We have said it many times and we won’t tire of repeating it, Mexico is the number one point in amazing tourist trips, and one of its best destinations in the whole republic is Quintana Roo, why?

We tell you fast, firstly the flights to Mexico Cancun are super cheap, two, it has the best beaches and the best tourist destinations you can imagine, and third, enjoying its beaches is the most relaxing and comforting thing you can do.

So many places to go that we always need time and the desire to return is getting stronger, we would have to make many trips to travel all the areas and make a difficult decision to say, which is our favorite?

However, today we will talk about one that you may not have contemplated for your next trip and that if you dare, it will be your favorite destination.

Playa del Carmen at Cancun

Just an hour from Cancun, the famous Playa del Carmen is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya; there is nothing more beautiful than its fine white sand, combined with the spectacular green-blue sea.

This is the ideal place to forget about stress and take off the white color of the city for a tan that says, I was on the beach!

Have you ever heard about the trajineras of Xochimilco in Mexico City? Yes? Then let me tell you that you won´t only find them there, since in Playa del Carmen they have their own Xoximilco.

Trajineras in Xochimilco

Get ready to enjoy a Mexican-style night; whether you arrive with friends or with your family, taking one of its picturesque trajineras will begin to live an experience like no other.

Your trip begins in the canals of the park; the guides of the place will take the reins with games and legends throughout the tour.

Above these beautiful trajineras, you can dance to the rhythm of the mariachi, sneak to the beat of the marimba or listen to the boleros or the jarocho flavor.

No matter what the music, we know you won´t stop moving the body. However, that’s not all, since the place has the best of the typical cuisine of Mexico that without a doubt, is the best you have tried in the whole world.

You can toast with your companions in the open bar that offers tequila, iced beers, and fresh flavored waters, so you won’t need anything to have a great time and take some wonderful photos to post on your social networks.

We know that these next trip that you so long for, you are only looking for the best to get out of the routine and on the Mexican beaches, you will always find it.

Don’t think about it anymore and embark on adventure, fun and beautiful moments with your loved ones.

Here you will only need time to enjoy everything these places offer, we assure you that you will want to return to finish touring all its amazing areas and places.

Remember that the first thing you should do is check the packages that are there for you, where you only have to worry about having a good time and that everything flows.

Start searching among the flights to Mexico Cancun, since there is no other place where you will spend it like this.