We have the opportunity to be witnesses to attest to every point and place we are going to talk about, since you will never regret knowing any of these destinations.

The beautiful Mexican Republic is a cluster of Magical Towns, which when you visit them will leave you with a beautiful memory, with a huge smile and with an excellent panoramic photo that you can frame to put in your room.

There is nothing smarter than taking advantage of the opportunity of cheap flights to Mexico and enjoying them to the fullest.

Marietas Island in Cancun

That is why we will tell you what you can do on your next trip without missing rest and fun.

Perhaps for you the most important thing is not to spend a lot of money, but it is a beautiful and magical place where you can get out of your routine, the hustle and bustle, and be in a pleasant place that shelters you and makes you feel as if you were at home.

Let me tell you something fast, in Mexico you will find it very close to the city, better known as the navel of Mexico, just 2 hours and a half is a Magic Town with an incredible historical value, a beautiful view and with such an atmosphere nice, that you would like to stay to live in this place.

We talk about the wonderful state of Hidalgo, belonging to the glorious Mexican Republic, the magical town we will visit today is Mineral del Chico, of mining origin and surrounded by wonderful vegetation, it counts as one of the five that belongs to this state.

Mayan ruins of El Rey

Located in the so-called corridor of the Hidalgo Mountain, this municipality has a lot to offer.

Being surrounded by beautiful forests of pine, oak and oyamel, is the best place to go out for a weekend and leave your whole world behind to emerge a picturesque Magic Town, with multiple tourist attractions like no other.

In this destination, you can do sports and ecotourism activities in its rock formations or in its majestic rivers that meander through the forest or visit old mines, which are just some activities that you will find on this site.

Originally, the town was better known as Atotonilco or Real Atotonilco, which means, “place of hot springs”, that name was changed over time due to the discoveries of gold and silver that were found.

At its proximity to the town of Atotonilco el Grande, it was called Atotonilco el Chico, but in order to differentiate one from the other it was assigned to Mineral del Chico.

There is so much to recommend in this place that we wouldn´t finish mentioning everything, but to mention some places is the El Chico National Park, being the oldest in the country, here apart from having a beautiful view and breathing a hundred percent pure air, you also can camp, climb, sport fishing, and mountain biking, among many other things.

Impressive ruins located in Cancun

We will leave you a list of the most attractive points you can visit and enjoy: El Contadero; Las Monjas Rocks; Mines San Antonio and La Guadalupe; Milagro River; Del Cuervo Rock; Dam the cedral; among others.

Throw yourself into a new adventure outside the big city and live the experience in this state where there is only peace, fun and new adventures. Take advantage of the cheap flights to Mexico offered by the airlines and don´t miss these moments that will really make you feel alive.