Manage your company obtaining a profitable growth

Effective business management of your company requires knowing how you are going to grow and what strategy you are going to follow. The economic situation has improved compared to the years of the economic crisis, so it is time to adapt to the situation and grow.

When planning the growth of your company, several factors may influence you:

The fear of changes and the effects they may have.
Ignorance about how to do it.
The investment necessary to execute it.

What is a growth plan?
A profitable growth strategy plan is a document that basically contains your company’s objectives for growth and the strategies to follow. The plan can be modified over time, taking into account the circumstances or developments that occur in the market.

Steps to plan and grow your business
There comes a time when your company needs to grow and to do so efficiently and in an orderly manner you will have to follow a series of steps such as the ones we propose below:

1. Set growth goals
The first step in your growth plan is to set what objectives you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term, both in your company and in each department. These objectives can be, for example, the following:

Increase in sales.
Business diversification.
Acquisition of new clients.
Hiring of new workers.
Internationalization of your company.
Keep in mind that for your objective to be effective it must meet a series of requirements:

Be concrete. For example: What percentage increase in sales do you want to achieve?
Be possible. It may be challenging, but it must be realistic.
Be measurable. At any time you must be able to measure progress against the objective.
Have a deadline. In what period will you reach your sales goal?
2. Find the right strategies
Once you are clear about the objectives to be achieved, you will have to set the strategies or actions that are going to be carried out to achieve them. For example, if you want to attract new customers, you will have to ask and answer questions such as:

Who is your ideal client?
Where can you find your ideal client?
What needs do you have?
How can you meet those needs?
What actions are you going to take and how?

3. Find out the investment you need to grow
The first thing you will have to analyze to know what investment you need for your growth project is your accounting. You will get a true picture of the situation of the company through the accounting data.

To know the status of your company at all times, you can use online solutions such as the Sage Accounting and Billing cloud management software, which can help you obtain all the information easily and from anywhere.

4. Ask yourself: What problems can arise?
The growth plan of your company should consider what to do in the face of problems that may arise in the future and that slow down the growth of your business. For example, if a new competitor emerges in the market or some regulation that affects your growth, you will have to have a plan B to know how to deal with the situations that arise.

The online management of your business will allow you to better adapt to any change or problem because you can do it more quickly and accessing the information from anywhere and at any time.

5. Monitor progress
Set controls to ensure that the progress of your growth plan is carried out as planned. If your goal is to increase sales, you can set milestones on certain dates to check if they are being met and if it is necessary to make corrections.

Sooner or later your company will need to grow and it is best that you plan that growth as soon as possible to avoid obstacles or problems. Be clear about all the steps to follow and focus on seeing how your business grows in the future.