The celebration of Holy Week in Mexico goes beyond any religious context, although much have to do with the millions of believers who profess the Christian faith in Mexico. Holy Week is undoubtedly part of the country’s cultural identity, and shows of them are the various activities that take place across the length and breadth of the Mexican Republic to commemorate these dates, especially in the wonderful and varied Magical Towns of each state.

Holy Week is also synonymous with holidays for many, so this is a good opportunity to take some of the cheap flights to Mexico, and more for those seeking to get out of the city and get to know the Mexican culture in depth. That is why we bring you some destinations where you can live the traditions of Holy Week to the fullest.


This town is approximately one hour from Mexico City and very close to Toluca, in this place the spirituality that characterizes its inhabitants is accentuated during the celebrations of Holy Week, using its great treasure of sacred buildings and the popular festivities that characterize the region. The places you can´t miss during Holy Week are the Agustino Exvent, dating from the sixteenth century, and the plateresque details of the Temple of the Divine Savior. Another religious tourist attraction is the Sanctuary of the Lord of Chalma with its legendary ahuehuete, and also you can´t miss the opportunity to witness the impressive representation of the Passion and Death of Christ in Malinalco.

Holy Week Mexico


In this place they combine perfectly the natural beauty that surrounds him and the traditions of Holy Week, the attractions for these dates are the Parish of the Assumption that is part of an old Dominican monastery and is home of the Lord of Sacromonte. The heart of the temple is a cave in the hill where the black Christ of Amecameca appeared four centuries ago, there are also the chapel of San Juan and the chapel of the Virgin of the Rosary. In addition, there is an archaeological site 6 km from the municipal center known as the Rabbit Stone, where you can discover the roots and the past of this beautiful town.

Villa del Carbon

Villa Del Carbon

This place is another colonial Magical Town of the State of Mexico, ideal to visit in Holy Week, in the place is the Church of the Virgin of the Rock of France, a building that houses the Virgin of Our Lady of France brought from Salamanca by the Spaniards in the eighteenth century. It is said that when they tried to return the Virgin to Europe the image was hidden among the coal to not be found, in addition, the town is surrounded by natural landscapes where an atmosphere of unique tranquility is breathed.

These are some of the places you can visit on any of the cheap flights to Mexico and learn more about the great religious culture that the country has. So don´t hesitate to visit them and take advantage of their closeness to enjoy both gastronomic diversity and culture of each town.