If you are one of the travelers who don´t like to plan in the least a trip and prefer to go improvising everything to give a touch of excitement and surprise to your journey, then these apps are for you, because as much as we leave our trip to improvisation, there is no way to have an insured lodging and without having to pay exaggeratedly high prices. These apps work wonders for those who use Mexican airlines and like to decide their destination at the last minute.

For very spontaneous travelers, Hotel Tonight

Whether you have a surprise trip or an adventure without much planning, wait until midday for the Tonight Hotel app to offer you last-minute hotel rooms. The best thing about this app is that it offers aggressive discounts in more than 100 destinations around the world, and in less than 10 seconds, you will have found good options to spend the night.

UrRoom, the app apps for demanding travelers

Last minute yes, but simple never, this would be the motto of travelers UrRoom followers, one of the apps to get accommodation that makes a search of the best hotels in the cities at a convenient price. In UrRoom, you will see the lowest to the base rate of a good hotel, with the option to select between various quality criteria, and this app is perfect for business travelers.

An app for relaxed travelers who fall asleep in an armchair

If your plan is to sleep as little as possible during your next trip and you have little luggage, you have to download the Couch Surfing app, because if you are not demanding to such an extent that you only need an armchair and a blanket, this app allows you to reserve the lodging without cost, as long as you adapt easily, be respectful and adhere to the rules of the home. You can find from a nice room to a hammock or a mattress on the floor, and of course, it is an option to spend little on lodging.

Because it’s never too late

Late Rooms is another of the apps to book last minute accommodation, in fact, that is its main objective, the app offers hotel rooms, hostels or apartments to book last minute, which haven´t been occupied yet and therefore, they offer a lower price than usual. With luck, you will find prices up to 50% lower than its base rate, travelers who use it say that the offers are real and very good.

As if you were arriving at a friend’s house

Airbnb is an app that many travelers love, well, although it is a fact that you will find better options when you take the time to look in advance, it is safe to find something in case of emergency. With Airbnb, you can choose from unique and unimaginable spaces, to simple rooms or tents installed in the playground of a house, the options are available to stay from one night to more than one month, and the cost will depend on your preferences.

Now that you know the best apps to get last minute hosting, just need to be encouraged to choose between the favorite Mexican airlines and go to discover Mexico your way.