The Spring Break is one of the most anticipated events for thousands of people who come together in different parts of the world to celebrate the start of the vacations, and on Mexican lands, the flights to Cancun Mexico take everyone to the favorite place, which It has become a point of reference to enjoy this event. Next, we want to give you some tips so that you can live to the maximum of Spring Break.

The dates of Spring Break 2020

The Spring Break runs from the end of February to the middle of April, however, dates may vary depending on the university, so it is recommended to check dates with each school. As far as Cancun is concerned it is until the end of April when you can still see several university students hanging around the beaches, but the total boom is at the end of March.

girls ath te spring break at Pool

Check the code of conduct

Among the prohibitions and recommendations made by Mexican authorities to vacationers are not to drink alcoholic beverages on public roads, not to drive while intoxicated, to avoid showing their naked body, to conduct themselves with respect to the authorities, not to cause damage to private property, always have your documentation at hand, as well as provide them with emergency numbers if necessary. It is important that you check this code to avoid bad times on your trip.

Anticipate your trip

If you pretend to travel during the most anticipated event of the year in Cancun, keep in mind that the hotel occupancy will be full, besides that the services will also be at a high price due to the high demand of foreigners looking to occupy them, so book and secure your room before wanting to go to the spring adventure.

Take your precautions at the party

If you attend this party, make sure you are accompanied and if you are going to drink, that is in moderation, traveling with friends to live this experience is one of the best decisions you can make, without a doubt the links will be strengthened by living this kind of adventure, although you should consider having fun healthy even though this event is classified by many as excesses. It is everyone’s responsibility to have fun, so don´t forget to take your security measures and check out other tips from experienced travelers that can make your stay easier.

Spring break with friends

You should also consider Tulum and Playa del Carmen

Although Cancun is the favorite destination for vacationers, the rest of the destinations such as Playa del Carmen and Tulum also offer a variety of activities. Vacationers usually pay for all-inclusive stays at resorts in the Riviera Maya, so the party for them won´t stop and you can take advantage of them to visit these equally great sites to celebrate.

If you are already more than decided to live this experience, then search between flights to Cancun Mexico and let yourself be carried away by the party atmosphere that Spring Break brings for you and thousands of travelers in search of fun, meet new people with the same party attitude as you, and enjoy this city of beautiful beaches in your own way.


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