Traveling is always an adventure, but sometimes also planning a trip can become somewhat chaotic and stressful, from booking airline flights, getting accommodation, choosing the routes to know the important places of our destination, in short, many things that you have to prepare before you leave either for business or for pleasure. But fortunately today technology is on our side and there are travel apps that help make everything easier, from knowing a little about the destination before arriving, to finding solutions in case of problems.


It is a messaging application that allows users to discover, plan and coordinate group trips, the tool integrates text messages and emails, so everyone is kept informed, even if you don´t have the application. Users can create a travel idea, search for hotels and flights, explore recommended experiences, document and assign prices, then invite friends and group chat. It is easy to create a visual itinerary through a travel map to include tourist visits, restaurants, hotels and even activity plans, then create surveys among all members and finally divide the expenses.

mobile aplicattions


It is a kind of agenda that helps to organize and share the travel itinerary easily, even automatically synchronized with the dates that have been set, to automatically change the changes that occur. Once reservations are made for airline flights, hotels, car rentals, transfers, restaurants, the information can be saved via email in a ‘master itinerary’ so the route is always at hand at any time and if it is the case, share them with your group.

Travel Republic

This app aims to create dynamic and fun travel experiences through transportation, accommodation, restaurants and activities of all kinds such as concerts, sports, museums or tours. Compare prices to offer the best deals and thus be able to plan on your own the entire trip, also allows you to book in advance and buy without additional charges. Once a profile has been created, the service tracks users’ movements to adapt future searches according to their preferences, offering personalized suggestions. It has another option that allows you to collaborate with your fellow travelers, share ideas, save notes, send links, and even plan meals.

Phone with applications and books


This practical application helps establish a ‘simplified’ itinerary that includes flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, driving directions, dinner plans, as well as cost control. Through the e-mail, the itinerary will be updated automatically and with a simple glance at the ‘Timeline’, you can make changes of route, request a transfer, check the weather forecast or look for alternative flights. In addition, it allows you to share the itinerary with your travel companions without having to worry, it is enough to just have the emails and so everyone will be up to date.

Use one of these apps to make your trip easier and make sure you compare between airline flights so you can choose the one that best suits your plan and discover the best time to travel from your phone, take advantage of everything the technology has to offer us with the day to day.