What are you going to do this next vacation? Let’s guess where your next destination will be.

Let the game begin! You are thinking of a place where there is a beach with turquoise sea, you could also be thinking that there is soft white sand where you can lie down and sunbathe.

Photo of Las Animas beach

Finally, you are imagining in a country where the weather is warm and that meets the first two points, and apart from everything, have good hotels and excellent food.

Ready! Your next destination is located in the beautiful Mexican Republic and what you are looking for is in the state of Jalisco.

We could assure you that the best option is to buy your flights to Puerto Vallarta fast, since this vacation everything you want for a well-deserved rest and a perfect tan, there you will find it.

Listed as the best beach in Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, Las Animas beach is located and will be the first place you should know, as it has a wonderful and spectacular crystalline sea, soft white sand like clouds and with the best restaurants that serve tasty and classic sarandeado fish.

That’s not all, here you can also have fun in a big way as it has a kayak challenge, jet skis and paddle board so that the afternoon takes a rhythm.

We can propose that you consider the Costa Sur Resort Spa hotel with a great central location, as this beautiful hotel is only fifteen minutes from the beach.

It is a very comfortable place, and has more than thirty-five years of experience, pleasing thousands of tourists a year. It has a hundred percent Mexican touch, with very spacious rooms, all with terrace and with a wonderful view of the sea.

The greatest thing about this hotel is that if you don´t feel like going for a walk, you can spend the afternoon at its private beach where it also has activities such as snorkeling, where they show you the wide variety of fish, corals and wildlife that inhabit the place.

Famous Malecon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Another important thing about this place is that it is located just ten minutes from the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta, where you can visit the magnificent and popular Malecon.


We almost forgot to mention that it has rooms to celebrate the honeymoon so beautiful, that it will satisfy all the requirements.

To eat at Las Animas beach the most recommended by tourists is the Los Conos restaurant, in this place the service is excellent and has a beautiful view of the bay.

Restaurant Los Conos

The most important thing is that they have an unparalleled gastronomy, which meets the standards of the most demanding palates, and if you go through there you can´t miss trying the famous aguachile dish and its unique taste.

Las Animas beach is located just five minutes from the town of Tomatlan, this is the municipality of the north coast region of Jalisco.

The town has a semi-dry and warm climate where it does not exceed thirty-five degrees and its minimum is approximately nineteen degrees.

The best destination to spend a few days more than pleasant.

Now that we reaffirm the destination for your next vacation, see you on the following flights to Puerto Vallarta, and enjoy what Jalisco has for you.