Many people live believing that the perfect vacation is only lived on some beautiful beach sunbathing, but it is time for everyone to know that it is not so, because in Mexico that is not the whole truth.

Since in any of its states you can enjoy a beautiful holiday at ease with the family, as a couple or alone.

So you can check it, the first step is to buy one of the airline tickets to Mexico, the second is to continue reading this, because we know that you are going to be interested and we will change the landscape of a perfect trip.

Take your bags, come and meet a wonderful Magic Town located in the state of Hidalgo, the name is Huasca de Ocampo.

The church of Hacienda Santa Maria Regla


This beautiful place was the first Magical Town of Mexico, highlighted by its natural landscapes, its beautiful historical places, and its magnificent panoramic views for a picture like no other.

It is the perfect place where the works of the human being mix with nature, making this place an extremely special and quiet space, without leaving behind the hospitality of its people that make you feel at home.

We must clarify that this place is ideal for those who like an authentic and natural pleasure.

For the lodging we can recommend the Hotel Villas Xänthe, surely you will fall in love with this place, since it has a restaurant-bar, green areas and a covered pool for you to take a good dip.


Hotel Villas Xänthe

This offers two types of rooms, one for when you travel with the family and a simple one for the romantic getaway as a couple, but no matter what the option, both are decorated with good taste to also take care of your rest and so it will make you feel like at home.

However, as in every town, you can find the accommodation where it suits you, you like it and it is attractive to your budget.

After you have found lodging, you can go to know the basaltic prisms, a natural wonder.

These are geometric formations that cover the walls of the canyon of Santa María Regla, of the municipality of Huasca de Ocampo, within the trans mexican volcanic belt.

famous canyon of Santa Maria Regla

It is said that these wonderful natural columns arose from a runoff of balsamic lava at the bottom of a ravine of ice water.

Here visitors seek contact with nature and a bit of adrenaline, since going through the suspension bridge is a feat, and more if you fear a little to the heights.

Walking through the center of Huasca goes back to the ancestors and even an environment totally out of the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

With its cobbled streets and colonial houses will give you a touch of tranquility.

Go through the market and enjoy Mexican cuisine that is a delight for any palate. Finally, another little place you should visit is the Goblin Museum, obviously if you like stories and myths about these tiny beings and magical fairies.

Dare to know new places like Huasca de Ocampo, this is located only about two and a half hours from Mexico City, so you can take advantage of the discounts on airline tickets to Mexico and meet new places and new adventures, maybe it can become your new favorite place to rest.