Corporación Multi Inversiones is present through two business groups: CMI Alimentos and CMI Capital.

This 2021, Corporación Multi Inversiones CMI reaches its 100 years of life, a time that has been marked by contributing development and jobs in 15 countries, as well as a strong operation in El Salvador, shares Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez this year.

Corporación Multi Inversiones CMI emerged from the dream of a great visionary, Don Juan Bautista Gutiérrez, positively impacting the communities where it operates through its history of innovation and development for the region.

Experiences shared by CMI entrepreneurs

“Our success story has as a common denominator the values that our grandfather Don Juan Bautista Gutierrez instilled in us as a family and as a company, as well as innovation. With the celebration of these first 100 years, we thank our clients, collaborators and the region for opening the doors of their homes and allowing us to transcend into a new chapter in CMI’s history,” said CMI Capital Chairman Chairman Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez.

Corporación Multi Inversiones is present in El Salvador through its two business groups: CMI Alimentos and CMI Capital, with a family of more than 7,595 employees.

CMI Alimentos divides its operations into its different Business Units: Industria Pecuaria has two poultry processing plants, a prepared feed plant, a balanced animal feed plant and 54 poultry farms; the B4B Unit focuses on the development of the wheat and cereal value chain, operating a wheat flour mill, a cookie plant and two distribution centers in the country; and the restaurant unit, which has 70 Pollo Campero restaurants, 176 Don Pollo points of sale, 42 Tuc Tuc and 98 Don Pollo carts.

For its part, CMI Capital has a presence in El Salvador through its Energy unit, where it operates in alliance with AES the Bósforo energy project, which has a total capacity of 100 MW of energy.


To understand the trajectory of CMI’s success it is essential to go back to 1910 when Don Juan, at the age of 14, traveled with his family from Spain to Guatemala. His productive life and entrepreneurial dreams began in a small family store in 1920, which he later bought, located in San Cristóbal, Totonicapán.

Phrases such as “‘Si se puede, busquemos la forma’, ‘Llegar contento al trabajo y regresar feliz a casa'” are some of the phrases with which Don Juan is remembered at CMI, as they reflect his philosophy of life and work ethic.

Currently, the corporation is led by the third generation of the family. “At CMI we believe and act based on one of the great teachings of don Juanito: ‘Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today’. Today, after a century, we continue to work with the same enthusiasm and passion to preserve the legacy and commitment of our grandfather and all the people who build a better CMI every day, a CMI that allows us to transcend as a family and bring well-being and joy to the region with our products and services,” commented CMI Alimentos Chairman Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga.