The descent of rapids or rafting is one of the most exciting activities in adventure tourism, and coincidentally Mexico is fortunate to have rivers class III and IV, that is, of medium and advanced difficulty according to the world classification of rapids. So, if you are already more than ready to venture to tame these wild currents, take a look at these Mexican rivers that are unforgettable adventure guarantees, you just need to prepare your tickets to Mexico.

Filobobos River in Veracruz

A tour of this river will put you within reach of places that seem to be taken from a movie, such as a Totonaca archeological zone that is hidden among the Veracruz jungle, as well as the El Encanto waterfall, which springs from the rocks as if it were the torrent Mountain blood. Along the Filobobos, you will have to hold the paddle well to face class III and IV rapids. Once you have crossed the rapids, it will be difficult not to be tempted to cool off in the curves of the river, where emerald water pools are born surrounded by huge rock walls, even near the river you can find a rafting camp where you can stay at two to three days in simple but comfortable cabins.

Rio Folobobo and rafting

Lacanja River in Chiapas

To make the descent of Lacanja you need at least two days, although it really is not a river of constant rapids and is more similar to a scenic route with waterfall jumps. All this makes this experience perfect for beginners; Adrenaline is always present when you reach the sequence of small and medium-sized waterfalls that must be dodged along the river, the highest are two to three meters, so be prepared for a good shake on board the raft. When descending the Lacanja, you will also have the possibility of hiking and appreciate from a unique perspective the flora and fauna of the virgin jungle. The best thing is that you can spend the night in ecological cabins inside a Lacandon village and you will know vestiges of hidden Mayan cities.

river Tampaon San Luis Potosí

Tampaon River in San Luis Potosí

If you still don´t know the Huasteca Potosina and are planning where you are going to start your trip, we recommend that you consider being part of your tour in a raft, since the rivers of the area are a beauty and many of the attractions of the Huasteca only can be seen from this perspective. The bluish Tampaon River makes its way through a limestone canyon surrounded by spectacular landscapes, one of the portals that you will remember most will be when you reach the imposing Tamul waterfall and contemplate its powerful torrent that falls from more than one hundred meters high. The Tampaon tour will test your beginner skills with class III rapids and some waterfall jumps. In addition to rafting, Huasteca is ideal for almost any ecotourism activity such as rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking.

Although these rivers are usually navigable throughout the year, we suggest you inform yourself about the possibilities to practice rafting during your visit, especially in the rainy season and so don´t miss your tickets to Mexico.