Every good tourist who knows the best of Mexico takes flights to Oaxaca at least once a year, since in this beautiful place it is characterized, among many other things, by its fascinating cuisine.

There are restaurants that have enchanted both locals and tourists with their great specialties for decades, while putting the culture high with each of their best dishes.

It is not necessary to look for the most hidden corners of Oaxaca to taste the best of its cuisine, since its culinary offerings range from the most economical to the highest.

The variety of places that exist is so wide that we try to select the ones that offer the best and most exclusive experiences.

Restaurant Casa Oaxaca

Its vibrant colors make Casa Oaxaca a quiet and special restaurant, where the smell of Mediterranean herbs is combined with the traditional herbs of Oaxaca.

Its typical dishes such as lamb or fish are mixed with delicious chapulines and huitlacoche, this makes a great gastronomic experience that you can´t miss.

The best restaurant to see the passion for the culture and tradition of Mexico is called Los Danzantes, its exclusive cuisine decides to mix traditional Mexican cuisine with contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Restaurant Los Danzantes

Its extensive menu goes from where you can order something simple from the sea to something basic from the land, but without losing the traditional essence of Oaxaca.

No doubt, the restaurant La Pitiona will leave you speechless, and its peculiar name comes from a very famous grass of Oaxaca.

The mole of Chicatanas is the specialty of the house, you should definitely try it, and it is a delight! You should know that this beautiful and quiet restaurant has been awarded among the fifty best of the Best Restaurants of S. Pellegrino in 2014.

In Zandunga, not only their dishes are what attracts attention, but also, their decoration that contains everything traditional from Oaxaca, and all this ranges from music to the environment.

Their dishes are varied, and you can order from a traditional Oaxacan dish, to a traditional dish from the Mexican Republic.

You should know that in this place can’t miss the mezcal, everything you order or want is accompanied by this delicious drink.

As a suggestion, there are those who prefer to accompany the mezcal with a delicious black mole.

Do you want to know a place that combines three kitchens at the same time? If the answer is yes, then La Catedral is for you.

Restaurant La Catedral in Oaxaca

Its combination between regional, national and international makes its dishes the most elaborate and the best.

Undoubtedly, its extensive menu offers dishes of the combinations of the three cultures, you can go to breakfast, lunch or dinner without problem, what your stomach asks is what they will serve you.

Can you imagine combining Oaxacan cuisine with Lebanese? Well, in San Pablo they combine these two kitchens.

Sounds really interesting all the dishes that are on the menu since they combine the ingredients of these two cultures.

The chef manages to create a unique flavor with classic ingredients, and the specialty of the house is the Lebanese tlayuda, something that you simply can´t miss.

The unique and unparalleled cuisine that everyone deserves to know is in Mexico, and especially if you are one of the lucky ones to arrive on the flights to Oaxaca, since you will be the next to delight your palate with the best dishes and mezcal of all Mexico.