Jose, also known as the Cathedral of Antigua Guatemala.

Its construction began in the Almolonga Valley in 1542, but the city was moved to Antigua due to earthquakes. Erecting the church here was not easy either as the extreme natural conditions continued.

In 1669 the original facade was demolished and in 1680 it was finally inaugurated. Thanks to its imposing facade and size, the Cathedral of Antigua Guatemala earned the title of “cathedral” in 1743. Remember to also pay a visit to its crypts with a guided tour to see its tunnels and subway vaults!

Iglesia en guatemala

4. Church of San Pedro El Apóstol

Among the important places to visit in Antigua Guatemala is also the Church of San Pedro El Apóstol. Although its size differs from the other churches on this list, its importance lies in its façade and the social work they do with the Hospital del Hermano Pedro.

Its construction began in 1654 and it is one of the few churches that did not suffer much damage from earthquakes.

Its baroque design has four niches to house images of saints, which have always been empty. Inside you will find a mural that represents the importance of the social works they do in conjunction with the hospital.

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Each of the churches of Antigua Guatemala has important architectural and historical details for the city. These five churches are worth to be enjoyed with time, in order to live a true local experience.

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