If you thought you had seen everything about ghost towns, let us tell you that you are missing one, and this is really going to cause fear. It is about Real de Asientos and its route of mystery, which you can cover taking any of the flights to Aguascalientes, and as its name indicates, it was a place that had its golden age based on mining, La Mina “El Hundido” “it was a great silver producer.

For a long time it was an abandoned town

Like many other mining cities, sooner or later, this small town stopped producing metal and little by little, its inhabitants, due to not finding another way of subsisting, abandoned it. A large percentage left their houses leaving a desolate environment, something that perhaps is now its charm, since the town is characterized by its houses with facades of pink quarry that are witnesses that the inhabitants built with durable materials.

Real de Asientos and its mystery route

There is no better way to start touring this town than taking a tour of the mining museum, there a guide will explain everything about the great mining era that the town had, and although the museum is small, you can see old photographs and metals that were extracted. However, that is not all, since here you will find a secret passage in which you must take a candle and go down some narrow stairs, where the fear began. Going down the metal steps, one of the 3 tunnels that connect below the village is hidden, which were used to protect against possible invasions, although the route is not very long, if it is humid and you may even see some human remains.

The tunnels of a Ghost town

Right there you can listen to some legends, and suddenly you can even feel the presence of something that follows you, once you leave the tunnel you will be in front of the parish, some travelers have seen a child crossing this underground and think that it is part of the visitors, but couldn´t be more wrong, there is even an offering with flowers to this child just on the exit stairs. But as we said, as soon as you leave the tunnel it is time to get to know the Parish of Our Lady of Bethlehem, right there you can see the Christ who is made of human remains, the local people say it is very miraculous.

Desolate village, but charming

There is no better way to walk the streets of the town than with the guides, certified children of Real de Asientos, since they firmly believe in ghostly stories and put all the excitement to the tour and although the town can look lonely, this environment gives a lovely touch. Another religious stop is the sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe, it is worth going in and seeing his paintings of the twelve apostles and Jesus, as well as the religious saints, their marine oyster portal and the ancient bell.

Real de Asientos has many more things to discover and enjoy, don´t forget to visit it when you take one of the flights to Aguascalientes and give your trip a rather mysterious touch.