The pride of many tourists is to explore and discover new places, no matter how far or near they are, knowing and trying even the strangest food makes them feel alive.

That is why we are proud of these people, full of new goals, new places and new projects to be carried out.

Therefore, if on your next trip you plan to buy some plane tickets to Mexico, then keep reading that this is for you.

We are going to tell you about a new place that you may not know and is close to the city, considered a Magic Town for its beauty and color without equal.  Join us in this new experience!

When reviewing the states of the Mexican Republic we have realized that there are many places to visit, whether for its culture, history, gastronomy, wonderful landscapes, impressive archeological sites, practice some extreme or ecotourism activity, or what we already know, extremely wonderful beaches.

Practice ecotourism in Mexico

We go to the state of Hidalgo just three and a half hours from Mexico City, which, although it seems a long time, the truth is that it will be worth every second when you arrive at the destination.

At the foot of the Sierra Gorda is the municipality of Zimapán, a magical and mining town that is very worth visiting.

This is the largest municipality in the state and what it has to offer for you is incalculable in terms of cultural and natural value.

It has such magnificent landscapes that you won’t want to miss the opportunity to take good selfies.

sierra gorda in Zimapán

If you are adventurous, it is also the ideal place for you, as it specializes in extreme sports such as paragliding and other outdoor sports.

What is perhaps the greatest attraction of this town is the spectacular monolith that measures approximately fifteen meters high, called El Vigilante.

This beautiful place shows two perfectly formed profiles in a natural way, surrounded by prehispanic cajetes and beautiful landscapes of the infiernillo canyon, in addition to having a large and important dam that is the largest water reservoir in the center of the country.

Another of the places you shouldn’t miss in Zimapán is El Sabino; here you will see the majestic Montezuma Cypress, its size and the thickness of its trunk are unique in the state of Hidalgo.

Parish of San Juan Bautista

As in every good Magic Town, there is a church where it is unmissable to take a photo with this in the background, we refer to the Parish of San Juan Bautista, with a colonial architecture and an impressive height, it has a unique pulpit in the whole world, you shouldn’t miss visiting it.

There is much that this town offers us to give us time to tell you everything, but we will end with a dream of many people, have you wanted to feel as if you were flying?

Here you can fulfill that desire on the paragliding flight, visit the hill of Muhí Xhindó l and hire this fantastic adventure and new experience.

After all, as we told you at the beginning, every minute of the journey will be worth it to get lost in this beautiful and magical destination, full of beautiful nature and activities to do.

Take advantage of those plane tickets to Mexico; take them out as much as possible.