Cancun, in addition to its beautiful beaches, is also known for its luxury hotel zone, but today we will give you a twist and we will show you some options of hostels with style, art and the best, they are cheap. One of the benefits of staying in one of them is that you can meet people from almost anywhere in the world, which will make the flights to Cancun an even more enriching experience.

Hostal Mezcal

Here the night is from $355 pesos, but in addition to the stay also includes breakfast and dinner, you have the option to choose rooms with bunk beds or rooms per person, and if you plan to move around the city by bike or motorcycle, don´t worry, that there is area for cyclists and motorcyclists. After knowing the tourist attractions of the city, you can relax in the pool, play in the foosball or visit the reading room, as well as enjoy the proximity that has the beaches La Perlas and Tortugas beach.

Mezcal Hostal

Mexicasa Cancun

Imagine a Mexico without color, you just can´t, so this is a small hostel where every corner is full of color, if you go with friends there are mixed rooms, but if they go pure women there are rooms just for women, kitchen, dining room, room and pool. The rooms range from $500 pesos and is in a central location, since there are nearby restaurants, shopping centers, bars and the Malecón, where you can get to know its spectacular lagoon and take the best photos of the place.

Hostal El Corazón

This hostel is characterized by its large murals as they reflect the culture of the city with the art of animals and tropical environment, for $300 pesos the night includes breakfast, full bathrooms and pool. If you want to go to other sites, excursions or beaches, you can take care of your belongings so that you don´t carry them all the time. This is an excellent option for those looking for a place to rest after spending the day exploring Cancun in their own way.

Best Hotals in Cancun

Maya Cha’an Hostel

Live the complete Mayan experience in this place near Las Palapas Park, and it is located half a block from the bus station. Its rooms with palm roofs have complements such as swimming pool, bunk beds, single beds and hammocks, all a bohemian style from $560 pesos per night. The proximity to the bus station, in addition, makes it the perfect starting point if you want to take a walk around.

Orquídeas Hostal

This is a beautiful place to stay, it has a hammock area, private or shared bedrooms, breakfast and if you want to prepare something, you can use the kitchen. In addition, at night you can go to the area of bars that are only half a block from the hostel, with prices ranging from $450 pesos per night, if you travel with friends this is a perfect option to relax after the party and recharge energy for what follows

That the plan between friends to take any of the flights to Cancun doesn´t come down because of the high costs of the hotels, with alternatives such as these, a fun trip is more than possible, where besides saving, you will live even more united moments.

Orquideas Hostal


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