One of the great advantages of taking flights to Mexico is that you will always find something new in them to admire, and precisely today we want to tell you about the National Parks of Mexico, which are protected areas and have one or more valuable ecosystems for their beauty or diversity, several of them are World Heritage Sites and a delight in sight. Here we tell you about some of them.

Lagoons of Chacahua, Oaxaca

One of the most representative protected natural areas of the Oaxaca coast is the Chacahua Lagoons, decreed as a National Park in 1937 and is a beautiful natural reserve that houses a wide variety of flora and fauna. Whether you leave from Puerto Escondido or Huatulco, when you arrive you can take a boat trip, sailing between islets covered with mangroves that are habitat for water birds such as the pink spatula, the stork, the needle duck and various herons, in addition to being the habitat of three species of sea turtle, Laud, Carey and Golfina.

Oaxaca Lagoons Chacagua

Sierra de Órganos, Zacatecas

Only 24 kilometers from Sombrerete is the Sierra de Órganos National Park, an area that has diverse ecotourism attractions and has a peculiar beauty due to its rock formations, which are precisely the ones that have given the name, since from a distance they seem to form a musical organ. It is known that one of these pieces called “extraterrestrial” was Steven Spielberg’s main inspiration to create the famous E.T. In this mountain range, you can do activities such as hiking, rappelling, camping and even mountain biking.

Sierra de Organos Zacatecas Mexico

Summits of Monterrey, Nuevo León

This place has abundant fauna and vegetation worthy of admiration, although it is currently threatened by the urban spot of Monterrey. It is an excellent option to practice extreme sports such as rappelling, mountaineering, hiking or walking, as well as excursions. On the other hand, if you like quieter experiences, you can also enjoy the contemplation of the landscape and take the best photos of the place.

Desert of the Lions, Mexico City

This was the first National Park of Mexico, being one of the largest and most important national parks in Mexico City; here the first convent of Mexico was established in the 17th century thanks to the peace and tranquility that dominated the place. It is currently an ecological and tourist place where you can enjoy spaces open to the public for sports, recreational and cultural activities, in addition to being considered one of the main lungs of the city.

Lagoons of Zempoala, Morelos

This park is a protected natural area of Mexico, composed of oyamel, pine and oak forest, its importance falls in its vast aquatic biodiversity and in the conservation of its lakes. It is located a few kilometers from Mexico City and is ideal for camping, horseback riding, hiking or enjoying the view from its viewpoint. Huitzilac is the nearest town where you can stop and buy some typical handicrafts from the region.

If you have the opportunity to take one of the flights to Mexico and be close to any of these parks, don´t miss the chance to admire its beauty, breathe fresh air and help its preservation.