We have done a long investigation and we have realized that people still like to visit Mexico and it is considered as their first option.

And is not for less, because it has the best beaches and most beautiful places to visit, apart from fully accessible costs.

The number one option of thousands of tourists is to take one of the flights to Cabo San Lucas, since even though they have visited the famous Arco thousands of times, this is still a favorite by many tourists, also with good clubs and excellent hotels, we can´t fail to mention its attractive food and its outstanding restaurants.

Both residents and tourists have their list of the best and most prominent restaurants.

Restaurant Invita Bistro

The first of our list is Invita Vistro, this a restaurant located in the center of San Lucas, and is one of the most recommended places in the area due to its extensive menu that offers from traditional dishes to Italian, Mediterranean and European dishes.

Its decoration and atmosphere are perfect to spend a pleasant evening with the whole family or as a couple.


The next is Los Tres Gallos, also considered one of the best; this is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Los Cabos.

restaurant los tres gallos

Its extensive menu ranges from traditional dishes, to an extensive menu of Mexican food to fall in love with the most demanding palate.

With its own organic harvest the Floras Fiel’d Kidchen restaurant, located in one of the best areas of San Lucas, has an extensive menu of Mexican food prepared with its own harvest, its decoration is perfect for an incredible evening.

It has live music every night, and this will make your evening even more special.

The next one has an incredible view of San Lucas Bay, the Hacienda Cocina y Cantina restaurant, is a Mexican restaurant ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner with the whole family.

Hacienda Cocina y Cantina restaurant

Its extensive menu is unique in its style since it only offers typical dishes and Mexican dishes of great variety. It is worth mentioning that the sunsets are the best in that place.

Finally, we have one very close and similar to the previous one that also has a great view of the San Lucas Bay; Sunset Mona Lisa is also an excellent option to visit, and offers the best outdoor evenings to enjoy the wonderful view.

Its menu is really extensive; however, its specialty is Italian seafood, which are the most requested by tourists. Renowned for its excellent service and offering the best romantic evenings, this place is perfect for a date in the company of your beloved.

It is recognized for being the most loving and attractive place in the bay of San Lucas, but you must know that to have a special evening, you must at least set aside your event two weeks in advance, so you still have time to set aside an appointment and surprise your bae in a wonderful sunset and leave her delighted by all its senses.

Now that we know that it is not only beach and sun, you can also get a better benefit from your flights to Cabo San Lucas, even if the plan is all-inclusive, you can visit one of the restaurants it offers and take a new taste in your trip.