The beaches of Jalisco have a characteristic in common, they are deeply peaceful and surrounded by a great nature, and when you take one of the adventurous flights to guadalajara, you can always be tempted to take a trip to any of these beaches. That is why we have brought for you some of the beaches that you could escape to one day, or visit some round trip, on your next visit to the Jalisco capital.

Costa Careyes

In the most hidden part of the south coast Costa Careyes is the king, there is no place to be compared or place that dares to compete, the tourist development has long enchanted dozens of tourists who visit from all over the world, this has been thanks to its white sand coasts and waters that seem to be specially made to enjoy sports such as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, among others. In addition, for the lodging don´t worry, there are dozens of options for all kinds of pockets.

Costa Careyes Mexico


Located on the southern limits of Puerto Vallarta, this beach is adorably peaceful; it is located within a beautiful cove in the middle of the jungle of Jalisco. In its more than 200 meters of golden sand and palm trees you can rest like no other place. This site was also the location of some Hollywood films such as The Night of the Iguana and Predator, so you will feel in a great beach location.



Technically, it is not a beach, but within this vast coastline, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Jalisco. Within this territory of more than 12 thousand hectares, you can enjoy mountains, lagoons, islands and rivers, although the place also houses five coastal areas such as Barra de Navidad, Tenacatitla Bay and Chamela Bay. In the place, you will find large spaces to enjoy activities such as diving, swimming, boat rides, among others.


Yelapa is the kind of place where the most adventurous and nature lovers come, here you will find a coastal refuge where the sand merges with the sea. It is located only 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta and is characterized by a warm surf, when walking along this picturesque beach you will find musicians and artists who come here to be inspired by the gift of the ocean.


In addition to being one of the cleanest beaches in Jalisco, Quimixto is a place everyone should come to at least once in their lives, since their floors are composed of semi-fine sand, light waves and a medium slope. It is ideal for diving and other variants of diving, has a large number of restaurants, souvenir shops and other sites to complement your visit.

Some of these beaches are at considerable distances from Guadalajara, but there is no doubt that if you have the opportunity to know them; you should take advantage of it, since the coasts of Jalisco have truly nice characteristics for any lover of the beach and the paradisiacal landscapes. Therefore, if you are already taking some of the flights to Guadalajara, you could well set aside a day to go and cool off in one of the most beautiful beaches of Jalisco.