In the world, there are more and more services for our furry friends, and that is why today we are going to share places you should go with your pet so that you live a true pet friendly experience, and so that you know the services most exclusive at your fingertips when you take any of the flights to Mexico City.

If you have thought about having a professional photography session for you and your dog, with “Photo of your Pet” this will be possible. The photographer Iva Koukalova will give you a family session where your dog will be the main model, the price of the session ranges from $3500 pesos and her studio is located in the Escandón neighborhood.

Travel with your pets

In addition, what do you say about walking in a park and enjoying a good ice cream together? Our friends of Don Paletto are producers of the first ice cream for dogs in Mexico, made with natural organic yogurt without sugar and sweetened with honey. The price is very affordable since they range from $22 pesos for ice cream and $10 pesos for the palette, don´t think about it and visit this soda fountain in the Popotla neighborhood.

If on your trip through Mexico City you want to know some place where it is not possible to enter with your furry friend, then it is time to look for a good daycare, and “The house of my best friend” is the perfect option. A yellow bus will pass for your dog and will take you to a country house in Hidalgo, there is an exclusive pool for them and they will have fun for hours. The price per day of boarding walks in the $110 pesos and $250 pesos depending on the size of the dog.

If you want to keep, or improve the health of your pet, there are also places where they teach them to practice some exercises for this, contact “Bravo Dog Fitness”, the first gym for dogs in Mexico where can attend karate or pilates classes. In addition, they have water fitness for physical rehabilitation in dogs with joint problems, prices range from $250 pesos to $350 pesos per session, and are in the San José Insurgentes neighborhood.

In the park with the doggos

If you want to have a beer accompanied by your best friend, then you should ask them to “Beer Terrier”, a company that allows the two to have a good pair of very cold beers, since they are the first beer for dogs in Mexico. It is a 100% natural drink, without alcohol, made with water and malt barley, the product is sold online and the six-pack has an approximate cost of $250 pesos.

Mexico City is becoming more inclusive with those owners who can´t leave without their furry companion, as well as the huge number of specialized parks for them, and places where afternoons are flown by, these sites that offer more special services are those that will make flights to Mexico City with your best friend, one of the best experiences for both.

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