In the Mexican Republic, there are such amazing places that it seems that they are taken from our imagination, true paradises that we must visit at least once in a lifetime.

Today we invite you to take one of the flights to Cancun and go deep into that territory where you can discover that not everything is beach and monuments.

The entire territory of the Mexican Caribbean not only stands out for its beautiful beaches, but also because it has the best restaurants nationwide and some of them even have international awards.

restaurant la habichuela sunset

The famous thing about some restaurants is that they offer a unique gastronomic experience. The favorite of several tourists and the most visited is La Habichuela, since the 70’s they have been true pioneers.

Its fantastic menu is based on great Mexican cuisine and ranges from delicious cuts of beef, fish and even seafood from the area, which are some traditional dishes that you can´t miss.

Du Mexique goes hand in hand with a great chef; this restaurant continues to make history in the territory of Cancun.

You can decide between dishes very fused between Mexican and French. In this restaurant, they know how to innovate the best of culinary tradition and their menu will impress you with their combinations, you can´t miss it.

Restaurant Puerto Madero

If you are looking for a great view of the sea, Puerto Madero is for you. With its fun construction right next to the sea this place is very peculiar and unique, it doesn´t need an extravagant decoration because with the view it is more than enough to be perfect.

With a cozy and very romantic atmosphere, its menu focuses on Latin American and Italian food where the kings of the menu are seafood and Argentine chorizo; you should definitely taste them to delight their great flavor.

Blue Gecko, this restaurant goes from the most common to the basics of the menus, in reality its menu is not very extensive, they only offer us Gourmet Tacos, have you ever heard that?

It may sound weird, but those who have already visited this beautiful place often say that their tacos are a unique delight that you can´t miss.

This business started as something small for a marriage, and they did so well that they already have three more branches throughout the territory of the Republic.

Sounds like a really fascinating place for those who love tacos.

Famous restaurant Cambalache

If you are one of those who prefer cuts of meat instead of Gourmet meals and specialties, Cambalache is for you, offers the best cuts of meat more select for the most demanding, its facilities are perfect and will give you a really careful service.

As every restaurant has its typical specialties, and in this place are the matambre and empanadas. However, they say that where you eat a good Argentine meat it must be a churrasco, roast of strip or a delicious flank steak that takes everything.

We just can say that its menu of cuts is really fascinating.

Discover that not everything is beach and sun, there are also so many things to enjoy that sometimes by hiring an all-inclusive plan, we stop knowing beyond the hotel.

Then it is time for you to travel to Mexico, on flights to Cancun especially, and enjoy new things and new flavors.

We can assure you that without problem you will find what you need and you will take home a good taste in your mouth.