When we want to go on a trip or plan our next vacation some of us think of a beautiful beach in the Caribbean Sea or another one equally beautiful, other tourists are looking for something quieter, full of history or with beautiful landscapes and good places to take a breathtaking photo, and for some others adventures, new challenges, and new places to conquer are a must, whereas last but not least, for some, what really matters is to find the best cuisine to delight their palates. You could take a look at the airlines of Mexico, there you will surely find everything that you are looking for, or somewhere that meets all the expectations you are looking for. This wonderful country has it all, visited by thousands of tourists a year and host of new stories to tell, it is the main tourist center worldwide.


Although it is a little secluded from Mexico City, there is a beautiful state that fulfills the desire for something majestic and panoramic, and at the same time is full of adventure and fun, we are talking about a Magical Town called Xico, located in the state of Veracruz. This beautiful place is waiting for you to spend an incredible vacation, and if you are a coffee enthusiast, this place will drive you crazy, because here the smell comes from all the streets. It also has a super delicious cuisine.

Like any Magical Town, this is located in the Sierra Madre Oriental, with Totonacan origins and Spanish make-up. Walking its cobbled streets is a pleasure since it is a picturesque place; the first destination where you can go is the Parish of Santa María Magdalena, it is a beautiful church with two great domes of the eighteenth century, dedicated to the patron saint of the town Mary Magdalene, but the best time to visit this place is from the 15th to the 24th of  July when the feast day is celebrated. You will be shocked by the great fervor with which they celebrate.

To take an unforgettable picture, you can visit Monte Calvario, getting there is also a pleasure for nature lovers since you can find a great viewpoint that gives you a beautiful perspective of Xico and all its great natural landscapes.


On the way back we must go right to the heart of Xico, its original name is Royal Street, but today it is known as Hidalgo Street, it is a commercial area where you can find all the traditional products of the region. You can also go through every corner to discover its history and appreciate its colonial houses.

As we previously mentioned, Xico is reputed to be a Magical Town with a great taste and unmatched seasoning, its specialty is the mole, and it is a true delight for being one of the sweetest since it is prepared with wide chili, chocolate, apple, banana, and cinnamon, mainly. Entered into this topic you should ask for the traditional dish Xonoquei, a broth of beans boiled with the Xonoquei leaves, that is finger-licking good. Moreover, as we mentioned above, the smell of coffee on its streets is characteristic, especially in November when the harvest of coffee beans begins in the city.

This is just a bit of everything wonderful you will find in Xico, Veracruz. Ask the airlines of Mexico if they have a package or ask for the best option to arrive and spend a pleasant trip with your loved ones.