If we talk about taking one of the flights to Oaxaca with cultural intentions, we can´t forget the Holy Week Celebrations, which attract thousands of parishioners and tourists every year who visit the temples of the Historic Center and visit of the Seven Houses, to give way to the procession of Dolores, which takes place on Good Friday where you will observe images and banners of the colonial era. Finally, during these holy days there are representations of the passion of Christ in various places in the Central Valleys such as San Juan Chapultepec, Jalatlaco and the Ex-Marquesado.

Holy Week Oaxaca

Friday of Samaritan

Celebrated the fourth Friday of Lent, named for a biblical passage in which a Samaritan woman gives water to Jesus to quench his thirst. In the city, it is customary to give fresh and typical waters of the region to everyone who came to the atriums of the churches. Currently, water is offered free of charge to passers-by, in churches, private homes, hotels, schools, restaurants, government agencies, etc., so that they can enjoy the different flavors, smells and colors characteristic of this holiday.

Friday of Dolores

The Sixth Friday of Lent, the Friday of Dolores is a tradition of great devotion and an object of special veneration in the City of Oaxaca, as it worships the mother of God by placing an altar in the best place of the churches offices, this tradition started from the colonial era when the Jesuit Fathers consecrated a spacious chapel of their temple to the Virgin of the Dolores, giving tribute and solemn worship to the image that has survived to this day.

Exhibition of Standards and Reliquaries

The city of Oaxaca is characterized by having a vast religious legacy, part of which can be seen in this exhibition. Likewise, these banners and reliquaries embellish the procession of silence, with its fine velvets adorned with the gifts of the faithful, like gold coins, miracles of gold and silver. The reliquaries belong to the brotherhoods or families that have them under their care as a great jewel; it is in these reliquaries where you can admire the mixture of the indigenous with the Spanish.

People in a prosesion

Procession of Silence

It is a procession of a mournful nature in which condolences are given to the Virgin Morena; its main feature is that many participants and spectators keep silence while the images of the procession pass by, demonstrating respect for the death of Jesus. The procession passes through the most important streets of the city such as the Tourist Walker, Xolotl, Garcia Vigil, Morelos and ends in the church of the Sangre de Cristo, the whole route is done with a programmed order.

If you were waiting for the ideal time to learn more about the culture and tradition of Oaxaca, then this season is the ideal time for you to take any of the flights to Oaxaca and let yourself get hooked a little for its great religious faith, learn about the program of this year and visit this multicultural city.