We want to present a new proposal for your next business or pleasure trip, to the magnificent country called Mexico.

Not everything is stress and a demanding and accelerated city also has spaces provided for the tranquility of people and that they spend a moment away from the hustle and bustle, spaces with a spectacular view of monuments or historical spaces where you can take a good selfie with the better company and with a good drink to relax the body.

Any of the next flights to Mexico City give yourself the opportunity to meet new places and enjoy the pleasures that we are going to talk to you about.

It is season that many people arrive in Mexico City to know the most attractive points, for some important business or just to rest in any of its tourist points and enjoy their delicious food.

Bar Pata Negra

Many have arrived to enjoy the new trend that Mexicans dye called the “Professional Terrace“, one of the favorite and new activities to experience.

Do you know what it is about? It is not something so amazing, but it is enjoyed too much. It consists of enjoying a good beer and a good snack with the best possible view of the city, in a pleasant atmosphere.

We are going to center the first meeting of our trip in the downtown of Mexico City, where many of us enjoy getting to know its beautiful cathedral and strolling through the historic center, but with the heat and the great crowds of people, we always crave something refreshing and we want it in a beautiful place with a quiet atmosphere.

Photo of the Terraza Catedral

You no longer have to think so much and look in many places, because a few steps from the esplanade is Terraza Catedral, which with its new remodeling has become the number one in visits for young people, because it has the best view, with the best music such as live bands, jazz, Cuban rhythm, reggae, norteño and their specialty on weekends is electronic music with their guest DJs.

It also has good drinks highly recommended as mezcal, tequila and ice cold beers with the special touch of the snack like nachos, tacos and tapas, among others.

The place is located on the street Republic of Guatemala number four, in the historic center.

A little further from the historic center, in the Roma Norte neighborhood, is our second option to visit.

One of the many biergarten in Mexico City

In Querétaro 225 Street, we can observe the most knowledgeable people of the best drinks and the most delicious dishes, as they wait for a turn to be served in the Biergarten, the most German terrace in the entire Mexico City.

In this beautiful place, not only the best beers are served, but also delicious snacks to suck your fingers, with the best prices.

This place is ideal to spend a joyful afternoon with friends or couple, since as we mentioned, their prices are very accessible.

You can´t miss this beautiful experience of eating in one of these two places, or visit both and see that there are unique moments. Flights to Mexico City depart every day, so take your bag and get new photos and enjoy of new experiences.