Santiago a perfect option to give emotion to your trip

If you are about to take one of the flights to Monterrey, México and want to visit a place with a colonial and romantic touch, then you must know Santiago, also called the tourist heart of Nuevo León. This villa offers a great architectural wealth and charming corners that combine with the landscapes that surround the magical place, besides that its proximity to the city makes it a perfect option to walk because it is only 30 minutes away by car. The best thing is that already in the place, it is possible to stay there, to get to know the surroundings and new ways of doing adventure tourism.

The village is part of a canyon where the natives of the northern cultures called Quachichiles settled, who called the place Cuarisiezapa “where water abounds”. Santiago, despite being a few kilometers from the accelerated city of Monterrey, contrasts with a calm and naturally clear pace of life.

Imagine yourself in the middle of a colonial town surrounded by greenery and forests, a pleasant climate and provincial atmosphere; it will make you think that you arrived at a place where time stopped. Nothing like sitting on a bench while having a coffee and wake up the senses to perceive the smell of freshly baked bread.

The constructions of the place are historical, they tell us about the facts and life of the ancestors that founded the town, there are countless legends that you would like to hear, such as the rivers that sing songs when passing through Santiago, it is only question to ask any inhabitant or take a night walk through its streets in a walk of legends. Some of the architectural works worth seeing and photographing are the municipal palace and the house of culture, but the 18th century buildings that surround the main square are the best.

Every place should be complemented with excellent cuisine, and Santiago has a wide variety of restaurants where you can find dishes such as pork roast and dry beef stew, but like all northerners, they specialize in roast beef and cabrito. To quench your thirst you can´t miss a refreshing cane mead, and for dessert some glorias or a corn bread.

Moving from the cultural to the natural, the surroundings of Santiago are extraordinary. The dam “La Boca” is a body of water ideal for sports weekends and camping, with activities ranging from fishing to water skiing, there are also rides to ride horses and picnic to eat traditional dishes and seafood. On the other hand, there is “El Cercado”, a series of places to have fun in the middle of nature, the Potrero Redondo, the Arroyo de las Ánimas, the Ciénega de González and the San Isidro Canyon, all ideal for tourism adventure, since it is a zone of canyons, ideal for activities such as abseiling and rock climbing, mountain biking, canyoning and river descent.

This is the magically natural and cultural place that you should know when you take one of the flights to Monterrey, México, as you will be ensuring a series of truly special memories.


Enjoy the bioluminescent show of Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is a special place where you will find abundant nature, since being located on the coast, the sea breeze gives life to plants, trees and endless multicolored flowers. You just can´t miss the beauty of this place the next time you take one of the flights to Oaxaca, because here the days are a total enjoyment on its beaches while at night the stars and the moon appear, which mark the moment to appreciate a night bioluminescence show. However, to appreciate it, you must hire a night tour that takes you to a place known as Las Negras.

A walk in the dark

The transport will pick you up around 8pm, and only 16 kilometers away you will reach the lagoon of Manialtepec, there you will receive a travel operator who besides being a connoisseur of the flora and fauna of the place, will take you through the darkness to tell you the secret of the lagoon in the dark only with the help of a lamp. You don´t need much time to begin to see how to enter the darkness you can see the magic at night, the mangroves look like giant trees that seem to be watching you.

A show taken from a science fiction movie

The place is home to birds such as kingfishers, diving ducks, ospreys, ibis, pink spoonbills, tiger heron, heron beak and many more species. On the other hand, speaking of its flora, the white and red mangroves give life to everything; if you get closer, you can see with your lamp tiny fish that are part of this wonderful ecosystem. Rare sounds, perhaps from toads or crickets, welcome you to the experience, while the stars and the light far away from Puerto Escondido, are part of the stage.

Bioluminescence occurs thanks to microorganisms known as dinoflagellates, a species of marine plankton that comes from the sea and reproduces in these calm waters. This spectacular phenomenon occurs in certain natural conditions because the lagoon naturally traps the tiny beings that enter at high tide and stay trapped in it for quite some time until nature re-releases them by breaking the natural barriers of sand.

Get ready to swim in the light

However, the ride is not just about seeing from your boat, because if natural conditions are given you can take a dip surrounded by all this natural light that seems to be pure magic. In the lagoon, you can see the different forms that the plankton makes in it since, depending on the conditions of the lagoon, the color of the bioluminescence can change in blue, green or white.

If you plan to do this tour, we recommend reserving it in the rainy season in the months of July, August and September, since the conditions should be ideal in the dark with tide and without a full moon. Remember that you must be prepared in case it doesn´t happen, but in the same way, we are sure that this experience will be something difficult to forget when you take one of the flights to Oaxaca.


Go to Mexico with everything and your pet

Contrary to what happens in other countries of the world, the entrance of pets to Mexico is a relatively simple procedure with any of the Mexican airlines; dogs can enter simply by presenting some papers and don´t require any period of quarantine. At your entrance to the country, you must present the vaccination card of your pet in which the rabies vaccine is covered, since it is the most important vaccine that you must accredit and must have been applied at least thirty days before the flight. You must also have a health certificate issued by a veterinarian maximum ten days prior to the date of travel, now only decide your destination and enjoy Mexico.

Mexico City

The city is undoubtedly one of the friendliest places with pets, since it has many parks with areas designed exclusively for your dog to have fun in its own way; some of these places are the Mexico Park, the Venados Park, Lincoln Park, Pushkin Garden, La Mexicana Park and Naucalli Park. Some colonies in the city are more friendly with the puppies than others, for example, the Colonia Roma, the Condesa, the Del Valle and the Narvarte are some of those with the best infrastructure to receive your pets, with many parks, pet friendly cafes and restaurants, pet stores and the possibility of finding many new friends.


This is one of the best beach destinations in the Mexican Pacific, and it is also one of the most pet friendly beach places in Mexico. The relaxed atmosphere of Sayulita is ideal to hang out with your pet, since you can practically enter everywhere in the company of your four-legged friend, added this to the large number of hotels where you can stay without any problem with your furry friend.


Like Mexico City, Guadalajara has many spaces for the entertainment of your pet, in the city and its surroundings have enabled many dog parks that have special facilities to promote games of agility. Within the Metropolitan Park of Guadalajara is MetroCan, the largest dog park in Jalisco where different activities are also carried out to encourage coexistence between dogs and their owners. In addition, the city has places such as the Guadalajara Center and Chapultepec Avenue that are excellent for walking with your pet.

San Miguel de Allende

This picturesque city of the state of Guanajuato is one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico and here pets couldn´t go unnoticed, because the center of San Miguel is ideal for walking with your dog and the surroundings you will find many cafes and restaurants that will give you free entry.

Don´t leave your pet at home and ask about the conditions of the different Mexican airlines so that you can travel together and without any problem. So that you know the wonders of Mexico and enjoy a few days out of the ordinary in any of these states, where we are sure that you will be received with open arms.

Catemaco, a land of magic and nature

In Mexico, when someone has had some very bad days, or with very bad luck, and despite all the efforts and good intentions, it still doesn´t do well, it is most likely that someone will recommend going to have a “clean” in Catemaco, since this town is internationally recognized as the witchcraft capital of the world and you can visit it just by taking one of the flights to Veracruz.

White sorcerers and black sorcerers

The white sorcerers are considered good and close to God and on the other hand, the black sorcerers, they resort to the so feared devil. It is believed that black sorcerers work with negative forces and whites resort to angels and saints to seek divine intervention in order to heal the spirit and the body, detect if the individual has been bewitched, cure of fright or attract prosperity, among other things, while the so-called black magic is used to make someone wrong, to take revenge on a bad love or enemy, to ruin the competition and as many evils as you can think of.

However, Catemaco is not just magic and esotericism, because what is really going to enchant you is its gastronomy, its people and that is surrounded by places with natural settings that are unique in their kind.

The Jump of Eyipantla

It is a place 12km from Catemaco with a cascade of a spectacular fall of 50m, which in pre-Hispanic times was known as the Paradise of Tlalocan or Lord of the Rains. Tlaloc was considered the god of water and it was believed that this was his house; the view is so beautiful that in this place international films like Apocalypto have been filmed.

Reserve of the Biosfera de la Tuxtlas

This place has a huge biodiversity and is one of the rainiest areas of the country, here are reported many species ranging from birds, reptiles, mammals fish and insects, while in terms of flora, have registered more than 3 thousand representative species. Within the reserve, you can make several ecotourism activities perfect for nature lovers.

Nanciyaga Ecological Reserve

This is an ecotourism center in the middle of the tropical jungle surrounded by a lagoon, the place has 12 cabins to stay and tours to the jungle are organized where, in addition to the natural beauty, you can admire sculptures of pre-Hispanic reproductions. The place also has Temazcal, masseurs, masks, mud baths and, of course, spiritual cleanings.

Sontecomapan lagoon

In this community ecotourism center you will enjoy one of the most beautiful wonders of Veracruz nature, around the corridor of volcanic hills you can visit mangroves observing the rich flora and fauna that inhabit them, it is an ideal place for kayak rides, by boat or to take long walks on its beaches.

We assure you that when you visit Catemaco, the place will enchant you to such a degree that you will want to take the flights to Veracruz again and again, until finally you end up accepting that the magic of the place exists and you have been caught.


Villages of Chihuahua that will leave your mark

In Chihuahua there are many places where you can spend a few days very different from what you could have in any other destination to vacation, because being the largest in Mexico, has a fairly wide diversity. Then, flights to Chihuahua will give you the opportunity to know its Magic Towns, which are the best representation of its diversity.


In the heart of the great state of Chihuahua, is the city of Batopilas, a picturesque community that preserves a large part of its proud mining architecture at the end of the last century. The house of Alexander R. Sheperd, who owned one of the richest mines in the region is a good example of this, also the Temple of the Virgin Del Carmen and the Temple of the Holy Angel in Satevó, both colonial monuments of extraordinary beauty, built in the seventeenth century. Other attractions are the Barffuson House, the Bigleer House and the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz School of the 18th century, making it an ideal destination for lovers of long walks, it is an experience to walk its rivers and paths, admire its wonderful scenery, get to know the old missions and visit the great viewpoints.


Creel city

Creel is considered the capital of the Sierra Tarahumara; it is a very special place where it is possible to learn about the customs, traditions, dress and cuisine of the Rarámuris. From here, you can start a trip to meet a people who resist modernization and changes. In the surroundings of Creel, adventure tourism can be practiced in activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, rappelling, hiking and tours of the ravines. Other attractions are the famous Elephant Stone, named for its great resemblance to the animal, as well as the Monks and Frogs Valleys with whimsical rock formations and the beautiful Arareco Lake.

Cuauhtémoc City

Cuahutemoc city sky view

One of the attractions of Cuauhtémoc City is the Mennonite Museum; this is an important community with a long presence in Mexico. The Mennonites arrived from Canada north of the city of Chihuahua in 1922, they are a reserved community with strong family and religious structures, their culture places great value on self-sufficiency and this philosophy of life has enabled them to develop amazing skills.


This community is located in a valley full of apple orchards, where the Chepe makes a daily stop, and wine is a fundamental part of the history and charm of the region since this valley has a microclimate similar to the conditions of spring throughout the year, which is perfect for growing the raw material of La Vid wine. The Tarahumara of this area also produce apples high in the mountains of the Copper Canyon, Tarahumara apples have the characteristic of being sweet, delicious and of incomparable export quality, and the apple pie baked in wood is a dessert that is it became a hallmark of Cerocahui.
Take one of the flights to Chihuahua and take an out-of-the-ordinary vacation in any of these Magical Towns, where all you have to do is let yourself be pampered and admire the landscape.