Without a doubt, whenever we think about making a trip we have all the excitement and we imagine the best of this, in the destination that is going to visit, how relaxing this can be and many other things that flood our head to spend a few days perfect, but something that is rarely considered, is the time we could spend sitting on a plane. In addition, it is that visiting places away from home can be a challenge for many people, that’s why we decided to make a simple guide to survive a long trip waiting for you to be very helpful when traveling to the destinations for which you already considered or already bought your air ticket.

A seat to your needs

A flight with so many hours needs to be prepared, if you are looking for space choose the seats that are close to the emergency exits or the aisle seats, if you need peace of mind don´t book in those what are close to the flight staff or the bathrooms. Make your reservation based on your preferences according to your needs.

Carry supplies

Most of the food on the plane is not very tasty or healthy, of course, there are exceptions, so we recommend packing bags with tasty snack for your trip, for example: nuts, cookies, seeds or chopped vegetables, as well as small snacks you will avoid eating too much and feel heavy during the flight.

Musicalize the flight

There is no better feeling during a flight than wearing headphones to open your perfect playlist, and the moment you wear them, you forget the outside world. In addition, you can´t only enjoy music, previously download some movies or series on your mobile device and turn your long journey into something pleasant.

Stretch a little

Staying immobile for so long is not pleasant, it can even become the biggest problem of a long trip, that’s why we recommend that after a certain time you get up from your seat and walk a bit, you can take that moment to go to the bathroom or do some stretching, your body will appreciate it.

Clothing becomes an ally

The best thing to travel comfortably are the loose clothes, leave the jewels in your suitcase along with your tight clothes, in the airplanes regularly it is very cold and you should consider it when choosing the layers to hold the temperature. Some people tend to have problems with their shoes since their feet get swollen on flights, so it is better to opt for shoes that don´t keep your feet so tight.

Hydration is important

Regularly long trips usually have very dry environments, this is due to air conditioning so it is better that during the flight take sips of water from time to time, apply moisturizer, avoid drinking tea or coffee and apply some eye drops to avoid discomfort and a huge fatigue when you reach your destination.

Now that you have these points, it doesn´t matter the destination for your air tickets or the duration of your flight, with these simple but useful tips you can make a long trip without any problem.