Mexico is a country so diverse that it contains history, customs, traditions, gastronomy, entertainment and tourism within its states.

Of course, not everything is hidden in the city, also around, it is all this diversity and one of its most important states is Tlaxcala, which can be part of your vacation on your next trip, just look at the packages and flights to Mexico that will approach you to know this beautiful state.

This state preserves incredible places waiting to be visited, historical and cultural sites that you can know that range from the Central Square, Parishes, The Cathedral of the Virgin of the Assumption, Museums or the Staircase of the Heroes.

The Staircase of the Heroes

On the other hand, if yours is to admire and enjoy, Tlaxcala has several archeological sites full of history such as Cacaxtla, Xochicatl, and Tecoaque.

Are you looking for adventure or extreme activities? Here you will also find them, because it also has some such as hiking, kayaking or hot air balloon rides that will make you travel the state from another perspective.

Another of the sites of this beautiful state that you can´t miss is Huamantla, a historic Magical Town founded since 1534 that has given rise to historical battles over time, and that will make you enjoy its beautiful landscapes.

Festival in Huamantla

Don´t lose sight of the Malintzin volcano, the fair of this town, you can even enjoy bullfighting activities or the outstanding Night that nobody sleeps that is only found in this town.

It is located just fifty minutes from downtown and will make you live the night in an old-fashioned way.

The gastronomy of Tlaxcala is something that you can´t miss, since it is so unique in the country that it will make with its variety a tasting in your mouth.

Dishes such as tlatlapas, xocoyoles, chileatole or going through the corn bases that include the tlacoyos, huazontles and the huitlacoche.

In addition to that, Tlaxcala is distinguished by the intake of various insects in the region such as white maguey worms, tecoles, chinicuiles and grasshoppers that make traditional dishes.

Accompany your meals with the most majestic drinks you can taste, all derived from the Maguey, culinary axis of this state, from which the mead is produced, delicious drink that produces the “drink of the gods” when fermented, yes, we are talking about Pulque, as well as its fruit variants, of these are known as “cured.”

When you come to Tlaxcala, don´t forget to stay in one of the many hotels available, they all cover from the oldest aspect with the most complete services such as the Hotel Posada San Francisco.

Hotel Posada San Francisco

This will give you all the comforts and will make you feel at home from the moment you enter, a place that will make you fall in love.

Tlaxcala is located two hours from Mexico City, and will offer you the best experiences to enjoy a comfortable, pleasant and accessible holiday, filling you with experiences, history and a great flavor that will leave you even more in love with Mexico, and of course, with the hospitality of its people will make you feel at home.

You just have to buy some of the promotions offered by the different packages that are on flights to Mexico and don’t stay without knowing it.

What do you expect to pack your bags and visit this great state that Mexico offers you?