If there is something that every traveler lover of the great natural scenarios should do, it is to take some of the flights to Chihuahua and go up the Chepe route, the only passenger train that survives in Mexico. The onboard tour lasts approximately nine hours, in which it runs 653 kilometers from Sinaloa to Chihuahua, and is designed so that you can get off at different places such as El Fuerte, Divisadero or Creel, enjoy the tourist attractions of each place and the next day take the train again to continue the trip and at no additional cost, so the trip can be extended for several days depending on the places you want to visit. That is why here we give you a list of some places that you can´t miss during your trip.

Visit the Adventure Park of Barrancas Del Cobre

This park is located very close to the Divisadero Del Chepe station and is considered one of the most important mountain parks in the world. Among its attractions is the impressive view of the Copper Canyon, which is possible to admire up close by joining the adventure in its 7 zip lines of up to 400 meters high, two hanging bridges, via ferrata with abseiling and climbing, without forgetting of course from its impressive cable car that crosses the Barrancas del Cobre. For those who seek to admire nature without climbing the heights, there are several trails and paths for hiking among the beautiful pine and oak forests, and you can also travel to more distant distances with mountain bike, or horse riding.

The highest zip line in the world

Located inside the Adventure Park of Barrancas Del Cobre is the Zip Raider, the highest zip line in the world. Imagine crossing the cabin through a cable that measures 2530 meters long, that is more than two and a half kilometers, without a doubt a unique experience of its kind, the Zip Raider can reach a speed of up to 104 km/h, with a slope of 17° and a vertical drop of 450 meters, a challenge for the most intrepid.

Visit the Basaseachi Waterfall

This is an impressive waterfall with more than 246 meters high, which makes it the highest waterfall in the country, located in the Casase de Basaseachi National Park, 265 kilometers west of the city of Chihuahua, noted for its unparalleled natural beauty, surrounded by 5803 hectares of pines, oaks, strawberry trees and juniperos, enters ravines, streams and small valleys.

woman at chihuahua waterfalls

Discover the peaceful Arareco Lake

The place is described by some as a mirror of water from a dream, this due to its impressive natural beauty, hidden within the Sierra Tarahumara. It is located a few minutes from Creel and is an ideal destination for adventure tourism, here you can camp, rent boats and navigate the lake, fishing, practice water skiing and horseback riding or mountain bikes.

Escape from everything when you take one of the flights to Chihuahua and visit these places of great beauty and enormous natural wealth that will welcome you with open arms.