An excellent season to buy tickets to Mexico, without a doubt is the spring; it is during these days when the country is in a renewal environment and where the energy can be felt on the skin. However, there are certain destinations where these sensations feel a little more and today we will talk more about these ideal places for spring.


Mexican beaches are one of the favorite destinations at any time of the year and at any hour, such is the case of Holbox, that is at north of the peninsula of Quintana Roo, which besides being one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, is also a natural sanctuary that offers the opportunity to enjoy memorable experiences of contact with nature. The small island invites you with an immense sandbar that joins the blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean, and its virgin beaches that invite you to admire the sea during a long journey while the sun in the sunset with its pink tones give off the day.

Holbox island

Cabo San Lucas

In addition to its great views, landscapes, sunrises and sunsets, Cabo San Lucas has a wide variety of adventure activities that can be done by children and adults alike. Fill yourself with adrenaline in the heights of El Tule in its adventure park Wild Canyon, a place that has a glass floor that allows you to see the desert landscapes of the state, and if you think your senses can go further, try jumping to the empty from the bungee, where before jumping you will have a great view with its landscapes, and to end your trip, walk on the suspension bridge that is one of the largest in the world.


One of the places, which are almost a most to know when you travel to the Riviera Maya, is Tulum, because being a Mayan archaeological site located in front of the Caribbean Sea, and makes it a privileged and unique place in the world for its beauty. Tulum was a school of astronomy attended by Aztec nobles, Zapotecos and of other sites of the time. His dedication to Venus led to build an astronomical tower built with rooms of obsidian mirrors in order to project the sky and study the stars to know their meaning.

Tulum Cancun Mexico

Valle de Bravo

If beaches are not your thing but you like to enjoy places with water and extreme activities, Valle de Bravo in the State of Mexico is the best option, since it is one of the quietest Magical Towns but with the greatest choice of activities for perform during these days. From the Cerro de la Cruz you can only have one of the best postcard views of this picturesque town, but if the adrenaline is in you and be extreme, you can take advantage of it and launch yourself from a paraglider or hang glider, which are part of the Valle de Bravo sky all the time.

Get your airline tickets to Mexico and dare to live a Mexican spring in any of the destinations that leave you wanting to travel much more.

Valle de BRavo at sunset Mexico