Cozumel, a perfect corner for your honeymoon

If you are looking for a destination to celebrate your honeymoon in a unique way, then you should look for flights to Cozumel, the perfect paradisiacal island for love that has the best hotels so you can relax and enjoy this beautiful destination as a couple. This is one of the few destinations where you can practically do everything with your partner, and all the hotels in Cozumel are located along the highway, from the north and to the south, so it will be very easy to find a beach near any of these hotels in this beautiful destination.

caribbean sea

Coral Princess Golf & Dive Resort

This four star hotel is ideal to spill honey with your partner, is located north of the island which makes it perfect for relaxation and tranquility because it is far from all the movement that is in the cruise area. The hotel has European plan and the attention for newly married couples in the place, is really quite an experience, since they have Jacuzzi and really beautiful panoramic views to spend a very close time together.

Luxury view of resort

Hotel Cozumel & Resort

It is one of the hotels in Cozumel that is located in a privileged area, since the beach is only one block away, it also has a natural pool of the most beautiful, in which the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea of Cozumel merge with the water from the pool, and it’s perfect to cool off next to your partner. You will also find a great beach club with Jacuzzi to make your honeymoon the best, gym and a diving center, in case you want to immerse yourself and get to know the aquatic life of Cozumel.

The Cozumeleño Beach Resort

It is one of the 5 star hotels in Cozumel, is located north of Santa Beach and is ideal for a wonderful honeymoon, since it has an all-inclusive plan where the only thing you will have to worry about will be to enjoy it to the fullest your partner.

Hotel B Cozumel

The Hotel B Cozumel has everything so you can enjoy with your partner moments full of romance, as well as incredible sunsets. Its facilities are ideal for sharing; it is a boutique hotel with contemporary design, with infinity pool, Jacuzzi between the rocks and the sea. It is located in one of the most exclusive places by the sea, and the best thing is that you will find a floating bar, perfect to enjoy a drink without leaving the water.

Luxury at hotel

Secrets Aura Cozumel

This hotel is located in one of the quietest areas, making it one of the best hotels in Cozumel to visit as a couple, and which also has one of the best views of the Caribbean Sea. It is the only hotel for adults only on the island, where you can enjoy the Unlimited-Luxury concept, with luxurious rooms and suites equipped with everything you need to spend unforgettable days.

Enjoy your honeymoon as you deserve and without worrying about anything, take one of the flights to Cozumel and let yourself be pampered by this corner of the paradisiac Caribbean.

Comitán de Domínguez, the first Magical Town

Comitán de Domínguez was the first place to be called Magic Town in Mexico, its location makes it one of the most pleasant climates in the southeast and it is quite charming. To visit it you should only take any of the flights to Chiapas and be prepared to live a series of enriching experiences.

To start the tour you must recharge energy

Once you are ready to tour the town, the first thing you should do is consume a good dose of energy and nothing better for this than the quesadillas of the Central de Abastos, which is located a few minutes from downtown. They are huge and there are many stews, from shredded meat to sausages, nothing better to start the day accompanied by a rich pot coffee, or if you prefer, you can go to the downtown market and taste the tamales of chipilín and atole of granillo.

traditional chiapas food

Walking the streets of Comitán, to get into the magic of its colors

Comitan is divided into many neighborhoods and exploring each of them is to enter the same history of the city, churches are scattered everywhere and each of them has a unique beauty and is dedicated to a particular saint. The first obligatory stop is the neighborhood of La Pila, where it is said that the city was founded.

The surroundings of Comitán

The Lagunas de Montebello are great gems of nature and are very close to Comitán, which is one of the points from where to visit the National Park. It is a set of lakes of different colors ranging from greenish blue to turquoise, in some of the lakes you can swim, go on small rafts and even camp, so it is perfect to be in contact with nature and marvel at the landscape.

Take a dip in San Francisco Uninajab, one of the great spas of the Comitecos, here usually whole families gather on weekends, it is a spring of thermal waters that forms a series of natural pools where visitors can swim, relax and rest.


The Cenote Chukumaltic measures 200 meters long, with an approximate depth of 70 meters, which makes it ideal for lovers of diving, because there are different formations inside and from the heights you can admire how crystal clear its waters are.

Tenam Puente is an archaeological zone of the Mayan culture that you can´t miss, it was the city that served as a link between Chiapas and Guatemala. One of the great attractions, in addition to its pyramid, is that here the ball game was very important, for which there are three areas that were intended for such activities.

To finish your tour in Comitán

A good walk should end with good food, and in Comitan are experts in this, so don´t limit yourself to taste the delicacies that are served in the market or in the downtown restaurants that are responsible for serving the best of the typical dishes of the place. So, when you return from flights to Chiapas, you can presume to be an expert in its distinguished kitchen.

locations of comitan

Cancun is an ideal destination wherever you see it

When you take one of the flights to Cancun you will be traveling to a genuine jewel of the Caribbean and gateway to the Mayan World, because if there is something that distinguishes this beautiful destination is its exuberant beauty and the turquoise tones of the sea that cover its Beaches. In this paradise, nature coexists with a modern city that has a great tourist development that bewitches all its visitors.
cave at the beach

The diamond ring of the Mexican Caribbean

Deep in the Quintana Roo jungle there are sacred vestiges built by the Mayans, the legacy of this millenarian civilization is present in its innumerable archaeological sites, such as Tulum, Chichén Itzá, Cobá, Xcabal and Ek Balam. On the other hand, the great diversity of flora and fauna make of Cancun a natural paradise where this privileged ecosystem is preserved and respected, in which the largest reef barrier in America is found.


Exploring the Caribbean Sea

Any time is perfect to enjoy the sea in Cancun, in the morning the bright and soft sparkles are shown in its turquoise waters that have given so much to talk, intensifying its tone after noon to darken a deep blue at nightfall. Cancun is the best option to live an unforgettable vacation with countless aquatic activities such as diving, snorkeling, fishing, boat or catamaran trips, and unusual underwater bubbles to explore the seabed.

Romance in Cancun

Cancun is the perfect place for love, pleasure, passion and to live unforgettable moments, it is a magical place where you will feel in harmony with nature in an environment with all the comforts and luxuries of a city in the middle of the jungle. Cancun is a destination that seduces lovers who are looking for that romantic place of their dreams, here weddings and Honeymoons become unforgettable memories, having a perfect setting on the Caribbean horizon.

romantic views at the beach

Hole in one in Cancun

The golf circuit of Cancun and its surroundings is placed among the most competitive destinations within and outside of Mexican territory, with 12 fields in operation, an accelerated planning of other interesting golf complexes and the endorsement of international tournaments. Cancun is the favorite place for golfers because of its courses designed by the most prestigious designers of the environment who have expressed their creativity in the golf courses offered by this destination of the Mexican Caribbean.

Living the adventure

Nothing like doing any of the adventure activities offered here, such as ecotourism tours in a jungle that is characterized by its biological wealth, make a bicycle trip, ride a horse or travel by jeep, dive in sacred cenotes, live with dolphins and even with sharks. In no other part of the world there are cenotes and underground rivers like in this place, for this reason one of the tours through a maze of passages under the earth, has been awarded as the best ecological expedition of America.
All these experiences you can only live when you take one of the flights to Cancun and you decide to live a few days of true fun and entertainment.

What kind of nightlife has the best beach in Mexico

Many are the places that we are interested in knowing because of the good atmosphere that is said about them, but certainly, when you take one of the flights to Cancun Mexico, you are securing one of the best beach nightlife that you can find, and to enjoy it to the fullest, it is better to prepare a little for the party.

Prepare everything before the party starts

The party in Cancun starts early, around 10:00 pm and usually lasts until the night is over, so it is worth leaving well prepared. If you had a long day at the beach, it is better to take a little nap and have a small snack handy while you finish preparing and putting the finishing touches to your outfit, or if you prefer, go for a pair of tacos or quesadillas way to the party.

tequilas and mojitos

Where the party lasts until dawn

Most of the movement and nightlife is in the Party Center, in the middle of the hotel zone, because there are plenty of options to enjoy until late in the party. However, the most famous places are Coco Bongo, Mandala Beach, Lord Frog’s, Sweet Club, Dady’O, Palazzo, Sky Garden and The City, so the best recommendation is to ask for advice from local people to find out where the best atmosphere is at the moment you visit Cancun.


Also, get ready to enjoy the best shows

In the big discos of Cancun, you don´t just go out to dance and have a drink, because in almost all of them they have thematic shows prepared for the night. So it’s worth taking a look at the schedule of the night before deciding where to go, as you’ll find shows inspired by movies and music videos, mimes, foam parties, fabric shows, live music, karaoke, bikinis contests and more.


Make a reservation

In the most famous places, there is always a long line to enter, but the party inside makes it all worthwhile, so make a reservation in advance to avoid this small inconvenience or arm yourself with a lot of patience for a long night. You can also contact in the street, around Plaza Forum, the promoters of each location that provide information on prices, reservations, ticket purchase and others.

Take care of your bracelet

It is rare that in Cancun you are allowed to enter a party to consume a drink for a drink, usually you pay a bracelet that gives you access to the free bar or a certain amount of drinks, so you must take care of it very well. The other option is to ask for a service per bottle or pay for access to the VIP, which is a bit more expensive, but it is worth it if your thing is to celebrate until very very late.

Girl in a party dancing

No matter the taste or age

While Cancun is known as one of the best Spring Break destinations in the world, the options to go out dancing and have a drink are present all year, for all tastes and ages, so prepare everything to choose between flights to Cancun Mexico and let yourself be carried away by its nocturnal atmosphere.


A productive business trip- Little guide to travel.

If you are new to the world of business travel, surely when you receive your airline ticket you will begin to think how productive you can be during your trip, when you will finish everything before time to visit more the place you are traveling to take a break of work, but if you already have some experience in this business travel you know that you can´t always go out and the only thing you will visit will be the hotel lobby. Moreover, not because it is impossible to be productive and enjoy at the same time during the trip, but to go on a business trip is usually quite exhausting, because the lack of sleep, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle or poor internet connections make it a difficult challenge to be productive. That’s why, regardless of your level of business traveler here are some tips that you could put into practice and be as productive as possible.

girl working in the car with a computer

The beginning must be fast

Secure hotel reservations and airline tickets as soon as you know that you are traveling, as this will help you take advantage of the offers and save the money, you need so much when you are starting a business. Not only that, planning ahead shows your clients and investors that you are a responsible and organized person, remember that when you are an entrepreneur you are not only selling a product or service, you are also showing how you are doing business.

Don´t load more luggage

The weight of your suitcase may not make sense, but flying can be very tiresome and the best thing you can do to simplify this is to pack only the things you need. To begin with, don´t document luggage unless it is really essential, plan your clothes for each day of the trip and thus pack it justly. If you are going to do a demonstration, you can try to send your products in advance to the hotel where you will stay, so you won´t be carrying a heavy suitcase and you will prevent these samples from being damaged.

Don´t fall asleep on the flight

When you go on a plane you don´t always have an internet connection, but you can use that time to write emails that you need to send or work on a project that you had pending, don´t forget that you can also make contacts on the flight, so take the time to know new people.

woman full of work with computer

Before starting business, relax

Take the time out of the office to recover instead of trying to finish all your pending immediately upon arriving at your destination. After all, you don´t want your new contacts to remind you tired or cranky. Remember that personal growth makes you a better leader and experiencing new cultures expands the mind so relax a bit to do well what you went to do.

Travel is wonderful to do, grow or start a business, but it’s no use getting the best airline tickets if things like a bad network connection stress you, for example. So plan and focus on your goals, in this way you will return home with much more energy and excitement to take advantage of the new opportunities. Nobody tell you that you can´t.


Applications that will help you plan your trip

Traveling is always an adventure, but sometimes also planning a trip can become somewhat chaotic and stressful, from booking airline flights, getting accommodation, choosing the routes to know the important places of our destination, in short, many things that you have to prepare before you leave either for business or for pleasure. But fortunately today technology is on our side and there are travel apps that help make everything easier, from knowing a little about the destination before arriving, to finding solutions in case of problems.


It is a messaging application that allows users to discover, plan and coordinate group trips, the tool integrates text messages and emails, so everyone is kept informed, even if you don´t have the application. Users can create a travel idea, search for hotels and flights, explore recommended experiences, document and assign prices, then invite friends and group chat. It is easy to create a visual itinerary through a travel map to include tourist visits, restaurants, hotels and even activity plans, then create surveys among all members and finally divide the expenses.

mobile aplicattions


It is a kind of agenda that helps to organize and share the travel itinerary easily, even automatically synchronized with the dates that have been set, to automatically change the changes that occur. Once reservations are made for airline flights, hotels, car rentals, transfers, restaurants, the information can be saved via email in a ‘master itinerary’ so the route is always at hand at any time and if it is the case, share them with your group.

Travel Republic

This app aims to create dynamic and fun travel experiences through transportation, accommodation, restaurants and activities of all kinds such as concerts, sports, museums or tours. Compare prices to offer the best deals and thus be able to plan on your own the entire trip, also allows you to book in advance and buy without additional charges. Once a profile has been created, the service tracks users’ movements to adapt future searches according to their preferences, offering personalized suggestions. It has another option that allows you to collaborate with your fellow travelers, share ideas, save notes, send links, and even plan meals.

Phone with applications and books


This practical application helps establish a ‘simplified’ itinerary that includes flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, driving directions, dinner plans, as well as cost control. Through the e-mail, the itinerary will be updated automatically and with a simple glance at the ‘Timeline’, you can make changes of route, request a transfer, check the weather forecast or look for alternative flights. In addition, it allows you to share the itinerary with your travel companions without having to worry, it is enough to just have the emails and so everyone will be up to date.

Use one of these apps to make your trip easier and make sure you compare between airline flights so you can choose the one that best suits your plan and discover the best time to travel from your phone, take advantage of everything the technology has to offer us with the day to day.

Dreamy spots in Chihuahua that you can deny

 If there is something that every traveler lover of the great natural scenarios should do, it is to take some of the flights to Chihuahua and go up the Chepe route, the only passenger train that survives in Mexico. The onboard tour lasts approximately nine hours, in which it runs 653 kilometers from Sinaloa to Chihuahua, and is designed so that you can get off at different places such as El Fuerte, Divisadero or Creel, enjoy the tourist attractions of each place and the next day take the train again to continue the trip and at no additional cost, so the trip can be extended for several days depending on the places you want to visit. That is why here we give you a list of some places that you can´t miss during your trip.

Visit the Adventure Park of Barrancas Del Cobre

This park is located very close to the Divisadero Del Chepe station and is considered one of the most important mountain parks in the world. Among its attractions is the impressive view of the Copper Canyon, which is possible to admire up close by joining the adventure in its 7 zip lines of up to 400 meters high, two hanging bridges, via ferrata with abseiling and climbing, without forgetting of course from its impressive cable car that crosses the Barrancas del Cobre. For those who seek to admire nature without climbing the heights, there are several trails and paths for hiking among the beautiful pine and oak forests, and you can also travel to more distant distances with mountain bike, or horse riding.

The highest zip line in the world

Located inside the Adventure Park of Barrancas Del Cobre is the Zip Raider, the highest zip line in the world. Imagine crossing the cabin through a cable that measures 2530 meters long, that is more than two and a half kilometers, without a doubt a unique experience of its kind, the Zip Raider can reach a speed of up to 104 km/h, with a slope of 17° and a vertical drop of 450 meters, a challenge for the most intrepid.

Visit the Basaseachi Waterfall

This is an impressive waterfall with more than 246 meters high, which makes it the highest waterfall in the country, located in the Casase de Basaseachi National Park, 265 kilometers west of the city of Chihuahua, noted for its unparalleled natural beauty, surrounded by 5803 hectares of pines, oaks, strawberry trees and juniperos, enters ravines, streams and small valleys.

woman at chihuahua waterfalls

Discover the peaceful Arareco Lake

The place is described by some as a mirror of water from a dream, this due to its impressive natural beauty, hidden within the Sierra Tarahumara. It is located a few minutes from Creel and is an ideal destination for adventure tourism, here you can camp, rent boats and navigate the lake, fishing, practice water skiing and horseback riding or mountain bikes.

Escape from everything when you take one of the flights to Chihuahua and visit these places of great beauty and enormous natural wealth that will welcome you with open arms.


The best tips to survive a long trip

Without a doubt, whenever we think about making a trip we have all the excitement and we imagine the best of this, in the destination that is going to visit, how relaxing this can be and many other things that flood our head to spend a few days perfect, but something that is rarely considered, is the time we could spend sitting on a plane. In addition, it is that visiting places away from home can be a challenge for many people, that’s why we decided to make a simple guide to survive a long trip waiting for you to be very helpful when traveling to the destinations for which you already considered or already bought your air ticket.

A seat to your needs

A flight with so many hours needs to be prepared, if you are looking for space choose the seats that are close to the emergency exits or the aisle seats, if you need peace of mind don´t book in those what are close to the flight staff or the bathrooms. Make your reservation based on your preferences according to your needs.

Carry supplies

Most of the food on the plane is not very tasty or healthy, of course, there are exceptions, so we recommend packing bags with tasty snack for your trip, for example: nuts, cookies, seeds or chopped vegetables, as well as small snacks you will avoid eating too much and feel heavy during the flight.

Musicalize the flight

There is no better feeling during a flight than wearing headphones to open your perfect playlist, and the moment you wear them, you forget the outside world. In addition, you can´t only enjoy music, previously download some movies or series on your mobile device and turn your long journey into something pleasant.

Stretch a little

Staying immobile for so long is not pleasant, it can even become the biggest problem of a long trip, that’s why we recommend that after a certain time you get up from your seat and walk a bit, you can take that moment to go to the bathroom or do some stretching, your body will appreciate it.

Clothing becomes an ally

The best thing to travel comfortably are the loose clothes, leave the jewels in your suitcase along with your tight clothes, in the airplanes regularly it is very cold and you should consider it when choosing the layers to hold the temperature. Some people tend to have problems with their shoes since their feet get swollen on flights, so it is better to opt for shoes that don´t keep your feet so tight.

Hydration is important

Regularly long trips usually have very dry environments, this is due to air conditioning so it is better that during the flight take sips of water from time to time, apply moisturizer, avoid drinking tea or coffee and apply some eye drops to avoid discomfort and a huge fatigue when you reach your destination.

Now that you have these points, it doesn´t matter the destination for your air tickets or the duration of your flight, with these simple but useful tips you can make a long trip without any problem.


Emergency accommodation in your adventure through Mexico

If you are one of the travelers who don´t like to plan in the least a trip and prefer to go improvising everything to give a touch of excitement and surprise to your journey, then these apps are for you, because as much as we leave our trip to improvisation, there is no way to have an insured lodging and without having to pay exaggeratedly high prices. These apps work wonders for those who use Mexican airlines and like to decide their destination at the last minute.

For very spontaneous travelers, Hotel Tonight

Whether you have a surprise trip or an adventure without much planning, wait until midday for the Tonight Hotel app to offer you last-minute hotel rooms. The best thing about this app is that it offers aggressive discounts in more than 100 destinations around the world, and in less than 10 seconds, you will have found good options to spend the night.

UrRoom, the app apps for demanding travelers

Last minute yes, but simple never, this would be the motto of travelers UrRoom followers, one of the apps to get accommodation that makes a search of the best hotels in the cities at a convenient price. In UrRoom, you will see the lowest to the base rate of a good hotel, with the option to select between various quality criteria, and this app is perfect for business travelers.

An app for relaxed travelers who fall asleep in an armchair

If your plan is to sleep as little as possible during your next trip and you have little luggage, you have to download the Couch Surfing app, because if you are not demanding to such an extent that you only need an armchair and a blanket, this app allows you to reserve the lodging without cost, as long as you adapt easily, be respectful and adhere to the rules of the home. You can find from a nice room to a hammock or a mattress on the floor, and of course, it is an option to spend little on lodging.

Because it’s never too late

Late Rooms is another of the apps to book last minute accommodation, in fact, that is its main objective, the app offers hotel rooms, hostels or apartments to book last minute, which haven´t been occupied yet and therefore, they offer a lower price than usual. With luck, you will find prices up to 50% lower than its base rate, travelers who use it say that the offers are real and very good.

As if you were arriving at a friend’s house

Airbnb is an app that many travelers love, well, although it is a fact that you will find better options when you take the time to look in advance, it is safe to find something in case of emergency. With Airbnb, you can choose from unique and unimaginable spaces, to simple rooms or tents installed in the playground of a house, the options are available to stay from one night to more than one month, and the cost will depend on your preferences.

Now that you know the best apps to get last minute hosting, just need to be encouraged to choose between the favorite Mexican airlines and go to discover Mexico your way.

A ghost town in Aguascalientes

If you thought you had seen everything about ghost towns, let us tell you that you are missing one, and this is really going to cause fear. It is about Real de Asientos and its route of mystery, which you can cover taking any of the flights to Aguascalientes, and as its name indicates, it was a place that had its golden age based on mining, La Mina “El Hundido” “it was a great silver producer.

For a long time it was an abandoned town

Like many other mining cities, sooner or later, this small town stopped producing metal and little by little, its inhabitants, due to not finding another way of subsisting, abandoned it. A large percentage left their houses leaving a desolate environment, something that perhaps is now its charm, since the town is characterized by its houses with facades of pink quarry that are witnesses that the inhabitants built with durable materials.

Real de Asientos and its mystery route

There is no better way to start touring this town than taking a tour of the mining museum, there a guide will explain everything about the great mining era that the town had, and although the museum is small, you can see old photographs and metals that were extracted. However, that is not all, since here you will find a secret passage in which you must take a candle and go down some narrow stairs, where the fear began. Going down the metal steps, one of the 3 tunnels that connect below the village is hidden, which were used to protect against possible invasions, although the route is not very long, if it is humid and you may even see some human remains.

The tunnels of a Ghost town

Right there you can listen to some legends, and suddenly you can even feel the presence of something that follows you, once you leave the tunnel you will be in front of the parish, some travelers have seen a child crossing this underground and think that it is part of the visitors, but couldn´t be more wrong, there is even an offering with flowers to this child just on the exit stairs. But as we said, as soon as you leave the tunnel it is time to get to know the Parish of Our Lady of Bethlehem, right there you can see the Christ who is made of human remains, the local people say it is very miraculous.

Desolate village, but charming

There is no better way to walk the streets of the town than with the guides, certified children of Real de Asientos, since they firmly believe in ghostly stories and put all the excitement to the tour and although the town can look lonely, this environment gives a lovely touch. Another religious stop is the sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe, it is worth going in and seeing his paintings of the twelve apostles and Jesus, as well as the religious saints, their marine oyster portal and the ancient bell.

Real de Asientos has many more things to discover and enjoy, don´t forget to visit it when you take one of the flights to Aguascalientes and give your trip a rather mysterious touch.