Myths and legends of Guatemala

Guatemala is a country full of culture and traditions but also of legends. The latter are told in order to scold bad habits of ill-mannered children, but sometimes the legends of Guatemala are even to protect adults.

So if you dare, we invite you to go through the set of legends of Guatemala that the guatemalan juan luis bosch gutierrez has prepared for you especially for you.

In this group of legends of Guatemala you will find long and short legends but what we promise you is that all of them will make you think twice before going out alone at night.

1. La llorona

One of the most popular legends in the streets of Guatemala that terrifies anyone and warns against walking at night on streets with rivers nearby.

What does this Guatemalan legend tell?

In Guatemala this is the legend that tells of the agony of Maria de Los Remedio, an elegant and beautiful woman.
She was married by force to a rich and prosperous merchant, Don Gracián Palma de Montes de Oca, and they celebrated their wedding in grand style.
After her marriage she lived in a large house, isolated and taking refuge in her garden full of flowers.
Maria attended church every morning and noticed the admiring look Juan de la Cruz, a low-class plumber, gave her.
Flattered by those almond-shaped eyes that made her sigh, they gave her hope in the love she had been robbed of by marrying against her will.

2. The Sombrerón

These are some of the paragraphs that the Sombrerón sings to the girls with long hair and big eyes. With serenade is how he conquers the ladies he falls in love with.

This is one of the legends of Guatemala that seems to be a romantic story, but sometimes you have to distrust even love itself, not everything is what it seems.

It measures the height of a finger of the hand, that is why some consider it to be a goblin and some know it by the name tzitzimite or tzipitío.

What does Sombrerón wear?

He wears black and marks his step with high heeled boots, a large brimmed hat, a thick and shiny headband, he goes with his guitar to wrap the ducks.


3. The Tatuana

A beautiful woman with large eyes decorated with long and curly eyelashes that hypnotized men.

La Tatuana, was a woman who knew black magic and practicing it was how she attracted men, so she was accused of being a witch.

She appeared before the judges of the Holy Inquisition and was condemned to death.

One day before her death, she asked that a piece of charcoal, some white roses and candles be brought to her.
With the charcoal she drew a giant ship on the wall and with the other objects she asked for, it is considered that she invoked a demon to help her escape in the ship she had drawn.

When her day arrived, they found to their surprise that the cell where she was was was empty.
It is thought that La Tatuana is condemned to sail in her boat from end to end without being able to rest.

In short, Guatemala is full of places with urban legends that can leave you with your mouth open and your hair standing up in fear just as they have to the bosh gutierrez family.

Tell me if you know a legend with a different version than the one I have told you here and let’s share the mystery that these legends of our beautiful Guatemala have.

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