Through the years, Cozumel has received many names for those who visit it, they have named it “paradise”, “aquarium of the world”, “island of love”, in short, nicknames that have been earned by its natural beauty and dreamlike environment. Cozumel is predominantly covered in a dense jungle and enjoys paradisiacal white sand beaches to lie down all day in the sun and enjoy the sea, surrounded by reefs that form colorful underwater gardens, also has cenotes and lagoons where the spirit of the Mayans subsists. It should be mentioned that flights to Cozumel allow us to enjoy a modern tourist infrastructure, which includes one of the most important cruise terminals in the region and hotels for a variety of tastes and budgets that are a refuge to rest and disconnect from the busy life from the city.

Things to do in Cozumel

Cozumel is the mecca of diving in Mexico, since its turquoise crystalline waters are part of the Mesoamerican Reef System, the second largest coral reef in the world. The island has excellent visibility and warm temperatures in the sea throughout the year, there are about 40 diving areas where about 26 types of coral and 250 species of fish, fish of all colors, fabulous creatures that hide in the corners of the corals, majestic species that swim calmly, gigantic sponges, mysterious caves, reef walls and falls that resemble large cliffs that take your breath away, are part of its underwater charm.

Reefs with a depth of almost 24 meters and places where you should get carried away by the current, which are perfect for experienced divers, while sites like El Cielo, named for the stars found on the seabed, are popular for do snorkeling and beginner divers. In addition to these activities at sea, other sports such as windsurfing, paddling a paddle board, surfing the waves riding a Jet Ski, or going kayaking at night are practiced in Cozumel. On land, you can explore the island either on your own or on a guided tour, bike tours and all-terrain vehicle tours, these options will give you the opportunity to enter the jungle and get to know the corners of Cozumel.

What to know in Cozumel

When you get off the plane you will arrive in San Miguel, the most populous city and area of the island, know its main square that has a fun fountain where children can splash, the streets are full of shops, restaurants and bars for fun at night. In this area is the Museum of the Island, located in a historical building of the thirties, which functioned as a hotel and where today you can know the history and heritage of the place, walk along the boardwalk and admire the different sculptures that are on this walk by the sea. One of the main sites of interest in Cozumel is the Chankanaab Park, which is part of a protected area with a beach club and numerous attractions and adventure activities

You can see, flights to Cozumel are not only about taking you to a resting place, since it also has different places and activities that are worth knowing and enjoying.